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  1. What's the best tactic for a lower league level? I'm in the 5th french tier and i'm massively underperforming my XG despite having good players for the level, and I'm shipping in goals against everyone because my defensive line is too high. I'm on the brink of relegation Any ideas? I tried the 424 from a few months ago but it hasn't helped
  2. 56 - 57 So, there are not many Screenshots here, I seem to have deleted them at some point and put off going back and recapturing them, it's been a few months now and I thought finishing the write up badly is better than not finishing it at all. We did win the CL this season, and we went on an incredible run in the CWC, where we beat Flamengo and Al Ahly to get out of the group. We beat Atleti 1-0 in the QF, playing a 16-year-old regen just spawned in goal due to international duty and injuries, the goal scorer was another regen from the same class who we put on in extra time. We probably won the league and the cup, I can't remember exactly. I've decided to finish this save here. I tried carrying it over to the new version, but the Saudi spending is simply impossible to keep up with. Staying in FM 23 was considered, but I kind of got burnt out with the save for the following season. 1. It's been 34 In game years, for reference I'm a person who generally dislikes it once real players stop being a factor, and my previous longest save was 14 years ago 2. The fact that I can't be NT manager again means this save will literally never end. This is a big issue for me, and part of me wishes I Save scummed so I can not get sacked, I think my enjoyment of the save would have turned out differently. 3. All the bugs make it very frustrating to play and advance 3. Despite some good success in exporting players to Europe, I feel like it was too slow and the improvements at this stage is very marginal 4. I think I want to step away from FM in general for this year. I played 3 saves, two of which were covered here, and I'm already 40 hours into a save with Chelsea in the new game. I feel like there a lot of games out there that could be enjoyed, and to be honest, I'm not a fan of this year's release, so I'm deciding to take a one-year break and come back in FM25, which is supposed to be a major refresh as you know. In the meantime, I will continue to improve the Iraqi Database. If you want to try a new save (after the winter update where hopefully the new ACL format is put i) I highly recommend trying in Iraq. It's a league with a rich history and a lot of interesting clubs. and winning your first CL will be immensely satisfying
  3. As an Inter fan I'm glad to see this happen, I am going to give it a try in my first FM24 save with Chelsea. I think their squad can do really well with tactic IRL, I'm interested to see how it does IG,.
  4. 55-56 Not many movements in the transfer market, mostly selling a bunch of squad players. Noa Limbombe Is a fullback from the Congo who replaces Jankowski League winners, Asian CL QF, and Cup SF Al Talaba got a takeover which led to a title charge and a cup win, hopefully they put some of that money into facilities Our coefficient moves to 4th spot, but there is no difference in spots gained Echeverria picks up another POTY
  5. 54 - 55 Two local players in Ahmed Kareem and Hussein Hadi join Khor Fakkan in the UAE for a combined 3.8 Mil Karatas is sold to Al Shamal for a tidy profit Jamal Issa was sold back to Libya for 725K, nearly all profit We signed 19 year old GK Mustafa Mohammed from AIK in Sweden M'bengue replaces Karatas at Right Back Rahimi joins for a hefty 1.3Mil from Al Wakrah, the Iranian can provide cover at CB and RB A great season, we retain the League title and get to the SF of the Asian CL before getting rekt by Al Taawoun We're still missing that bit of quality to go all the way We were knocked out early in the FA Cup, with Al Mina'a winning their first trophy of the save Training facilities finally upgraded, everything else remains the same we aren't getting good offers for our players, so it's been a struggle to fill up the club's account We also have a lot of loans due to all the stadium expansions and upcoming move Attendance is down to 8K as we move back into our stadium, but we won't be there long as we'll move to a 15k stadium in 2 years Echveirrea is our POTY
  6. Iraqi Nt 51-55 I realized that I haven't updated in a while so here are the results of the NT in the last few years Arab Cup: Qf in 2051 Algeria won the tournament, Finalists in 2051 lost against Algeria Gulf Cup: Finalists in 52 and 54, lost to UAE both times WAFF Cup: SF in 52, QF in 54 World Cup: GS exit with 0 points in 54, Brazil won the World Cup Asian Cup: Round of 16 loss against eventual champions Saudi Arabia in 2055 The coach resigned in 2055 but when I applied I still got auto-rejected, so my tenure with Australia was useless I am thinking of taking over the NT with a second manager, but I'm opting against it. Last manager did pretty well except for the WC
