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  1. Tweaks. Bug fixes. New player attributes profile panel & more tabs basically.
  2. Tato24 v.2. Minor update. Link: https://bit.ly/Tato24_v2
  3. This information is extracted from the game code and as far as I know, it is not presented anywhere else in such form in game. I suspect that the game code doesn't allow you to monitor the training satisfaction of players outside the club you manage. In the updated version, I'll remove this info to avoid such comments & confusion.
  4. As suggested - change the scaling, use sidebar icons only and drag the grey lines down.
  5. You have shown a screen where actually the widget widths are set precisely and there is not much you can do. That's odd, though, because the width of the player's image field is 480 px, so I'm guessing that game is scaling your screen somewhere to a width of about 1200 px (layout="480,2,-1,2,480"). And it is hardly the skin's fault. Can you show the player profile (not the attributes panel) on your Macbook pro?
  6. Just move that grey line with the drawn red arrows downwards.
  7. #Tato24 skin for Football Manager 2024. Download link v.1.0 (~ 8.23 MB): https://bit.ly/Tato24_ver1 Download link v.2.0 (~ 7.1 MB): https://bit.ly/Tato24_v2 Download link v.2.0 !ZIP! (~ 4.3 MB): https://www.mediafire.com/file/wf5ibe9ntjgknnq/Tato24.zip/file
  8. It usually gets updated. But I have no plans to release any (major) update atm. The 'dark' tablet version is already available. https://bit.ly/tato23_v1_darktab
  9. Indeed, thanks! non player profile.xml needs to be changed in line 833: <record id="object_property" get_property="nppp"/>
  10. Check the middle right selector, where I placed this information (streamlined).
  11. #Tato23 skin for Football Manager 2023. Download link v.1.0 (~ 8,3 MB): https://bit.ly/Tato23_v1 Download link v.1.0 with dark tablet: https://bit.ly/tato23_v1_darktab
  12. Everything seems to be in order, this screen comes from #Tato - player attributes page. Check the preferences if you want to have player profile as default.
  13. Sorry, no time to check it through. I'd copy entire folder and edit the nation profile file (trial&error) to get what you need.
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