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  1. No sir, Belfast Celtic in Northern Ireland where the top League gets £12k a year in TV money in the top Division.
  2. Another season of survival, gonna do another season and write them up. adding this too:
  3. If you just wait until they play the candidate game and sign them, you get them on a youth contract that lasts until they are like 19, that was my new CB from this intake. Until I was promoted to the top divisions I was playing all my youth players on 1 p/w. He's on 10 p/w for 3 years and as they are under contract it appears I am able to decline offers on them. So I only offer a contract after this youth contract if they are worth signing.
  4. Hey guys I am now posting what is part of my write up as im working for the weekend so you won't get an update from me for at least 1/2 weeks. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WzdxnIKCEr6Nx6ODf1ax9jj7RUukOsJ5sDP503mpuKY/edit?usp=sharing I wanna post this spiel to show this is how I have written the whole seasons and the same going forward. 2029/2030 Season Six - Danske Bank Premiership Season Summary - League I mean what can I say, we are so ahead of schedule, we are in the top division after 6 seasons, lets earn some money and go down? I will not be defeatist but we have been riding so many highs, so many highs, I'm still living off the treble we won in season 3. Providing the board will keep me if the ShTT hits the fan I will produce, I'm sure. That is not how football works. We didn’t get an amazing Youth Intake last year because I saw no talents, but I hoped we could do the same as last year and beat newly promoted teams and edge ourselves into safety again. League Season Results: https://i.imgur.com/sRxzzGr.jpg We got doubled deeked down all season, fans criticised me for my tactics, we set new records of winless I was not the messiah according to the game, do they not realise what I have done for this club? Anyway super hard went into relegation spots above the playoffs and ended in the playoffs - won against Carrick Rangers to survive, I hope I’ve got enough skin to graft off my ass for what happened this year because it's gonna happen again until we can at least turn pro and sell players. Season Summary - Cups I am sorry if you guys want more summary on this, I just wanna build a bank in the top league, survive, we don’t care about the cups, call us Tottenham Hotspurs. Cup Season Results: https://i.imgur.com/DYwKLfh.jpg Newry are in the league below but I don’t care, i'm trying to survive so youth team went in and got destroyed run ended: https://i.imgur.com/jdepgG4.jpg Finances I mean if you look at our finances season on season, I expected us to propel into pro status (1 Milli) but we still made profit, although, how many seasons do I need to suffer in Danske surviving relegation to actually make this team something? Regardless we are making profit and it looks like we need another 2-3 seasons for professional status. But taking a KitKat professional could also destroy me and the team see this: https://i.imgur.com/oZMgIFZ.jpg Transfers We got our axe out too all these Mo, Funky potentials, I did say I was doing a clear out so please look at the long long list of ex’s : https://i.imgur.com/sckIsRp.jpg 25 players are done. Squad Overview Ok so, we are getting stronger. But it's a double edged sword as always and it cannot be avoided. I want to make progress every season, basically call the squad plants that are dying for 90% of the squad. I’m gonna show you the overview but there has been only one player, our specialist, who I only played 3 seasons ago because he could do free kicks and corners. With constant game time he's now one of our best midfielders. I CANNOT AFFORD TO play youth players anymore like I could in the seasons below. Nothing we have is good, but I just need to keep our status. I am in disarray : https://i.imgur.com/PrcBLh1.jpg I mean the squad is kinda improving, but kinda not. We’ve actually had some mad lucky regens but they might come through at the top of potential, then you have guys who have shTt personality that might be good and at the end of it all, we are a part time club we have no coaches, we aren’t professional and it's REALLY starting to show 2 years in the top. Youth Intake Preview Our first A ranking since season 2 or 3 I cannot remember but HELL YEAH baby, not sure if many will know the reference but im praying. Youth Intake Arrival If any of you are following this save like I am, crack out the top shelf spirits. Look at the