  7. 53-54 Two big sales in the outgoing of Striker Foley and DM Diarra for 2.4 and 2.8Mil A number of new signings were made, most notably Argentine ST Echeverria and Polish LB Jankowski 1.9Mil and 450K respectively A close title fight with both my former clubs saw us come out on top, but it took us until the final day to win the league title by one point The game bugged out and only had Samara'a in the CL, and it also completely disregarded the east/west split which saw an all-Saudi final. Al Ittihad won their 12th! CL We beat Erbil to retain the FA Cup No changes on the facility front, we aren't making enough money to afford the upgrades we move up to 5th in the coeffciant Bacha's 29 goals earns him POTY Our average attendance jumps to 9.2K because of us moving to a neighbouring stadium while ours gets expanded. The new capacity will be about 8.5K The board realises this isn't enough and plans are starting for a new stadium
  8. 2052-53 Not much on the transfer window activity. The only signing was Algerian Striker Bacha for 525K He replaced local Ali Khalaf, who went to the UAE for 1.2Mil Backup RW Martins joined Al Fateh in KSA for 625K Haidar Jaber joins Qatari giants Al-Duhail for 725K A few weeks before the season finished, Opara was sold to Galatasaray for 1.1 mil. As soon as the European transfer window opened half a dozen clubs activated his clause and he chose the Turkish club. I tried all season to get him to sign a new contract to no sucess A poor season for us domestically, a lot of players became unsettled for various reasons and the squad depth couldn't handle the schedule. We finished runner ups but only got 70 points, our worst tally in 4 years A respectable run in the CL saw us reach the QF where we lost to Al Hilal. Al Ain of the UAE won the trophy We beat Al Karakh in the FA cup Final to save our season and grab a trophy Not many changes on any front. The club is spending another 2 Mil to increase the capacity of the stadium to 7.5K. We got this brilliant player through the Intake, 3 CA/5PA with a good personality and determination, hopefully, he turns into a world beater
  9. 2051 - 52 A busy year on the transfer end as we finally return to the CL Top goal scorer the past couple of seasons Vincenzi was sold to Al Wakrah Baghlani is a promising DM but he barely progressed over the past couple of years and 500K was too good to turn down. Opara ST is our new starting striker who has incredible stats, we beat a couple of Swedish clubs to sign him Foley is a 20 year old backup striker from Ireland, barely played much senior football but has some good stats in important areas and is someone we could flip in a few seasons Martins was kind of a panic-buy backup right winger, free transfer so couldn't hurt Karatas is a young right back for Turkey, we got him for cheap due to some dispute with his coach Hadi is a local DM who will provide some important depth Issa is a winter signing from Libya, a young GK who was brought in to replace Tedsco, whose the only foreign player we made a loss on at Zakho Salman is a 19-year-old CB who we spent 1 Million on, hoping we can finally solve our defensive issues Finally, we broke our duck and won our first league title after being the bridesmaid for so long We make a decent run in the CL where we return to the round of 16, Samar'a went one step further and reached the QF Samara'a beat us in the QF of the FA Cup Hameed wins another POTY for another great performance. Training facilities move up to 3.5
  10. Iraqi NT IN 2051 After a disappointing Asian cup, Ali Khudair was sacked as manager of Iraq. I applied for the job but was passed up in favour for Qasem Ali, Samara'a's former manager I have read conflicting reports, with some saying once you are fired an NT won't rehire you, while other say you should take another NT job and then apply, with that said I accepted an offer to become the manager of Australia. I won't pay much attention as the qualifiers should be a breeze and maybe I'll tune in once the next world cup rolls around
  11. A Milestone Former Karbala'a player Diop wins the best player of the year. At 25 Million he's the most expensive player we have ever sold
  12. 2050-2051 We get screwed out of the CL place once again, making Samara'a the only team in Asia and solely responsible for our coefficient This time, they atoned for their sins of last season and reached the knockout stage, bringing us a lot of points. Not too much activity on the transfer side. Sergio Torres was sold for 800K, Kassoka for 2.2 Mil, and another 800K clause we activated during the season Majid Hassan is the pick of a bunch of local signings, the right winger is Kassoka's replacement and has really, really good crossing Keyvan Merhabi is a 6'6 Iranian CB with 20 Jumping reach and 11 heading. He is signed on a free and immediately put on every single set piece possible It was more of the same this season, except even more cruel than usual One point separated us at the end of the season from Karbala'a and the Premier League title Another QF defeat in the cup, this time against Al Jawiya. Samara'a won the cup Both facilities are upgraded to 3.0 I suspect we will be stuck here for a few years if the previous clubs are anything to go by Samara'a efforts push us to 6th in the coefficient Hameed's ridiculous feat of 37 assists gets him POTY
  13. Iraqi NT in 2050 New manager Ali Khudair finally gets Iraq a win in the World Cup, I believe this is the first win in 3 campaigns. Knocked out by the Ivory coast in the Second round The U,A.E win both WAFF championship and Gulf Cup, knocking us out in the process. They are currently the best team in Asia
