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  1. The match engine and tactical system is the same on console so shouldn't be the reason.
  2. I've been sacked. So I guess I do from time to time. Found it more likely on console oddly enough even though it should in theory be easier.
  3. Young lads coming through in real life are still experimenting in different positions and roles anyway. So in game it's a case of you identifying where each player will play best and training it. There's no youth system out there pondering which position they need. You want to hoover up the best players even if they're all centre backs.
  4. What team are you? Are they among best in the league?
  5. I'm not sure but if what you say is true then load a lower rep nation with lower leagues to get lower.
  6. Proper B teams in inactive leagues work well too. The games are simulated. I love a team with an actual second team lower in the leagues. 2 teams to look after.
  7. It's cool some have Hungarian names too. They've done a good job bringing this localised realism into it. Nice intake too. Half a team there in a a few years from this alone.
  8. Good job with Barnet. They always strike me as an obvious club for investors sitting in their large catchment area in NW London.
  9. Yeah unless you're one of those really good players a journeyman type save you'll come across disaster jobs you can do nothing about. Always remember if your frustration with the game is getting to you, you can always take a break. Resign your manager and close the game. Return when you're ready.
  10. Players had a form bounce with a new manager then landed back on how rubbish they were in the first place
  11. Wanted to play as these guys in FM23 but on console at least the Romanian league was goosed on random years when the season wouldn't reset and they'd have no games other than European ones. Was thinking players from the academy plus Hungarians as the gimmick. I'll be following to see how you get on.
  12. I'd consider my options too, sitting on the bench every game. But yes I'd imagine a lot of people might sign a contract with uncertainty as to whether they will renew it. Especially ambitious types.
  13. Seen a couple mention this. I'm managing Hertha Berlin myself and those in the second team I can't set their individual training even though there is an option for the manager or assistant to do the task. This could be done in last year's version. Is this deliberate or in error? It would affect my ability to develop youngsters as I see fit without throwing everyone into the first team and setting them to play in the reserves.
  14. B team doesn't have any nasty poor form holdups on development either.
  15. Scrap that the cloud gaming option has appeared now after I uninstalled the game.
  16. Have I a problem on my end or is cloud gaming not yet available for FM24?
  17. Portugal. One of the big 3 and a bit teams always has that season to deny you.
  18. Team of the year after 30 years: Just two are not playing in England and the age profile is into the 30s. And to complete the 11 the best player in the world so says the game. He started out at Basel and plays for Manchester City Finally these are the best players in 30 years of the gameworld by average rating
  19. I went ahead and holidayed to the 30 season console limit and below was the final coefficient table top 15 Not being loaded didn't bother Spain and especially England who had a stranglehold on the continent. Germany Italy and France all gradually fell away and have been stuck in the pack for the last 10 years. Probably no surprise that the Portugal and Dutch league were best placed to take advantage of this. Belgium with their youth production probably not unexpected too however the rest remained firmly behind the traditional big 5 leagues. Greece made inroads thanks to AEK having a massive tycoon take them over. Liechtenstein have Vaduz and its tycoon takeover to thank for its position. Guaranteed European football each year and it took full advantage getting to the latter stages each year including one final but they lost it so failed to once see the Champions League. They finished top of the Swiss league on a couple of occasions and claimed the title of champions but its not officially recognised. So not loading the big 5 has little effect on what became the big 2 though the others did fall away. Most of the active leagues also had one team dominate them unrealistically with many 10+ titles in a row and RB Salzburg in particular winning the Austrian title 30 times in a row in game, longer if you include real life. Rangers dominate in Scotland and Celtic are without a title in a good 20 years. I've a feeling an explanation here is that with the smaller leagues able to do better in Europe its a case of who gets the Champions League money recycling those funds and dominating their rivals as a result. The Champions League final only once had a team from outside the big 5 play in it. They had sporadic appearances in the semi finals only though quite a few made it to the quarter final stage. English teams grew to dominate it with often all English finals, The lesser European cups had a bit more variety. In the next post I'll put screenshots of the final world team of the year.
  20. Enjoyed a save with them in FM23. Won the league somehow in the first season with them, was harder going after that as Charleroi are a bit behind with facilities.
  21. I hope so as I like to play at least one save old school. As the season goes on they might become less attacking against you and you lose some sources of countering goals as a result.
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