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  1. Your intakes are quality here Daz. I’ve not even started yet. Hopefully start tomorrow.
  2. It was more the players. They’re all under contract so I’m assuming they’re good to use.
  3. I’ve been Basford every year on this save and it eventually goes wrong. Longest save I had was I think 13 seasons just staying in the North with one season finishing second and losing the play-offs.
  4. So I’ve holidayed for a number of years and Bury have come up. Don’t judge but seems like a good chance to see if I can build something. I don’t have under 21s or 18s squad yet the dev centre shows there are players there and under contract. I’m assuming I can use them?
  5. I still read this thread but just haven't had much FM love over the past few years. Did have a 3 season save with Basford earlier on this FM but got sacked towards the end. Could you not train Dumont as a striker @libbyshuss?
  6. I know it’s been mentioned before and hopefully someone is willing to share theirs as I’m useless at training but any schedules or the best schedules you’ve found to help maximise?
  7. Not that it makes much difference but I think the England reset date is 24th June at 6pm.
  8. I think I’ve got a new side. Balance squad on paper. Will be tougher than South Shields. Shall update once I’ve completed a season.
  9. Season 7 Season 2029-30 Vanarama National League Second longest, maybe third attempt at this challenge. That's a wrap. Board, despite saying we needed to attempt to avoid relegation decided to sack me as I couldn't persuade them. Don't feel we were a bad side. But experience, morale and once you've lost it you're very much not getting it back. Update will be short and sweet. Season Summary FA Cup we managed to take Notts County of L2 to a replay and pens before losing. FA Trophy was third round and out. In the league we finished 23rd. Unfortunately we tried everything and it just wasn't working. Frustratingly we didn't have a bad squad. The sale harmed us so the chairman has to take blame for that.
  10. Gone to Boro :(. The board flinched first when I knew what I was doing. If they’d have let me do what I was doing we’d have got more. Has already played for England 18s and 19s. Valued at £1.5m to £3m already. Hasn’t improved our finances alot either.
  11. Now I need some help. I’ve requested the Sunderland deal at the end of the season. Which is within the rules. However, they’re now trying to loan him back. Which isn’t. Do I need to take the loan to keep him even though I’ve requested the deal until the end of the season?
  12. We could be on for our first major transfer. As much as I don't want it to happen, it's going to. The player. Brian Barry YP5a was the superstar from the intake a few seasons ago. Currently has 24 goals and 12 assists in 67 league games. I wanted £2.5m, 50% of next sale and an end of season move. The board won't let me keep him and I offered to resign. I've kept my job. They have agreed to get more so we're upto £1.5m all in. However, there is a plot twist. Sunderland are also keen, they have agreed to my terms which would be massive.
  13. Weirdly this season the players are getting a lot more tired than usual. I don’t do my own training schedules as don’t know where to start(individual I do). But nothing has changed unless whoever does the training is screwing me over.
  14. Season 6 2028-29 Season Vanarama National League Season Summary This season was about trying to survive again and have a cup run. We survived but once again no cup run. In the league we finished 16th. We lost the last three league games but it's still a good season. In the cups we reached the FA Trophy third round and FA Cup first round. We started the league campaign well and were 6-6-2 or something but then the usual inconsistency appeared and aside from a brief concern at Christmas when we were just three points above the drop we stayed up with ease. Youth Intake There was a slight downgrade to our facilities at the beginning of the season as the facilities and youth level were both lowered. However, we were still predicted a reasonably good intake. I'm going to say I'm slightly disappointed with what we got although the personalities looks a little better. Other Bits We're about £323k in the red and that's been improved by selling ten Dillon Giacomini clauses who was poached by Nottingham Forest a few seasons ago before coming in through our intake. We made £198k instead of £250k. Brian Barry YP5a and Dylan Murphy YP5c were called up to the England/Wales u18s & u19s over the course of the season. There's another 500 seat stadium expansion coming to comply with league rules.
  15. These are probably my two best youngsters to have progressed from nothing to something in the game. Although most of our squad now is academy players. Idrissa Dembélé YP1c Intake Idrissa Dembélé YP1c Now Mostafa Yossry YP2d Intake Mostafa Yossry YP2d Now
  16. Season 5 2027-28 Season Vanarama National League Season Summary The aim of this season was to maintain our league position and hopefully have a good FA Cup run. We achieved the first target but failed with the second. We started the season well and probably should have picked up more points than we did. However, the rot then slowly started to set in and we maintained inconsistent form for the rest of the season. We were never really in doubt of being dragged into the relegation battle but it's something we're going to have to work on for next season. In the FA Cup we only managed to reach the first round whilst we lost in the FA Trophy third round. Youth Intake This is the best intake I've had on any youth attempt challenge. All A's resulted in twelve elite prospects and one superstar. Other Bits We rejected a bid from Middlesbrough for Ryu Tullin. He's coming on leaps and bounds as I decided to freeze MacKenzie Heaney & Dylan Mottley-Henry out of the first team squad fairly early on. Another improvement although the finances are still shot as we're just short of £400k in the red. Released a few legacy players and youth players not progressing once safety was confirmed.
