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  1. Even players like Rice who, for all I've criticised him for, Arsenal fans love as a £120m purchase. And I think club fans' opinions on players, despite natural bias, are worth more than anyone else's because they see them week in week out. These are top players, used poorly.
  2. I think it was brought up in the Atheltic that Bellingham was a bit of a loner in the group, and the group didn't really appreciate the ads focused on him as an individual pre-tournament. I've already judged him as a massive whopper, there's no going back now
  3. I'm not doubting that season with Sven was great fun, including the 8-1 Just saying I'm not sure he was all that.
  4. It was amazing football, but we couldn't win away... how much of it was down to the manager and how much of it was just vibes.
  5. I'm not convinced Eriksson was a top class manager (having seen him manage Man City), just a very high reputation one.
  6. I don't really feel anything about the game yesterday, we were close. Yeah, Spain were the better side... but we that close to extra time and then who knows? And we've known Southgate's deficiencies for years, this isn't breaking news
  7. Rice is a world class DM in the defensive aspects, but just can't progress the ball. The number of times Foden has to drop deep into midfield to help out with moving the ball upfield is a testament to how bad it was this tournament.
  8. You can't ultimately rely on players that did a job for you many years ago. Players decline, Sterling of 2024 isn't the same player as Sterling of 2021 for example. That's the reality of management, time doesn't stand still. I don't think he was wrong to do what he did, he just failed at doing it (because he's not a very good tactical manager). I'm not convinced he does any better "sticking to what he knows" because those type of players (be it the same or an equivalent) simply aren't as good as they were then.
  9. THE WORST PLAY WAS THIS AT 90 MINUTES EXACTLY, can't find the clip on twitter but watch it here (3:16:45 on the video) https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m00215xy/euro-2024-final-spain-v-england?seriesId=m001tk7n-1-final
  10. I think my "favourite" Pickford moment was just after the Spain goal where the ball came to him and he launched it first time as if the ball was on fire, and out of play. I know we need an equaliser mate, but that's not how you do it. Calm. Pickford was brilliant fwiw as an actual goalkeeper best since... well I'm sure how far to go back but I think you could put a case for him being a better goalkeeper than every England gk we've had since i started watching football in 1990
  11. xgchain is basically involvement in play which creates xg. Will typically be a deep lying midfielder, i.e. someone heavily involved in most moves. Centrality = % of final third completions that are towards the middle of pitch (I had to google that).
  12. Dunno, there's always the argument for a right footed LB versus and left footed right winger. Especially someone potentially as key as Lamal. Walker should be able to nullify Williams if he's on his game, so Lamal versus the left back is a key duel. I trust Southgate to flip a coin and it somehow be the right decision
  13. Player for player lads... it's coming home Simon < Pickford Carvajal < Walker Cucurella > Trippier Laporte < Stones Nacho < Guehli Rodri > Rice Ruiz > Mainoo Yamal = Saka Williams < Foden Olmo < Bellingham Morata < Kane Right folks?
  14. We'll be able to buy a pinbadge for £9.99, so we can all have 3 lions on a shirt for a day. or FREE Lion bars for a day. Free lions, three lions. Geddit
  15. Don't worry Kier, there's absolute no chance of the combined powers of you and Gareth jinxing it
  16. Think he's on £5m a year (25% more than any other manager in the Euros fwiw)
  17. As if Gareth would draw England in the Round of 32 Nah, Canada, Western Samoa and a tricky tie against Sudan before the Semis methinks.
  18. You're just jealous because you already get a day off and don't want me to be happy.
  19. FFS Keir, you do realise businesses will have to prepare? Such amateur hour. Make a day of mourning if we lose and get it announced now.
  20. I think Netherlands are a "good" side - not as good as us but good enough the credit Southgate with getting the job done in what wasn't a foregone conclusion. Spain obviously are ranked below Netherlands in the Fifa rankings, so Southgate simply has no excuses now
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