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  1. This is a good strategy considering the English nationality rules in the lower leagues.
  2. Ok so I forgot to save and I don't have autosaves on, meaning ill have to restart with another team
  3. Season 1 Basingstoke Youth Player 1 Matthew Morton, DC (England) Inital Screenshot Not a good player at all, mainly because I forgot to hire a HoYD until I saw the preview.
  4. I'm going to be doing this with Basingstoke Town.
  5. 2017/18: Callum McDonald (Worcester): 2017/18: 27 Apps | 7 Goals | 1 Assist | 6.65 Avg John Gordon (Whitehawk): 2017/18: 12 Apps | 1 Goal | 1 Assist | 6.66 Avg Connor Marke (Stalybridge): I don’t know why but he just generated. Weird considering the others generated last year and I’m pretty sure they’re born on the same year and days.
  6. Their names: Callum McDonald (Worcester) John Gordon (Whitehawk) Connor Marke (Stalybridge)
  7. I’m going to be tracking the careers of strikers. I’m not using FM24, rather FM 2017 Touch. The goal is to see if any of these players get to 1000 goals.
  8. Im going to be bringing this challenge back from the dead. Introduction: Every year, you get a new youth intake. The AssMan singles out the best of them. My aim is to take this player, whoever they may be, and track their career. Rules: Dont edit your players, but other than that, have fun! If you want to, mark a loaned out season with a "*".
  9. Welcome back! Wales seems pretty difficult, good luck.
  10. Yeah that’s been happening to people… not me yet
  11. Do these actually affect your team or are they just to be funny?
  12. You gotta try keeping one of the GKs and get them to 100. To be fair not sure you have the guy to do it with in Welsh, but do you have any former Tullibody GKs you can sign?
  13. This looks interesting. Will be following when I can.
  14. This is unrelated, but should I do Germany next? I remember seeing that you couldn't promote youth players in the first season there. Is this still the case?
  15. That's exactly what im expecting and also why im not stopping! At some point I'll not get relegated... hopefully
  16. 2024-25 Youth Candidates: Matej Andric: Christian Rossmann:
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