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  1. A possible explanation is due to their long career break, but if at the same time loads of them got signed then that would be quite strange.
  2. While doing LLMs I would prefer hiring a slightly better HoF. He/she can instantly suggest signing/loanees for each position per request.
  3. This pack includes updates and changes to the Japanese players, staff and clubs etc. included in the 24.0.0 default database up to around early September 2023. The Japan National Team, as well as all of the 18 clubs in the J1 and J2 teams with higher reputation (more than half) are covered in the current version. Apart from the foreign players that have been missing in the default database (i.e. Juan Mata, Gaku Shibasaki, Bafetimbi Gomis to name a few), several domestic J1 players have also been added as they have signed a full “A” pro contract during the 2023 season. This version should be sufficient for running Japan as a background league. If you want to run J-League as a fully playable league, you should wait till the next version (which will cover all J-League teams and possibly JFL teams and other lower league teams with a valid J-League licence). No concrete release date for the next version but hopefully I can finish that off within the next few weeks. For cutout faces of the created players, you may "SORT IT OUT" by using some wisdom... johnloch FM24 Japan Data Update (v1.0).fmf
  4. As titled. This bit tbh is a complete mess. I've no idea if this relates to the licensing issue or just a lack of update since almost two years ago.
  5. My home is just about a 20-min drive away from their ground. Been there twice and the atmosphere was lively and friendly. A must-following thread. KUTGW!
  6. I like your writing style - neat and clear. KUTGW and eager to share your joy of promotion shortly!
  7. Your brilliant retro mod is the only reason to drive me playing FM. I really mean this! Eagerly waiting for the release.
  8. I'm only interested in managing English or Scottish clubs so my setup using the default database:- English (down to tier 6), Scotland (down to tier 4) and first two divisions of Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain in a large database with all players based in the UK loaded, this gives roughly 75k players to start with. When the English 10-tier league structure is out after a month or two after the game release, I'll usually pick a tier-8 club to start a LLM career.
  9. Awesome. Really impressive. This brings the game to another level.
  10. Awesome effort. Love the way you present all crucial info and stats on one page. This aligns very much to modern-day football.
  11. Another related thing: I assume no third-party graphics can be installed for games on Apple Arcade? This can be done before on iOS though quite cumbersome if compared to Android.
  12. Attached several re-made pics for your next patch: Geoff Ladley, Micah Richards, Vladimir Weiss (the jr.)
  13. As a Leeds fan I trust you need a better pic of Geoff Ladley! I can do this if you wish to!
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