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  1. https://ge.globo.com/go/futebol/campeonato-goiano/noticia/2023/02/07/campeonato-goiano-tera-var-light-versao-simplificada-do-arbitro-de-video.ghtml
  2. I need a system where there are 27 competitions and they have different numbers of promotion places according to their reputation the one with the most reputation has 4 places from second to sixth place there are 3 etc...
  3. Where is this Brazilian data? oh, so it's only for England, ok
  4. Why are there no minimum referee categories other than the European categories? all countries have their categories Here in Brazil, for example, there are CBF referees and referees from each state federation To referee a national or regional championship you need to be a CBF referee referees from state federations referee games in their respective states so there are 28 different categories add more please
  5. please remove as many limits as possible, I'm creating a giant database and having fewer limits would help me a lot Being able to create infinite stages, infinite groups in a groups stage, being able to add infinite teams in a phase, etc... Of course, without breaking the game, just increase the limits as much as possible without causing problems, please thanks
  6. here there is a category of football clubs below the amateur clubs, the "varzea" These are clubs where there really is no money involved and football is played just for fun, however these clubs can eventually become amateurs and then move up the pyramid
  7. I think they don`t do it because it would be an extremely heavy and unfeasible database.
  8. I think I'm going to do that, the competition regulations themselves already have a separation by regions
  9. I need to make a competition with around 500 groups with individual rules (500 stages are also available) I thought about editing the XML to do this, but I don't know if that would cause many problems in the game
  10. I don't understand how to go straight from level 0 to level 2 like, I can set the destination as "relegated" but then it will be demoted to the level below
  11. I need some way to "jump" a division according to the team's performance in another competition for example, there is division A, B and C and there is cup X If the club wins cup X it will not be relegated from division A to division B, and if it comes last in cup
  12. Where can I find this XML file?
  13. Posso tentar, mas realmente deve ser difícil
  14. it doesn't work because the game only changes the club's division at the end of the season
  15. Yes, I imagined it, but maybe someone knows a way to do this. 😅😅
  16. I tried setting the competition update date to right after the end of it, it didn't work, does anyone have any other ideas? 🥺
  17. Hello I wanted a way to separate my database into two parts, one with the competitions and clubs created and the other with the players created Is there any way for me to create a player for a created club that is in another editor data?
  18. I thought about doing it like this, but the team's division (in the database) would always remain as the first division even though it was relegated to the third or fifth
  19. There's a championship that I'm trying to create (the Rio de Janeiro championship) where the first division takes place at the beginning of the year, the second division in the middle of the year, and the third division at the end of the year, and if a club was demoted at the beginning of the year, he plays in the second division in the same year, and if he was damoted into the second division he plays in the third in the same year, that is, clubs can play two or even three divisions in the same year, do you know how I can try to recreate this at the end in a way that the demotion works?
  20. We just wanted a reduction in errors, it's not possible, that's too much to ask
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