  17. Simon Middleton YP4a who I decided would start as first choice left winger this season has been ruled out for 10 months half way through the season. For a 16 year old he’d been doing well with 3 goals and 9 assists in 24 games.
  18. Season 4 2026-27 Season Vanarama National League North Season Summary Champions! Only just! I felt we'd have a good campaign as through pre-season every went to excellent and there wasn't many changes to the squad. As you can see from our results we were playing well and the Chester game was key. We managed to secure a 4-4 draw. Which at the time I was disappointed with. That game and the three games after St Albans were what enabled us to start to pull clear as Chester, Chelmsford, Oldham and Boston were all fighting us to take control of the league. Getting ten points from twelve meant we opened up a gap of four points. The Chelmsford game we played the last half hour or so with ten man. Thankfully we were already three up. By the time we'd got to the Ilkeston game and even the FCUM game we'd opened up a gap of about nine points. It fluctuated between six and twelve. Inconsistent form then hit us. Oldham were the only side who were maintaining their title hopes and our lead dwindled. Oldham had the better run in with four games to go and frustratingly we conceded two late goals against Chelmsford to mean the result against Warrington didn't seal the title. Just for context, going into the final game of the season we were on 100 points. Oldham 99. The previous league titles had been settled for 92 points or less than 90. So Oldham had put a massive fight to push us to the wire. That final game of the season they faced ninth place Hereford away from home. Nothing to play for and Oldham, who I'd since found out hadn't lost since we beat them on the 1st December. Oldham also had a knack of grabbing late goals to either secure a point or get all three. We were against Basford who had nothing to play for either. Unfortunately we decided to put in our worst performance of the season and it was made worse by Josh Doherty(left back) getting sent off for his second yellow on 17. He did the same in the play-off final last season picking up two yellows in 4 minutes. Oldham took the lead, Hereford pegged them back. Hereford went in front. This all happened in the space of 7 minutes. Hereford had to hold on for 65 or so minutes as we tried to force our way back in. We failed. Thankfully so did Oldham as we were crowned champions. In the cups we reached the first round of the FA Cup and second round of the FA Trophy. Youth Intake An intake that I can work with as a number could push for starting spots or help pad out the squad. Other Bits All key players are tied down for the new season apart from the ageing centre half Broadbent who is retiring. Dembele YP1c had three attempts at exploring his options and on the third occasion I couldn't persuade him. Thankfully he's now signed a new deal. We're over £368k in the red which is now over £400k due to the 500 seat stadium expansion. HoYD is below. Personality has changed. Not sure if he'll improve or change back. No transfers again but a few youngsters and seniors left. We had our second player poached. First one was a couple of seasons ago by Nottingham Forest although he never came through or hasn't yet. The latest is a striker by Blackpool. Not sure how good he is.
  19. Will post a full season update soon. But my god. Shall just leave this here. Just to put it into context. The next highest has been 92 when winning the title. The rest below 90.
  20. Dembele has gone from model citizen to light hearted and I don’t know why.
  21. Season 3 2025-26 Season Vanarama National League North Season Summary Another good season paper but a frustrating one to say the least as we're cruelly beaten in the play-off final for the second time in three seasons. We started off well and maintained our play-off spot for the whole season. Unfortunately as other sides around us started to have their blips, we followed suit. In the final my left back got sent off in the space of four first half minutes and that all but ended our hopes. In the cups we reached the FA Cup Fourth Qualifying Round and in the FA Trophy we reached the second round. Youth Intake Not as good as last season but there are few players who could make the step up. Other Bits At the end of the season I got the message that the chairman was withdrawing his financial backing. He's only done two seasons and hasn't thrown much of his own money in. However, the last few seasons we've had the owner throw the cash in at the end if needed. So looks like we'll be remaining over £250k+ in the red for a little longer. They do seem happy to do some basic improvements though and got two lots this season. Most recent below. Dembele YP1c, Yossry YP2d & Bless YP1g all got callups for Ivory Coast, Scotland & Switzerland youth sides with some making their debuts.
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