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  1. Belgium bring so high for so many years, even bizarrely bring #1 for many years despite only ever getting to one semi-final in the past 20 years has just shown how broken they are tbh
  2. How the **** have Argentina still got 11 men on the field? I wasn't even bothered about who would win, but this ref is either crooked or way out of his depth at this level
  3. Never known a ref so obsessed with blowing his whistle over and over again
  4. As a neutral, sure, but as an Englishman, France is definitely not “just another match”. Even if we don’t have the football history with them, like we do Germany, Argentina or Scotland, France is still England’s #1 rival nation in general and the punchline to all our jokes. Or was when I grew up, hopefully it’s a lot less politically incorrect now. Yeah it’s kind of daft and cheesy if you think about it for more than 5 seconds, but it’s still hard to shake a game vs France means a lot more than a game vs other big footballing nations like Spain or Brazil or Italy or whoever, simply because France is our biggest historical foe.
  5. Don’t think we could be any more patient tbh. It’s pass it pointlessly side to side across defence 1,000 times football atm. I think we need to be way less patient and actually take some risks.
  6. What high press? Senegal are just sitting their own half, barely moving for most of it. They’re not pressing us particularly. Our players just have no attacking movement themselves
  7. The offside was iffy but it was never a pen anyway, so right decision to overturn it, even if for the wrong reason.
  8. He wasn’t exactly bad for us either. He was clearly talented, he just wasn’t as good as Vardy so couldn’t get in the side ahead of him, no shame in that. You could always tell Kramaric was a good player who would be a success elsewhere though.
  9. Ronaldinho’s goal didn’t mark his career at all. He was like 38 and already past his best at that point. It wasn’t a great end to his international career, but I imagine you have to have only seen him at that tournament for that to be your only memory of him. He won keeper of the tournament in Euro 96 and was outstanding. He’s comfortably the best England keeper in my lifetime. His Euro 96 performances especially vs Spain in the shootout are way more iconic than the Ronaldinho chip when he was only still playing because of a lack of a younger keeper coming through
  10. Gallagher is just a fringe player who won’t play so I don’t see the issue. Rice, Bellingham, Phillips, Henderson, even Mount and Maddison can play the number 8 role if needed, so I’d be surprised if Gallagher gets a kick. Our centre backs certainly don’t look great, but it is what it is. I think we have some very good attacking players still.
  11. I don’t think Justin would’ve deserve it though in all honesty. I don’t think he’s been that great since return from his lengthy injury
  12. Yes! Maddison! So deserved. Only 4th Leicester player to be at a WC for England after Gordon Banks (1966), Jamie Vardy (2018) and Harry Maguire (2018)
  13. Faes! Well deserved. He’s really transformed our defence in recent weeks
  14. The preliminary squads are usually for visa reasons I think. Countries have to submit a list of potential players so that the host nation’s immigration authorities can process everyone potentially going. That’s why you can’t pick players not from your preliminary squad
  15. Seems a fitting way to tribute a woman who got to jump just about every queue on every event she ever attended to be fair.
  16. Didn’t realise it was Owain Glyndwr day today, pretty ludicrous day to cancel celebrations for King Charles to visit Wales.
  17. Literally came in to say the same thing. It’s amazing how not jumping a queue makes up for pocketing £150m to help sportwash Qatar.
  18. I did turn on the BBC website stream for 5 minutes earlier to see what it was like. The crowd in the queues was 99% white people, but they zoomed in on the 2 black people in the crowd to try and make it seem like a diverse group of people had come to pay respects, was kind of funny.
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