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  1. Hey, I've done an editor file to make RB Leipzig as similar to Arsenal as possible (both through editing things like their reputation and stadium size and adjusting the Bundesliga so that income etc. is comparable). But though I ticked the file when starting the game, none of the changes have been applied. Any ideas? Can send any information needed... *DONE* - Mods, please delete.
  2. Had a boring day at work today and I have decided on my FM25 save idea. One long Arsenal save with the aim of totally rewriting the record books. In order to do this, I will be focussing mostly on youth. Doesn't mean I won't still sign players, but there won't be any "filler" signings. If I cant find the perfect backup player, I use a promising youth player and try to turn them into something special. Of course, those who do will be in contention for some of the records. But, whilst individual records are important, I will also be aiming to break other records. Most of these are listed on FM but I have decided on a few extra ones to put in there which, for Arsenal anyway, could be fun challenges. However, for now, I am going to do the exact same type of game but in a different country, so that I can start fresh with FM25 (or, more likely, after the first patch or maybe after the transfer window patch]. I wanted a club that was similar in stature to Arsenal; competitive in the country, but never having won the Champions League. I will be using this to test a tactic that I have in mind for Arsenal come FM25, too, so I wanted a big team ideally. PSG mightve been an option but I've managed a lot in France lately. So what I have decided to do is to use the editor to aim to get Leipzig mirroring Arsenal as close as I can; I've given them a bank balance identical to Arsenal's, the same sponsorship amounts, the same reputation, the same facilities and stadium size, as well as ensuring the Bundesliga has the same reputation as the PL does at the start of the game (I am hoping this means about the same prize money and sponsorship too as there's no way to edit this). This is simply to make the challenge as similar to Arsenal as I can. I am aware that changing Leipzig in this way will give me a bit of an edge over the Bundesliga because the other teams around me won't have the same, but since I will only be playing this for 20-25 years as opposed to the 50-60 I anticipate spending on the Arsenal game, this is fine by me. I won't set many rules for myself except: No reloading within a season for any reason. If I am sacked (and only if I am sacked), I will restart from the end of the previous season (or the season before if I am sacked in pre-season). The reason for doing this is because if I try to go back just a few months, it'll get really dull. By going back at least 6 months or so, I will be playing a different game. In order to do this and to make tracking players easier, I will save a standalone version of the game after the last game of every season. If anyone would like a copy of any end-of-season save, let me know. Because player longevity is key here, I will be focussing significantly on youth so generally I'll only make signings that upgrade the first XI, are under the age of 20 or if I have no other back-up options. There'll be very few signings who are over 20 and not superstars. No downloaded tactics. I have used them for years, and I should move away from them. For this reason, my Leipzig save will be geared towards planning a tactic for Arsenal so I will make signings and sales initially so that the Leipzig squad mirrors the current Arsenal squad in terms of player types. I will be relying on anyone following this save for advice on tactical tweaks that might help, but NOT whole tactics. When I do the Arsenal save (this doesn't apply to Leipzig), I will disable opening window transfers so I cannot make signings (other than the ones Arteta makes) until the first January. The aim of the game is to break records, and these are the ones I am looking to break at Leipzig (although obviously Arsenal's will be higher): Club Highest League Position: 2nd (at Arsenal this will be total number of title wins by one manager) Most Points in a Season: 80 Fewest Points in a Season: 50 (yes, I will be looking to beat negative records too, but I anticipate trying to do this once ALL the positive ones are done!) Most League wins in a season: 26 Fewest League wins in a season: 13 Most League defeats in a season: 11 Fewest League defeats in a season: 0 (never realised that Leipzig had done an unbeaten season, but will aim to match it) Most League draws in a season: 12 Fewest League draws in a season : 2 Most League goals scored in a season: 81 Fewest League goals scored in a season: 39 Most Matches won in a row: 15 (2009-10) Most Matches without losing: 30 (2012-13) Most Matches lost in a row: 3 (2015) Most Matches without winning: 5 (2015) Most Matches without scoring: 2 (2013) Most Matches without conceding: 7 (2009) Highest Attendance: 43,348 Highest Gate Receipts: N/A