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  1. Is there a way to assign which scout is used when a shortlist has "keep reports up to date" ticked? Or is it just any random scout
  2. I have been horrible on updating on here which I will catch up on soon hopefully. Into season 4 in Poland and just had this crazy match. First time trying to qualify for European comp. All square after the first leg and didnt expect this result on the road in leg 2. Especially when I started subbing guys at 60 minutes as we werent even getting shots and have a league match in 3 days. Up next Fiorentina. *Had to come back and do a quick edit because we decided to do it again. Draw in the first leg. Go down 2 in the 2nd leg. Comeback with 90th minute to draw and win in pens lol. Just tripled my bankroll in one match.
  3. Decided to give a go in Poland this year. Jumped in at GKS Jastrzębie. Played about 3 months before realizing when I setup the game I forgot to move my manager experiences/lcienses to the lowest so I am restarting. Hired Profile
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