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  1. sorted it,thanks for your help
  2. Hi guys,ive been messing around with a skin,how can i make the background image as shown darker so that the text can be read obviously.. Cant for the life of me figure it out
  3. Just arrange some friendlies thats what i tend to do,keeps the players match sharpness up
  4. Thanks for all the votes so far 1hour to go get the votes in!!
  5. Fair enough reason i guess yeh,thanks for taking the time to vote
  6. same thing happened to me tbh,the AI sent the keeper up very late in a game,we countered and scored
  7. Yeh i would imagine given the league reputation in Wales wouldnt help attract a decent calibre of player thats for sure - a case of take a chance on whats available.. Good luck too at Conwy
  8. Latest News Overshadowed a thumping 5-1 win over Llanelli Town in the league opener looks like his Career is over at the club with only a year left on his contract A great start to the league campaign over one of our main challengers for promotion this season,thats a statement of intent indeed!!
  9. Season Preview With a media prediction of a 6th placed finish we must aim to finish higher than that or the powers that be wont be happy thats for sure.
  10. First Team Squad A basic a squad as you will ever see,we need reinforcements in midfield now,where from i have no idea
  11. Transfer & Loans so far A solitary free transfer in for a centre half which we badly needed this took literally all the budget we did have after shuffling the sliders around a touch £100 PW hes on..
  12. Club Finances Finances are pretty bleak looking to be honest we could maybe be doing with a senior affiliation somewhere to help us along in this area of the club,not surprising though looking at these figures
  13. Board Expectations It seems the expectations are clear the board want us out of this division and upto the the Cymru Premiership
  14. Play the game and get on with it cmon'
  15. Thank you,i pay no attention to the star system personally,i have a top end gaming laptop will run fine
  16. Briton Ferry - A background Briton Ferry Llansawel A.F.C. is a football club based in Briton Ferry in Wales, currently playing in the Cymru South. The club was formed in 2009 after the merger between Briton Ferry Athletic and Llansawel . The club's crest uses the colours green, red and yellow, which represent the colours of the two merged teams. For 2009–10 the home colours were the traditional Briton Ferry quartered red and green shirt, green shorts and red socks. The away colours were the traditional Llansawel yellow shirt, black shorts and hooped yellow and black socks. The club plays at the old welfare ground with a small capacity of just 1,500 Having won nothing since the clubs formation in 2009 im looking to change that with a bit of luck as you can see below Club Information
  17. thank you hope you can follow my adventures across the wacky world of FM24'
  18. So Briton Ferry in the welsh cymru south have gave me an opportunity on an 11 month contract,lets see how we go dipping our toes into the managerial world More details about the club soon..
  19. We applied at Dinamo Brest and Vitebsk both were very ambitious applications if im being honest with myself..neither making the shortlist in the end regardless
  20. After much thought, I've decided what my main FM24 Save will be,that i will load up all the UK leagues (and Republic Of Ireland),maybe even just chuck a few sporadic random others in Some of the career threads were brilliant that i read on last years edition,which has inspired me to share the thrills and possibly loads of spills on this years edition I will be starting unemployed with Semi-Pro experience, no coaching badges and see where we go from here I will be using the advanced option when setting up to give me a decent old number to start with as my rig is decent enough to run it like this,giving me a bit of variety within the game Some of my options are limited as you can see,where should we apply for realistically?.. I welcome your thoughts and suggestions,also may add leagues as i go along..
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