Average Attendance: 41,477 Lowest Attendance: 420 (probably impossible to beat) Biggest Win: 8-0 Biggest Defeat: 1-5 Highest Scoring Match: 8-2 (8-2 in league too) Highest Transfer Fee Paid: £33m Highest Transfer Fee Received: £77m Players Most League Appearances: Yussuf Poulsen - 280 Most Overall Appearances: Unsure for Leipzig, will start with O'Leary's record for Arsenal Most League Goals: Timo Werner - 87 Most Overall Goals: Unsure for Leipzig, will start with Henry's record for Arsenal Most Overall Goals by a player in a season: Daniel Frahn - 29 in 2011/12 Most League Goals by a player in a season: Daniel Frahn - 26 in 2011/12 Highest Average Rating: Obviously no starting record here, but will track it. Youngest Player: 17y319d - Idrissa Toure in 2016 Oldest Player: 36y119d - Fabio Coltorti in 2017 Fastest Goal: 9s - Daniel Frahn in 2013 Most goals by a player in a match: 3 - Dominik Kaiser in 2014 (same in the league) Most assists by a player in a season: to be established Most overall assists: to be established Most clean sheets by a player in a season: 16 - Peter Gulacsi in 2019/20 Most player of the match awards in a season: to be established Most overall player of the match awards: to be established Youngest Goalscorer: 18y295d - Joshua Kimmich in 2013 Oldest Goalscorer: 34y361d - Lars Muller in 2011 I make that 44 records to track in total. For the Arsenal save there will be a few more: most FA Cups for sure, most overall trophies...I'll have a think about any more I could add, although feel free to suggest them. The colour codings denote how easy or difficult I anticipate it being to break the record (and will apply even when I have broken it, which I will denote by making it bold).
  3. 2032-33 -- Navigating the Storm: A Tale of Challenges and Potential in the Third Tier The journey through the ranks of Football Manager is rarely a smooth ride for me, and Courchevel's second season back in the third tier proved to be a rollercoaster of frustration, challenges, and glimpses of potential. As the dust settles on a campaign that saw highs and lows, it's time to reflect on the notable moments, achievements, and the hurdles that lie ahead for the squad. The Frustration of Falling Short: Despite a commendable recovery in the latter part of the season, the frustration lingers as Courchevel fell short of the promotion dream. A poor autumn run, coupled with financial constraints and an ageing squad, painted a challenging picture. The team found itself close to title contention, but frustratingly just falling short of promotion, leaving me with both a sense of pride in the recovery and a hunger for more in the future. Challenges on and off the Pitch: Money troubles loomed large over the season, with Courchevel now nearly £4 million in debt and the financial situation worsening. The ageing squad presented its own set of challenges, with key players hitting the 30-mark and the looming need for replacements. Additionally, the morale-dragging effect of sulking players created a unique challenge, hindering the team from fielding its most talented eleven consistently. Achievements Amidst the Struggle: In the face of adversity after a poor start to the season, there were achievements to celebrate. The impressive recovery in the latter part of the season, finishing just one point off the playoffs and three from promotion, showcased the squad's resilience. Despite the distant nature of promotion at times, the team displayed character and determination that bodes well for the future. New Signings Making an Impact: Amidst the financial constraints, some strategic signings stood out. Ahmad Ekollo, on loan from Auxerre, proved to be a scoring sensation with 24 goals in 34 games, leaving a significant void to fill. Daniel Russo, the versatile midfielder from Monaco, and the enigmatic Lee Fowler added depth to the midfield, laying the groundwork for potential future success. Sales and Building for the Future: Financial limitations meant little room for spending, but I managed to make £400k in sales, offering a glimmer of hope for future investments. The summer transfer window becomes pivotal, as the manager eyes top-quality players to replace ageing legs and elevate the team from a side that should be promoted to one that will be. Star Performers and Moving Forward: Individual brilliance shone through the challenges, with Ekollo's goal-scoring prowess, Sekou Lega's top-rated performances (7.42), and Mamadou Sow's standout contributions. As the squad evolves, the focus shifts to securing top-quality players and transforming Courchevel from a contender to a consistent force in the quest for promotion. Conclusion: As the curtain falls on a season marked by frustration, challenges, and resilience, the future holds both uncertainty and promise for Courchevel. The manager's strategic decisions in the transfer market and the resolve displayed by the squad set the stage for a new chapter. The path to promotion may be winding, but the determination to build a team that consistently contends for glory remains unwavering.