  14. 49-50 The Asian CL bugs are back, they happen whenever there is a change in qualification places and since it changed drastically we miss out on Champions League football despite earning the right to play there As such, not many signings were made, we sold Bokila for 825K as that was an acceptable offer and he wanted to leave, Camacho went to Al Nasr for 60K, his contract was up and neither of us was interested in extending it Some local players were signed for depth, most notably CB Anwar for 275K Two of my foreign players, GK Tedesco and ST Torres, were loaned out to relegation candidates in La Liga. A testament to the strength of our league For the third season running, we finish runners up in the league, we were never close as Samara'a dominated and picked up a second straight title We don't have the depth to compete yet, especially in defense. In hindsight selling Bokila and not replacing him with another foreign player may have been a mistake A QF exit in the FA Cup, Karbalaa won the FA Cup. Samara'a had the chance to rescue our coefficient being the only representative but did the exact opposite and absolutely tanked it, they finished with one point which will hurt us so much as they are the only team. Saudi side Al Hilal won the Champions League Reputation hits 2.5, as well as training facilities. Coeffeciant down to 9th Raad gets POTY. Kind of an honourary one after going 4 straight seasons as the most assists. Attendance is up to 4.5K, which is the stadium's new capacity. Sponsorship money continues to creep up
  15. Iraqi NT in 48-49 Topped the group and headed to the World Cup. The Arab Cup claims the coach once again, as Emad Mohammed 8 year tenure comes to an end Unofrutantly I missed the news, and newgan manager Ali Khudair got the job while I never applied
  16. How have you managed to get the TV money to be so high? I'm in 2050 in my build a nation Iraq save, and the TV money is only a 2Mil. Are you the highest reputation league in Africa? have you been so for a while?
  17. 48-49 A complete overhaul of the squad was made, and a number of players signed for the B team to try and flip for profit in a few years. But before we get into them, two important sales were made. The first is Zakho's three time POTY, Brinkmann. The German was sold for 2.1 Million to La Liga side Zaragoza. Although it isn't much money it's enough to fund a new youth recruitment upgrade Carlos Castillo followed him to Spain, albeit to the second tier. I was never a fan of his performance and a Million Euros were always going to be taken well by me We went on a spree to replace them Torres (ST) Is a 23-year-old Spaniard who was signed to be Brinkmann's replacement Tedesco (GK) A 22-year-old Spaniard who will be our main GK in the Champions League and will spend some time with the B squad Vincenzi (ST) is a 20-year-old from Italy with the potential to dominate this level Nene (CDM) is an 18-year-old South African who has very good attributes in a position that is tough to find quality players in Kassoka RW Coming from my favorite club in this save, Generation Foot, he doesn't look outstanding in anything but seems to be very well-rounded and can play multiple positions Mahmoud (GK) is our new starting GK, for 550K it was big money but we desperately needed a local player who could take the N1 in the league A bunch of loans round up the incomings and fulfill some promises. I did not realize Haider Abdullah's loan fee is 375K when I made the bid. A carbon copy of last season. 2nd in the league Won the FA Cup Knocked out of the Asian CL by the same team, who went on to return the title A pleasant surprise however is that the two other teams in the competition also made it out, and I believe we had our second all Iraqi Round of 16 in the competition's history We are reaching the limit of our 4,100-capacity stadium so the club has decided to splash the cash on adding 1,500 seats. If only there was a world-class 30,000 seater nearby ..... A strong debut season from Torres earns him POTY
  18. Iraqi NT in 47-48 Still no trophy for Emad Mohammed, but the results are acceptable enough to keep him on board Final of the WAFF, SF of the Gulf Cup, and through to the final round of the WCQ
  19. 2047-2048 We were supposed to have a quiet summer window. We sold Qatari CB Al Shammari for 150K, and signed a much better, younger replacement in Bokila for the same price We sold a number of fringe squad players for whatever we could get to bolster the coffers and decided to get going. Then, AFTER the window had closed, Al Rayyan activate the release clause of our Left Winger and striker Kane & Biakolo. We get 1.2 Mil for the pair, but we can't do much with it as we were out of the transfer window. We spent half of that amount on Iraqi CB Abbas Kareem in the winter window We finished runners-up in the league, 6 points were the difference between us and a title, but Al Jawiya were better throughout the season Zakho's debut CL run ends at the hands of eventual champions Al-Taawoun in the QF stage, Al Jawiya did well to reach the round of 16 We won the FA Cup for the second time in three years Despite a decent season in Asia, those around us dropped a bad year while we dropped a good one so we slipped into 8th position. Attendance is up by a few hundred. Brinkmann continues to improve and grabs a third successive POTY
  20. Iraqi NT 46-47 A penalty loss against Iran in the QF of the Asian Cup is acceptable for the FA as Emad Mohammed keeps his job. The United Arab Emirates won a second successive Asian Cup.
