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  1. 5 minutes ago, chunk83 said:

    Anyone know how tycoons work? as I thought they pumped money into the club/squad.  Said after tycoon took over he was gona make my club in league 1 carlisle United (England) a force in domestic and continental and give £34 Mill to spend but only got £150k league 1 & £450k in championship but when I ask for more won't give me nothing more and club had £-164k debt and still aint paid that over 2yrs now. He has upgraded training & youth but that's only been bout 1.5 million. Is it a bug or have I got a mike Ashley type tycoon 😔

    depends on the type of tycoon and also how much money the person has. There is a rating called resources and pretty sure that dictates how much cash they have to pump into the club

  2. On 09/11/2021 at 11:40, Welshace said:

    Hey Ross... what database setup do you have in these saves? 

    sorry for late delay, i always use game default database . that certain save may have all leagues loaded however. If i added anything its just the renaming thing . Looking at it, i think i added just the top league in every nation in europe because if i dont, i feel like champions league etc gets watered down later in save



  3. Just now, john1 said:

    How do you get tycoon takeover? Or engineer one?

    i didnt engineer these ones, overnight i simmed until 2025 and these ones came up . only files i used in the save is the renaming ones that changes the names of clubs to real names

  4. Simmed a couple years into the future and a couple tycoons came up so thought i would share . These tycoons were done naturally, no file manipulation (edt or otherwise).  will post after i see if there are more in the save. im trying to get the save file  to start around the time the tycoon took over or at least close to it

  5. before i put in bug sub forum wanted to ask. I am managing Paderborn, wage budget was 8 mill per season , after the first transfer window closed it suddenly jumped to 18 mill. Never received any message it was going to be raised. bug or no?

    I did sell someone at the deadline for 8 mill, but i thought the only thing that did is add money to transfer budget unless you allocate it over to wage budget which i hadnt

  6. 6 hours ago, Smurf said:

    he said 400 pounds or whatever. I told him thats a bit low but high as he could go. i said 500 dollars because i used some currency calc to change into dollar , was easier for me. 

  7. 1 hour ago, Gangor said:

    That is overpriced for what it is. In that budget look for a Ryzen 5 3500u or an i5 with a model number starting with 9 or 10 and finishing in U. A Ryzen will run the 3D matches a bit better (though still not great) while the Intel CPU should give longer battery life. 

    If the budget could stretch to a little over £600 I've been suggesting Lenovo's L340 which has the virtues of having the higher performance i5 9300H and a discrete GPU which will run the 3D matches much better. You can find the link a bit further up in the thread.

    I will let  him know, thanks. 

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