  4. I've decided to try a new tack with these posts. This was mainly written by AI from some basic data. I've tweaked it since and added screenshots but that's pretty cool, right? Tip: if you want to avoid spoilers, come back to the screenshots when you've finished! 2031-32 Season In the world of Football Manager, seasons can be a rollercoaster of emotions, filled with highs, lows, and unexpected twists. The recently concluded season for the Courchevel squad was no exception. A remarkable unbeaten streak, stellar performances from new signings, and the bitter taste of playoff disappointment all played a part in shaping a season that will be etched in the memories of both the team and its manager. The latter part of the season saw the Courchevel squad hit an impressive stride, going unbeaten in the last 12 league games. Winning 10 of those matches showcased not only the team's resilience but also their ability to dominate on the pitch. It was a remarkable run that brought joy to the fans and instilled a sense of confidence in the squad. The success of any team often hinges on the quality of their signings, and we made some strategic moves in the transfer market. Notably, Mohamed Jouini emerged as the top scorer, finding the back of the net 16 times and boasting an impressive average rating of 7.18. Dembo Sylla and Brahim Traore also proved their worth with solid performances, contributing to the team's impressive run. While the new signings grabbed the spotlight, it's essential to acknowledge the unsung heroes who were the backbone of the team's success. Fallou Faye, with an outstanding average rating of 7.45, Mamadou Sow (7.34), and youth academy graduate Noah Jullien (7.34) consistently delivered stellar performances, showcasing the depth and balance within the squad. Despite the undeniable success of the season, the dream of automatic promotion slipped through our fingers. The playoff matches proved to be a nail-biting affair, with 180 minutes of intense football yielding only one goal – unfortunately not in favour of Courchevel. It was a heartbreakingly close call that left players and fans alike yearning for what could have been. Whilst I think it's fair to say that Amiens deserved the win over the two legs, we did give a very good account of ourselves. While the playoff disappointment stings, it's crucial to recognize the progress made this season after the disappointment of an unexpected relegation last year. With 14 more points than the promotion-winning season, this year has laid down a solid foundation for future success. The tactic has provided a promising platform, and the lessons learned from this season will undoubtedly shape the team's strategy moving forward. As the curtain falls on this Football Manager season, Courchevel can reflect on a journey filled with triumphs and tribulations. The unbeaten streak, impactful signings, and the bitter playoff disappointment all contribute to a narrative that defines the resilience and determination of the squad. With a strong foundation in place, the future looks bright for us, and we can take pride in the team's accomplishments, knowing that each season is a stepping stone towards greater success. (OK that last paragraph was cringe! But it's also really funny! ChatGPT can be patronising, it seems!)
  5. So much for not worrying about relegation. We were relegated with three games to go! Luckily I had the credit in the bank so I didn't get sacked but I imagine I need to get promoted again immediately to keep my job. I'm not sure what went wrong really. I thought the squad was a fair bit better than last year, but the morale was low throughout the season and despite a LOT of friendlies against weak teams, I couldn't fix the problem. Fallou Faye was probably the only player who actually improved this season. Really poor showing, and I feel like I'm almost back at square one. Frustrating. I plan to simplify the tactic, try to blitz a promotion and then establish myself with a tactic based on what I used this season, but simplified. Also, the final game of the season was my 300th competitive game in charge. Sad that it was marked by the conclusion of such a poor season.
  6. We just about managed to survive this season, albeit via a playoff. As for the squad, a couple of new signings were the main difference makers in Conte and Sow, although it was an Ivorian signed from Israel, Souleymane Berthe, who scored the bulk of our goals. It was a bit touch and go this season. I'd like to be clear and not worrying about relegation next year. 40 points is the target.