  21. 2046-47 One thing about Zakho that makes it different than the other clubs I have managed is that they have a B team, meaning I can sign more foreign youngsters and assign them to play there. With that in mind, we went on a mini spree to get some young players on the team in hopes of growing them and making a profit from them Makane Kane (RW) Joins us from Mali, he is the highest-rated player in the squad and the most expensive at 160,000 I. Camacho (RB) I believe the first time we signed a Spaniard in the save, he is a good RB joining us for 85K. I loaded the Spanish pyramid a couple of seasons ago and hope to find many bargains there J.Ammon(LB) A German fullback, he doesn't look amazing but can't go wrong with such a small fee A.Al-Shammari (CB) A Qatari CB signed on a free, hoping for a quick flip on this guy back to the Qatari league next season C. Castillo (LW) the second-best player in this batch after Kane, can play both wings and in CM. A good utility player that cost us just over 100K. On the sales side, we got rid of two of our foreign players Manhica (LW) went to the Qatari league for 160K. He's a good player but at 31 he wasn't going to get any better and the foreign spot could be used elsewhere Palsetnianian Hason (ST) went to Morocco for 12K, it was either that or I terminated his contract The two biggest sales were of local players, Hussein (GK) requested a transfer when UAE heavyweights Shabab Al Ahli came knocking Firas Rashid (ST) was sold to Al Hedood for 475K. I already sold him back when I was at Karballa, he has good stats but I've never managed to get him to perform Moving on to the results, it was a slight improvement from last season, we finished top 4 and managed to grab the last Champions League spot up for grabs. In the cup we lost our very first game on penalties. Two disgusting campaigns since I left Karbalaa has meant that we dropped all the way down to 7th spot in the CL coefficient. After seeing 3 teams progress from the groups in my last season I thought it would be safe to quit and move on to a smaller club but clearly that year was a fluke Brinkermann's great performance gets him a second straight POTY. He was the league's top goal scorer last season We upgraded the youth and training facilities
  22. Iraqi NT in 2045-46 Another World Cup flop for Emad Mohammed, two defeats against beatable opponents. I hope he gets sacked soon and we get another go at the job Next year is the Asian Cup, I'm not rooting for poor performance, but wouldn't mind it if he got the sack in January
  23. 2045-46 Not Many transfers, two players in, a third on loan to fulfill a promise, and two players out. Both signings are foreign strikers We turned things around in the second half of the season, we finished in 6th place, only 6 points away from a CL playoff spot Both my former teams finished in the top two, with Samara'a winning their 8th title We beat former club Karbalaa in the final of the Cup. Binkermann was the standout player since joining and gets my pick for POTY
  24. A move to the North Next up on our tour of the country, is Zakho SC in Duhok Zakho is a Kurdish club that has won the FA Cup three times and finished runner-up in the league once .... all in the virtual world In real life they are used to fighting to avoid relegation and somehow escaping year after year The team has a decent squad, but i'm sure it will be fully overhauled over the next couple of years The team is currently 3 points off a relegation spot, but were predicted to finish 9th. Lots of work to be done in the second half of the season to get it where it needs to be The team plays in this modern Zakho International stadium, which holds 25,000 people. Unfourtantly, IG they built a 4K seater in 2025 and have moved out, i'm not sure if there is a way to move back into that stadium but it is a real shame we are missing out on it The city we now call home is known for its ancient bridge, built on the Khapour River. It is 114m long, 4.7m wide, and 16m high and was built using large river stones. It sits at the center of our badge The city is not as developed as its big sister Duhok or the Kurdish capital Erbil, but its charm lies in its natural beauty
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