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  1. Not going to change to anything. He'll be expected to play. Its a World Cup ffs.
  2. With all the shenanigans thats been said. I have no hype for it, think it will grow once the games starts. It's not helped with it being played in the middle of a season, the times it's being shown and all the controversy that's come with it. Not even sure fans can even get to the games with all this stuff about limited hotels in the area. Not to mention the cost of living, I would imagine most people won't bother travelling.
  3. I went out for about an hour or so to see whats open. Loads of people out enjoying themselves in cafes, bars and pubs. There's me stuck inside thinking everythings closed.
  4. Are they going to show her being buried? Because I really want to go out to see what is opened.
  5. ALso had no idea how that Crown stayed on that cushion all day without falling? Must to attached to something that is stuck to the coffin?
  6. I spent most of the day hoovering, only saw the part where they were sat down singing and when they drove on horse ****. You would really think someone would clear that up for the queen to ride pass ffs. No idea whats suppose to happen now? Seem to to be driving down a long road to somewhere without the rest of the family?
  7. I thought that too. Is it even right that a body is left in a room temperature place like that? Don't they normally keep it chilled to stop any stench?
  8. I'm watching the stream now. So weird watching people queue for hours just to walk pass a box with a dead person in it, bow their heads and walk off again. All that queuing just for a 5 second glance.
  9. I honestly don't think I've taken a bank holiday off in the last 5 years thinking about it, bar Christmas day. Not even sure if Christmas day even counts as a bank holiday? I just see it as an opportunity to earn extra cash. Doesn't the UK have one of the most bank holidays in Europe? Next week bank holiday is obviously a one-off occurrence for a long time so I don't think it will be made to a permanent thing.
  10. Who the hell takes bank holidays off anymore? Everyone just works the overtime
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