  7. We FINALLY did it! Took at least two years too long, but I got there. And in style too, with a final day win over the champions securing promotion! Academy graduate Noah Jullien really came of age this year and was the best player by average rating, although Ababacar Sarry in goal wasn't far behind which we know is massively important and indeed he won "goalkeeper of the year". Ada Niang was the top scorer, and now has just over a goal every other league game in total, although he did better than that this year. Some good performances from other players was just about enough to secure promotion on that last day, although we were behind at first, so it wasn't much fun! Squad build for Ligue 2 coming up...
  8. February and March cost us promotion this year. We had a terrific run in before the last day when we lost to the Champions. Although we got three points more than last year, we finished in the same position, albeit only 3 points off the playoff and 5 from automatic promotion. There's progress there but not as much as I'd have hoped. New signings Bekkouche and Fatar were among the best performing players this year, so there is an indication that the squad is improving. But a winger (Fatar) being top scorer suggests that a top class striker is high on the list for signings this summer.
  9. Yeah, I'm close again in the next season, but I have a feeling it might be a series of near misses before I get promoted. Thanks for the feedback, keep reading!!
  10. The target this year was 60 points. We had 53 with 5 games to go, and yet somehow managed to finish 6th, with a disastrous end to the campaign. My mental planning through till April was all for promotion next year so I've had to rip up the plan and start again. I think it's just going to be a question of adding depth to allow for more rotation rather than necessarily improving the first team, although if I can get one or two upgrades then I will. The squad is looking pretty strong now, with the additions of Mathys De Carvalho and Ada Niang the highlights of our transfer business. In Carlos Silva I do now have another promising youngster coming through. Obviously the goal next season is simple: promotion. I'll set myself a points target and it'll be higher than this season! Disappointing though it feels this year, I did make a big step forward: only a place higher, but six points more, and with 106 goals, nearly 50% more than last season, I think we can say the attack is improved; we just need a bit more depth.
  11. I set myself a target of 45 points this year. I hit that with 4 games to spare and finished significantly higher than I even thought possible. Things have clicked. I sold one of my best defenders at the end of last season, Yvan Sekongo, but managed to get him back on a free loan for a season which was helpful. But it's an issue long term that I need to address because the defence didn't really perform this season: we were the highest team in the league with a negative goal difference. The squad is taking shape for a promotion push, but it's not quite there yet. Guillet is progressing well despite only one game for me so far. I expect him to get a few next year. Sadly he is the only player I expect to be able to use that I've had through so far. I've told my team that a mid-table finish will do me next year but I want a promotion push. Even if we miss out, I want to be in the picture for it. A few upgrades are already in the bag for next year; one or two gems and who knows?
  12. Another close shave, and I am a bit worried about what might be going wrong in this save, especially as I'm massively in the red too. But we did at least survive, albeit this time finishing only one place above the relegation places. Again, some really poor performances through the season and I expect a fair bit of chopping and changing this summer; probably only 3 players are safely guaranteed a starting spot for the majority of next season. I tweaked the main tactic this season but have added a second one, too...for now, there's a winger instead of a right wing back, but that was because I had an in-form winger who i wanted in the side. It got me a couple of late season wins. Fairly excited by my 15 year old youth graduate, Killian Guillet. Looks very promising.
  13. Wow! That was a close shave. My Beta save with Arsenal went really well so I was confident about this season. I was wrong. It was a massive struggle! A last day win made it look a lot more comfortable than it was: in reality, we needed that win to be sure of survival at this level. But we did end up finishing at the very top of the bottom half, so on paper it looks great. Oh and yes, that is THE Papiss Cisse, Geordies! The squad went through a lot of chopping and changing, but nobody really stood out and I'm going to be pinning a lot of hopes on a few very talented 15 year olds next season I think (once they turn 16). Ibou Ciss was the only player I paid money for, and only £29k. I tried to keep my tactic simple this season, but it clearly needs a bit of work alongside some improvements in personnel for next season: Any thoughts? What could I tweak without overloading semi-pros with instructions?
