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  1. Was looking for something like that! The Google sheet has some reference errors. I'm not an expert, but it seem there are tabs missing?
  2. I turned a GK Coach that was a Model Citizen into my HOYD, got a Model Citizen player that has helped my team immensely.
  3. @PaddersThey warned me in the staff meeting that the player became complacent after signing a new contract. When I got a bad run I rested my starters and went all in with a weaker team later.
  4. I got players become complacent after signing their contracts.
  5. Congratulation @glennuk and @hubwub! Hope I haven't missed anyone else finishing.
  6. For the more experienced in the English leagues, after the takeover I got Junior Coaching upgraded and Youth Recruitment upgraded, they added some money to the club, I waited to see if the upgrades were too expensive or not, seems with the Cup games I I can afford to go up another level, but the option does not appear. Do I need to wait? Or go up a Youth Level?
  7. You better lock up El Presidente, change his computer password, internet, password, email password and cancel his cellphone. Maybe all of the above.
  8. Disaster struck, Ramos did not want to sign a new contract because he had signed a new one. Then his contract became a non-contract, tried to sign him to a contract but he refused because he had just signed a new one. Of course along comes Millwall U18. I was able to offer a contract. But he decided to go to Millwall... The season was going so well, luckily I have another Goalkeeper but the difference in quality is abysmal. Let's see if I can keep up the good results after losing my quality GK.
  9. Hope Oliver James scored the game winner before riding to the Sunset.
  10. I used Canva, just searched for something to do it and it was the first that appeared, did a very simple one with it, was simple to use.
  11. Are you keeping the woodwork hitters statistics? Can't wait to see who wins the keep chopping wood award in the end of the season. Good to see things improving.
  12. Last Season the focus was on finding a tactic and tune it up, play with the options. This year Mentoring will be the focus, I have set up four Groups, and I will save the Personalities and Determination at the beginning of the Season and then at the end and then compare them.
  13. Could my job be at risk? Thinking I dodged the promotion and possible relegation and dismissal, I could still be at risk?
  14. Due to the increasing cost of each, normally due to money constraints it's all around. Facilities you need the money upfront and then need to pay for increasing costs, the Youth Coaching and Youth Recruitment you increase your costs. Normally there is a tendency to improve this latter two more since you don't need the money upfront.
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