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  1. Oh how so? I was thinking of doing exactly this.
  2. Sorry to bump this, @Wolf_pd, but what did you do in order to make these edits? I downloaded the file you attached, but can't figure out what you changed. I want to get rid of VAR from every nation in the game, not just England 😂 - want to live in a world where it doesn't exist!
  3. This is a fascinating read @04texag. I've understood the basics about positional play, but never seen someone really try and dig into it in FM like this. Have applied what you've said so far into my own save specifically for big matches using different roles and I'm already finding my mind racing with new ideas. Very much appreciate your efforts and looking forward to reading more.
  4. Found another blank section as well, there's no names appearing for "Key People" (Club Info > General)
  5. 1. Nice one! Is it something I can change myself as well? If so, please let me know where to find it 2. Thank you for this, will play around with that now.
  6. another question! In the match itself, where can I find this panel? I'd like to raise the pixels of the club names slightly (personal preference for sure!)
  7. Hello @_Ben_ really great work, I really love this skin and thank you so much for sharing it. I've learned a lot in this short space of time following the development and genuinely have so much respect for you guys who work on skins, it's really impressive. Got a question about a potential bug, is this happening for anyone else? A blank screen once you've chosen your team for a game under "notable reactions"?
  8. Editing skins is complicated, friend, it's not as simple as changing one setting, so you'll have to experiment. Everyone here is very helpful when you have a specific question about a particular panel etc . Mais bonne chance, on peut le faire.
  9. I like that change! Good point about it being doubled up. Strangely, even though I downloaded the updated panel... mine hasn't changed. 🤔 Any ideas? I might just wait for v1.4 if I can't change it, so no big deal, the skin looks great anyway!
  10. haha no, no, I meant I didn't know where to look in that file, not that it must be the wrong one. It seems like you got it right based on the comment above.
  11. @_Ben_ they suggested "team squad tactics panel.xml" I took a look and there's no mention of Duties in there, but you might have a better idea of where to look
  12. Have asked snowofman in the FM23 Base Skin thread.
  13. @snowofman do you know which panel this is on the tactics screen? Trying to figure out which font size to change to stop the Duty getting cut off
  14. Literally just a slightly smaller font change fixed it, I love it. Thanks again
  15. Makes sense, I just tried copying over the mini stadiums to that folder see if that would magically work. It didn't (edit: removed because you already sorted it) 2 more questions about where things are located, if I may. 1. I have figured out that the data for this screen comes from panels\game\processing upcoming fixture info panel, but I can't figure out what to change to get the days of the week to line up. Any suggestions? 2, Same question for this part of the tactics screen where the Duty is partially cut off. I think I just need to change the font size, but I don't know where to look.
  16. Great update @_Ben_ I love the Club Info screen changes. For the mini pics for the stadia on that screen, where is the game pulling that info from for the pic? For some reason I get the actual stadium on the Schedule, but not on Club Info or in the background where it just shows a generic stadium pic. (see below)
  17. Don't know if anyone saw this? I'm sure it's something simple, but nothing's popped up for me in a search so hopefully someone knows!
  18. Hello everyone, Would anyone be so kind as to let me know what I need to edit to move the recent match analysis etc information down a bit so it's not covering the tactics screen?
  19. @_Ben_splitting out the attributes like that is such a great way to train yourself to spot the type of player you have on your hands, I absolutely love it. Please include me in the message list if you do go on to release it as I'd love to train myself to do the same
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