state of this! Northern Irish THOR: https://i.imgur.com/LUirUs5.jpg Northern Irish Left Back: https://i.imgur.com/idzMObX.jpg Thor though, better than nearly 3 seasons of Cody Blair, our best CB since HE came into the team at 15, now we got THOR. Positive & Negative Review I won’t lie to any of you, there are no positives this season. I mean you can say Jim, you survived again, I would agree, but there is nothing to single out. There are so many negatives this season I could write a book. I don’t want to do that to the viewers so I know that we got no green form from anyone. SO its shut down. Let's hope next year with THOR, gets us safety. Facilities Absolutely no changes to our facilities this year. Stadium Corporate Training Youth Academy Recruitment 4200 ALL SEAT Basic Basic Basic Fairly Basic Fairly Basic Manager Just an overview of the manager history after the season: https://i.imgur.com/ytBFW3A.jpg And statistics:https://i.imgur.com/2X3R3lf.jpg Played Won Drawn Lost Goals For Goals Ag Win % 306 132 41 133 549 568 43
  5. Lets go bro, this ain't easy, but its worth everything you put into it if you go proper
  6. Well an A just kept us in Danske, the CB had very little impact, the squad morale was shTt, everything was shTt, but survived baby, just gonna do 11 more days and start writing up the season, but as we now at a season a time I will post my write up and then provide the link as always to previous seasons, hot damn. I mean look at this too
  7. I don't know if this will backfire on me as well, but im keeping all my players on Yth contracts even if they are playing 30 games a season, seems as though as soon as i've offered some of them 80-100 p/w they get unhappy with wages whereas on youth contracts they have no qualms about anything. In most of my other saves there is like a compensation fee for a buying team, so unless you produce a god, I am finding youth contracts give them 3-4 seasons of playing time before needing to actually sign them. I've never done one of these either but its so rewarding.
  8. Im now running into this, my first intake striker Donal, is now opting to see his options - I am finding the key, is to have them in lower squads, U18's and Reserves, if you have injuries or give them minutes, adjust your squad filter, keep them in the lower teams, until they are bonafide starters if you are just giving them games, don't promote them from the first team, select them from the other sides.
  9. holyyyyyyy shieeeet Even if this guy has no more potential, what an INTAKE! just heading into a really tough phase and we produce an absolute gem like this, hot damn, if we get relegated I will cry
  10. Jimmy Coyle’s Belfast Celtic FM23 Youth Only Challenge Hello Everyone, (Please note this is an FM23 SAVE) I am back again after an amazing 3 Seasons. i have finally written up another 3 seasons on the document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WzdxnIKCEr6Nx6ODf1ax9jj7RUukOsJ5sDP503mpuKY/edit?usp=sharing For everyone who read my previous installment there is a quick link for you to continue your progress on season 4. We have been promoted to the Top division, we have a new stadium and just survived a tough opening campaign at the top of Northern Ireland. I feel like we are starting to Stagnate with our youth intakes, so I want to try and upgrade our recruitment/facilities as soon as possible however the money is really, really scarce in this division. Anywhoo still having great fun - and thank you for reading COME ON YOU CELTS! -Jimmy
  11. Guys, got more seasons to write up but a little preview: Give me a few hours and I will post it up. HUGE developments
  12. Jimmy Coyle Belfast Celtic FM23 Youth Only Challenge https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WzdxnIKCEr6Nx6ODf1ax9jj7RUukOsJ5sDP503mpuKY/edit?usp=sharing Hey guys not sure if making a google doc was allowed or not but I had 3 seasons to write up. I wanted to get things moving and introduce you all to my save game. Not the best writer in the world but I hope some of you enjoy looking at it! I just won a treble in the 3rd season - although im now preparing for a world of hurt in season 4. If I need to provide any more screenshots or if people want me to change anything on it please let me know as I have never done one of these before. -Jimmy
  13. Love that mate, I’m just starting on my Journey, how long did it take you to get to the top league and turn pro? I’m current half a year in with like 7 points lmao 2 spots off relegation
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