  14. I used to post here loads. l migrated to YouTube for a while but fun though it was, it's SO much more work than I realised and frankly if you have a job, you can't really do it. So I'm going to post my updates for my main save this year on here. Although I may also stream on Twitch at times casually. Same username. It's a save I have actually played before but never completed it. It's based on a sign-up challenge here, but using Create-a-Club. I will choose the team predicted to finish bottom of the lowest playable league in France and this will be replaced by my favourite place in the world - Courchevel. Where is it? Right up in the mountains in the Alps: The stadium will somehow be built in the main part of the ski resort at the absurd height of 1850m (although in game, this won't be the case as it's not possible so we will be in the closest available place which is called Bourg-St-Maurice). The club badge will be the resort's logo: The task is very simple: turn a ski resort into the home of European Champions, and if possible also try to win a World Cup with France with a team entirely composed of Courchevel players (the latter is unlikely, but you never know). If things go well this could be an endless save now that we have cross-version compatibiliy. The plan was to load all French speaking countries, but as it turns out, there are actually only three in the game: France, Switzerland and Canada. All those are loaded but also Italy as it (along with Switzerland) is very nearby. Despite not being able to load many French speaking nations, I have included Belgium, Luxembourg, Algeria, Cameroon, Gabon, Cote D'Ivoire, Mayotte, Morocco, Senegal and Tunisia and the French-speaking Caribbean islands. That covers the majority. I love that there are literally 50 from St Martin and 20 from Saint Barthelemy: I wonder if I ever get one playing for me?! My manager will be named after the player who played the most games for my last Courchevel team in 2021: a man called Basile Geyer-Schreiber. I can't remember what he looked like so I have randomised my appearance totally. The team I'll be based on is this one, predicted to finish 18th in the French National, the third tier. I believe the fourth tier is playable after the first season but I can't start a game with CaC in that way, so it has to be done this way. I have renamed the club (Courchevel), the nickname (Les Skieurs), the stadium name (1860) and the City (Bourg-St-Maurice) as well as the colours. Everything else is kept the same (although there are no existing relationships, affiliations etc). The squad is also exactly the same squad that Marignane start with although I expect to change it significantly very quickly! This is how I've decided to set my manager up. And he looks like this (totally random) Here we go then. The start of a decades- (or maybe centuries-) long journey towards European and then world domination. Updates at least every season, but with extras now and then. If things go well I might also do some youtube content which I will link to on here! Wish me luck!
  15. ...Monaco came in with a loan with option to buy offer for my 29 year old full back who hasn't exactly set the world alight. Thought it was a good offer at first when it said £66m. Then i noticed there was also £60m in instalments! I realise they aren't committed to buying him and if they do then great for me but seems a bit unrealistic...especially as it's not Saudi!!
  16. Sorry, wrong screenshot. Above, I don't think it's necessarily a bug because I don't think UEFA have finalised the rules for the new format, so it's probably more a thing for UEFA than SI, but is it right that you can in theory have 4 (perhaps even 5?!) games against teams from the same country? Half my CL fixtures there are against Italian teams...
  17. Been doing an Arsenal DoF save (i.e. only dealing with squad management, not games). Don't know if this is just because I've usually holidayed through March, but I have had no youth intake for the past 2 years.
  18. After a really good start with Kensington Dragons, I've hit a wall. It's not financial, I have lots of money and the board keep pumping in what, for this level, is an absolute fortune. I just can't find players who will come to me and improve the team. Might be tactics maybe? Any thoughts?
  19. Been thrown out of another thread where this seems to fit for starting one tier too low (!) but oh well - my Kensington Dragons team (my local team who start in level 11) are now in tier 9 in the Combined Counties League Premier North...about to start the season. This is a summary of my game so far - I will post updates now and then but mainly after each season! RECORD EVOLUTIONS:
  20. We threw this league away a little bit, but probably good to have a couple of years at this level before moving up again. RECORDS:
  21. hardly like this thread is snowed under, I think it'll survive a team starting one tier lower!
  22. I've made a .. decent start! Seems I've found the Erling Haaland of Level 11. Almost totally at random given the quality of my scouts (or lack of them!)
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