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  1. Its strange tho, as the same thing happened in 2023. Must be an issue with your game on Mac. How do I generate a pkm?
  2. Please see this... I guess its not suppose to be like this. Running Ventura 13.0.01 on a M1 Max
  3. Not sure if its suppose to work like this, maybe its a bug? In any case its a really really bad idea... Anybody know how to turn it off? It seems to follow the camera, which makes no sense what so ever.
  4. Thank you so much for replying! Highly appreciated. Well, in base skin 23 I dont see this file?
  5. Nobody knows how to do this? I'd really appreciate some help or just a push in the right direction.
  6. Player faces and team logos are really small compared to 22 base skin. Can this be fixed?
  7. Hi, How do I add transparency to this version of the left panel ? Currently its solid color
  8. Hi, Sorry if this has already been asked. How do I increase the size of team logo and the player face in base skin? I guess theres a line somewhere that will do this,- similar to the transparency fix.
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