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  1. Aachen Season 8 Review After being close to promotion the last 2 years, this season was way more up and own, especially because we only won 2 games in the first half of the season. It didnt help that we lost our only good keeper to Hoffenheim. League Table: In the cup, we lost in the second round for the sixth! time in a row, this time to Leverkusen Newly starting newgens: I know he is bad, but he's probably the best one we have. Kinda exited about him, he's a professional as well. Really decent, versatile midfielder Transfer Screen
  2. Aachen Youth Intake Season 8 A kind of average bunch, th eonly one i have any real hopes for is Ben Weiner
  3. Season 7 Review Alemannia Aachen League table: Even though we ended on 3 points more than last season, we ended a place lower in fith. Really hope we can push for the playoff next year. In the cup we got knocked out in the Second Round for the fith time in a row, this time against Darmstadt. Newly starting newgens: This guy might finally the answer to our keeper problem. Since I've inverted my wingbacks, i needed to train up a right footed left back and this guy is the one i landed on. He's not great, but probably the best one we got right now. This is probably the best prospect we've had in this club and i've played him on the wing in every game since he turned 16 I'm really blessed in the striker position, but he might be the one with the best potential of all of them. Btw does anyone know why i can't even ask for better Youth Facilities. We certainly have the money for it, but the option just isn't there. Transfer Screen:
  4. I'm actually planing on starting the new keeper, although he is a little worse right now, but we'll see how he develops
  5. Season 6 Review Aachen League Table: We bottled the playoff chance in the last 2 games, but still a positive season, hopefully next year we can push for that playoff spot. In the cup we lost in the Second Round for the fourth time in the row, this time against Bayern. This year we only one new starter compared to last year and I'm fairly happy about my team, apart from right back and keeper: Transfer Screen:
  6. Season 5 Review Alemannia Aachen: League Table: The second season in a row where we finished 11th, although this time we are closer to promotion than relegation. Really hoping for that top half next season, or at least a less streaky run, beacuse we keep on winning like 3 in a row and then not winning in 5. In the cup we got knocked out in the secon round for the third time in a row, this time by Hannover Newly starting Youth players (We had to replace our keeper and our best centre back, because their release clauses got activated): Sadly this guy is the best keeper i have... I only just started playing Marlon Dörfer 3a. He has now replaced Saban Yavuz 2a, because he has not developed well. Transfer Screen:
  7. Aachen Youth Intake 2028: Pretty good intake overall, we even got the right back i wanted, although Gideon Freiberger isn't the best
  8. Season 4 Review Alemannia Aachen Youth Intake: These are the elite talents. With our Youth Recruitment now being exceptional, we're really getting a lot of them. League Table: Decently comfortable in mid table, 13 points away from relegation playoff. Next season aiming for a top half finish. In the cup we went out in the second round again, this time to 1. FC Köln. Youth players starting that didn't last season: I'm getting kinda short on CBs that are under 35, so I'm really hoping for a few next season. Also a right back would be great. Transfer Screen:
  9. I mean his average rating in the league was also 6.52, i just hope he can turn it around at some point TBF all my CBs are really bad, so might be a tactics problem
  10. Yeah his stats look decent, if only he stopped having a catastrophic error every second game
  11. Season 3 Review Alemannia Aachen Youth Intake: These are the elite talents. Actually really happy with the amount of them. League Table: We managed to survive by 8 points which is great, considering we are by far the worst team according to odds. Sadly Hannover botched their promotion on the last day. In the cup we were knocked out in the second round by Ingolstadt. Notable Youth Players: Florian Eisel 0a left for 3 mil which is actually really good money, although losing your best player hurts a lot. These are the players starting for me: Tammo Holzweiler 1d has been really bad but im running out of options at CB, so he had to play a lot. Next Season I'm hoping for a mid table, but will take comfortable survival. Edit(Forgot to include transfer screen):
  12. Season 2 Review Alemannia Aachen Youth Intake: I signed 3 players which is alright, although i have no idea what to do with Thomas Schreiber, since i dont play AM or MC and im good on wingers. League Table: We did it! We got promoted with 3 games to go even with a terrible end to the season. And if it wasnt for Bayern playing future stars in their Second team we could have won the league Cup: We actually went on a bit of a cup run which was huge to get some money in. The first round had the craziest extra time ive seen in FM: To be 2-0 up in 16 minutes only to throw it away in the second half. When we conceded the goal at 99' i thought that was just it but we turned it around and scored 5 in 14 minutes to somehow win it by 4 goals. Tactics: This is the tactics i mainly use. It's nothing too crazy, just some standard gegenpressy thing. I played around a lot with the 2 DMs to allow me to get 2 strikers on the field without getting overrun in midfield Notable Youth Players: Obviously there is Steffen Malanga who my board sold to Hannover for 170K (still sad about that). He's now worth 1.3 to 2.6 mil. Then there's Florian Eisel who was also already at the club when i joined and who is my star player now. He was also capped for Germanys U19: He also kinda wants to leave which could be a problem The other one who actually got a lot of gametime is Jonas Richter, who isn't the best right now but could develop hopefully (He got an average rating of 6.53 this season) He plays right wing for me: Transfer screen:
  13. Season 1 Review Alemania Aachen Youth Intake: 4 players who can become decent including a keeper which is great because my 2 keepers are quite bad League table: 4th place did allow us to go to playoffs because Borussia Dortmund 2 can't, but we lost it 4:3 on aggregate vs Eintracht Braunschweig, which hurts twice because i support their fierce rival Hannover96 We had a big help in 2 Youth players from the previous year, especially this guy, who scored 15 in 19 games: I'll be honest, no idea how to do these fancy tables, so I'll just leave it at that
  14. So I finally got around to continuing this How is this an excellent intake?
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