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  1. They have the Oceania Games, but it needs to be added using the editor, and also the World Cup Qualifiers. Plenty of games mate!
  2. Can anybody make Microesia a fully affiliated FIFA nation for me please? I really want to play a save trying to get them to qualify for the World Cup, and no matter what I try, I just can't get it working.
  3. Would anyone else be able to add Micronesia to be fully affiliated to FIFA please, but in Oceania still? I'd be most grateful! Despite all my attempts, I just can't do it.
  4. Brilliant mate, I'll possibly use that then, thanks. Can I ask, is there any reason why you chose to integrate it with the Asian ones? It's just, that makes it so much more difficult for a team like Micronesia to qualify. Becoming the best side in Ocenia would probably be easier than becoming one of the top 5/6 nations in Asia/Oceania combined.
  5. Can anybody make them an affiliated FIFA nation for me please? I really want to play a save trying to get them to qualify for the World Cup.
  6. This looks excellent, and I will use it, IF it is possible for Micronesia to enter FIFA competitions? I know you're aiming for realism, but I've seen so many databases where people have nations like Greenland and Falkland Islands, and several other fake nations such as Yorkshire, so surely it must be possible to make Micronesia one?
  7. But again, them doing it automatically isn't good enough. We had the option to send them up for years, and now haven't. SI always do things like this, remove something good that works fine, then reintroduce it years later as a "new feature".
  8. I don't want it approved for a future FM - I want them to bring back the option now! I like to have a goalkeeper taking all my freekicks and penalties, and going up for all corners, to try and get them as many goals as possible. To not be able to do this now, especially when teams always send keepers up when losing late on, is ridiculous. Why remove it?! SI???
  9. Is this no longer possible? Got to say, I will be very, VERY disappointed if this new set piece style has taken away the possibility of not only sending my keeper up for corners (I like to do saves where my keeper gets loads of goals), but also getting to choose where my players go for each corner. Only had a quick look so far, but can't work it out. Hope I'm wrong?!
  10. I'm on a PC, already checked in the Games and Games and Tools bit; it's not there. Same with Downloads, it's not there either. The FM23, FM22, etc, etc, editors are there, just not the FM24 one. I'm going to restart my laptop, see if that sorts it.
  11. I have exited and rebooted Steam but still can't find the editor. Where is it please?
  12. Thanks mate, that's what I thought. Does anyone know the DEFINITE answer, though? Can somebody who has tested this or had experience of it before, let me know?
  13. I want to start a setup with the lower leagues in England, down to like level 15. This makes the game run slowly for me, I believe, partly due to the number of leagues, but also the number of players. As I move up through the leagues with my team, I'd like to remove the level below, to make the game speed up. I know removing the leagues will make the game speed up, but would this also remove those players? And would those clubs from the removed leagues continue to get newgens? Because the point is, I'd want the vast majority of them removing, to speed the game up.
  14. Cheers mate. I’m going to do a two manager save: Cailungo+San Marino plus Victor San Marino+San Marino under 21’s, but once I make them regulars in Serie A, I will resign and manage a second team in the Sammarinese league.
  15. I’ve never got past season 7 on this challenge in past FM’s, so I’ve never won the World Cup, or the Champions League. Not even come close. Can anyone tell me, is it possible to ever get a decent sized stadium or even a new sized stadium? Do attendances ever increase due to the club getting a much better reputation? I’m going to start a save later, probably Cailungo. I’d love to get to 30-40 seasons this time though.
  16. I don’t think being mid table with Newcastle and getting sacked can be classed as a cheat code… I expected to see you saying you’d won the league at a canter or something.
  17. Perhaps I did something wrong. Or perhaps the game never deemed it a shootable chance? Thing is, I only watch the games on highlights, but another player scored direct from a freekick, so you'd think it was a direct chance! I'll try soon anyway.
  18. I only tested it for 3 games so I will test it again later after some editing.
  19. So is there this same issue with previous FM’s? I’ve not got past 5/6 seasons for years now, but was aiming to do a long term save with FM23 now the transfer update has been done and I have a little more time.
  20. I wanted to do a save where I created a goalkeeper in the editor with 20 for eccentricity, finishing, long shots, kicking, penalties and freekicks and have him on penalty and freekick duty. Not had a penalty yet, but he doesn't seem to take freekicks for me, even though I have set him to take direct freekicks. I wanted to send him up for corners and throw ins too, see how many goals I can get for him during his career. Is this a bug that he's not taking freekicks? Rene Higuita and Jose Chilavert used to take them so it's not like GKs have never done it in real life!
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