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  1. Would you mind sharing those files then? I would be grateful.
  2. Btw, do you have a solution for showing the attributes on the scouting reports?
  3. I see that happening as well too. It feels random where it just goes back to one of players you double-clicked or something. Don't know how to replicate it but it always happens.
  4. Hey, do you have that file with you? I tried to do it myself but it seems I messed it up, with the error message you can see from the screenshot O.o
  5. I think it is the trying to change the 'Media handling style thing that I tried to change from this thread as it seems to be bugged. But I messed it up somehow.
  6. Ummm I seem to be getting this error when I am trying to look at a staff member's profile.
  7. Anyone managed to put the attributes page to the scouting reports yet? Or is it possible to carry the FM 23 version of the skin's Scouting page and copy it into the FM24? Would that make it work?
  8. I'll try that then. Thank you. Btw, is there any hope for getting the attributes shown on the scouting reports in any future updates? That is literally the only thing I can think of that would make this skin perfect as it is as close to perfect.
  9. Which MOD you used? The Tactics screen one? If you managed to make this work, I also need it.
  10. speaking of substitutes, the FM 23 version of your skin had a great pop-up dragging a player over the other to show the attributes of the substitutes for the position they are taking. Is there a change that would be implemented in the future? Also, found another bug with the nation screen where the Youth Facilities has the language of the nation under it instead of any Youth Facilities rating. So there might be a mistake there.
  11. With the new versions folders, where do I put my Match score table files to customize them? For normal and the licensed oned? I don't see a 'comp' folder in the panels/match folder to change Champions League stuff.
  12. Any news on scout pages showing attributes and the Nation profile that shows the actual uniforms?
  13. well, managed to do it. match score area panel.xml And extracted this from the comp in Champions league. Now if I only I knew how to make it work for other competitions as it seems it is only made for Champions league but I take what I can get. Either way, thank you for your patience.
  14. Problem is I open up the Resource extractor, select the FMF file. Go ''Open Archieve'' and it is just empty. No files to be seen. Since the whole skin is just a big FMF file, I don't know why it doesn't work.
  15. Well, I downloaded the Resource Archievers and tried to open the FMF files but the archives they open...seem to be empty. I don't know what I am doing wrong. And since the file it bigger than the max limit, https://fm-base.co.uk/resources/zealand-skin-ported-to-fm24.8651/ or this https://www.fmscout.com/a-zealand.html with this said '' At this point, someone more skilled then me with this and the codes can do it because I have no clue how to do any of this O.o The official Champions League scoreboard has been updated to include club logos, mirroring other official Champions League graphics. '' If only I can find the part how that is done
  16. Alright. I will check it out. See if I can find the file and if copying it would work.
  17. This is how it looks btw. Took the picture from the discord The skin itself though is an FMF file so I assume I need something something to look into it.
  18. I saw in Discord for Zealand, someone having added Logos to Champions League, although with 3 letter team names. When asked, he said he is just using the Zealand skin. So I guess it is bound to Zealand Skin ( FMEnhanced based ) Honestly, if full names are not possible, I would be fine with just adding logos instead. In that case, is it possible to take the Match Score Area from the Zealand skin for the comps and use it on other skins to work? It is an FMF file though, the Zealand skin.
  19. How can I apply this part for the Licenced competitions without changing their unique look? Like I want to keep the Champions league look but only change the 3 letter team name to full name and add the team logo next to it. Never messed with any coding so I am worried I may mess it up and it is not as simply as just copying the codes into the files and be done with it. If anyone knows how to do that, I would be grateful
  20. It does seem to work if you copy paste it but it would also take away from the unique look of those scoreboards. I wonder if there is a way to have those unique boards show full names and logos instead of just copying the file. I guess you would have to manually change it for each competition. Because I don't wanna lose the unique look of the comp scoreboards, just wanna have them show the full name and logo. I guess I should've first asked, is the custom Licenced scoreboards even editable? I looked at some threads about it here but couldn't find a definitive answer. If not, I may have wasted you guys' time and I am sorry about that. like this seem to be closer to what I think I want but it does not have logos.
  21. Is there a way to have the custom competition scoreboards of the game ( like EFL, Bundesliga, European comps etc ) show full names and logos without fully changing their unique look? Because this works fine with the leagues but I want to have the comps also show the full name and logos.
  22. Well copied it. So I have to edit the scoreboards here then? I guess just 'copy pasting' the file directly to each of them won't work and have to do it manually? Never messed with any of these files before so I am worried I might break something. What parts should I edit to make the Full name and logos available in each of match score files? I might need to beg someone who actually knows what to do
  23. There is no scoreboard file in the 'competition' folder in the skin though. Only League stage panels views and Opponents league table files and nothing else in there. ( for FM23 ). FM24 one has a couple more files but no scoreboard files on there either. Where is the said scoreboard files in each competition?
  24. Team Names with Logos Mod.zip This is the file I am using. It changes the Match file. So should I change the file's name to 'Competition' and put it in that folder? Or can I just take the file inside and just put it in Competition folder instead?
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