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  1. Because I really don't know what happened 🥲 but I'm going to play more times to see if this error is repeated. But even if it does, it doesn't interfere at all. Because the file is very good.
  2. No. I'm playing normally, Chelsea and Real Madrid were champions and both titles were not counted.
  3. The archive is really the best in the world of clubs. But when a team is champion, it doesn't stay on that last champions bar. Real Madrid was champion in the 2023 tournament, and when I looked at the last club world titles, the last title was still like 2018. Could you tell me why?
  4. Adjusted would be a synonym for better. as I'm Brazilian sometimes words have different semantics
  5. This file is really good. seems to be more adjusted than that 8 times file. congratulations 👏👏👏
  6. Please put the new file here for download. like you did before? I really liked this file 😁
  7. Friend, the file is great but the World Cups usually have 1 single stadium, there are several and several games and only 1 stadium, which is a little strange. Would there be the possibility of 1 stadium for each group as it was in 2000?
  8. This file of yours is literally the world I wanted, but I can't download it from the other site. Could you put it here please?
  9. That cool friend, please put this 8 team file here because I can't download it on this other site.
  10. Is there any base data with Chinese clubs, with various divisions?
  11. I put your file in the game, and simply all the European competitions are gone. what could have happened?
  12. Cool was the 2003/2004 Champions system where there were two group stages. then the quarterfinals, semis and the grand final
  13. Put the Old Trafford tournament file here please, I found it very interesting but I can't download it directly from the other site
  14. I've already done a search, I've already downloaded several files related to the Club World Cup. But none had the format of 2 groups of 4 teams like the 2000 format.
  15. I like the Club World Cup a lot, not this annual format. So is it possible to create a club world cup with 8 teams? that play annually only have 2 groups of 4 teams and the first 2 would qualify for the semifinals and subsequent to the final? In real life this occurred in 2000.
  16. Hello thank you very much for the reply. I realize then that it's not something easy so it's better to leave it the way it is
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