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  1. Hi Steve, great work again mate, Quick question - I had these backgrounds etc for FM23, im about to load up FM24, Do i need to download them all again or is there any way to get them working on 24 without doing all that? thanks again.
  2. a couple of Players who are performing well at at the moment and might want to reflect this in any update include, David Watson at Killie, a young player with a huge future. Dan Armstrong at Killie, has been playing consistently well for easily 2 years now, very fast and direct.
  3. WHat do you guys think about the St Johsntone keper - Mitov? Imo he is the second best keeper in the league this season behind Butland, He has been a brilliant find for them, only 26 i think as well so plenty time to get a big move and improve even more. Just shows you the players are out there.
  4. Looks like peope will need to, a shame tho as you want to manage teams and players s they are performing just now. If for example O'Reilly gets sold in jan then nobody who plays as Celtuc will have a chance to have had managed him playing the way he should be.
  5. Not great at all is it mate, its like playing the game a year behind.... and the likelyhood is o'reilly will be sold in the summer so you will have barely any tinme to enjoy him at all if he ever does get sorted.
  6. Thats nearly 3/4 of a season... Oreilly is poty so far in Scotland and Scales has blossomed into a mainstay. Should be refelected in game esp after good feedback about it has been given.
  7. Lagerbielke looks slow, was outpaced by Stevie May on saturday for a through ball.
  8. Yilmaz at Rangers appears over rated. He cant get in the team irl but in FM he is a regular and one of the better players there, maybe needs looked at. cheers
  9. How can players who avg less than 7 get in any team of the year is beyond me? surely to get in teams like that you need to be performing to a high standard most weeks? avg of below 7 isnt that? the avg ratings are poor in FM imo. But below 7 and in team of year takes the **** lol
  10. Elie Youan of HIbs should have att mid left as his primary position, any central striker position should be secondary. He is also very fast.
  11. Looks amazing, how do i install an fmf file? thanks
  12. If we could have a way to play the actual matchday kind of similar to 01/02 as an option, with text only and your clubs stadium background as the background. That would be a nice addition.
  13. Hi folks Is there a DB that reflects the league standings as they are just now? one you can just start playing with like 2 games til end of season? Thanks
  14. Seeing where players are in a formation with the ball and without it would be good.
  15. Hello folks, there are some amazing full screen stadium background packs, is there such a thing as a full screen badge or logo background pack? Thanks
  16. New Yeah, first and foremost he is a tank. He's always in the gym doing upper body work and you should see the size of his arms which are probably bigger than most of our legs and that's impressive as it is. Even though he is such a tank as I said he is really composed on the ball. He is a really nice person and so is Yuki and both of them have settled in really nicely here." - Matt O'Riley on Tomoki Iwata after todays game. Iwata was my MOM, very rarely wastes a ball and seems to have the same kind of swivel as Hatate, took 3 killie players out the game with a wee movement today, was good to see. Looks like he has legs like Roberto Carlos as well. PLayer of year in Japan before we signed him, looks like another shrewd bit of business by Ange, as does Kobyashi at cen def, nice to have a left footer in there, brings a nice balance. Composed as you like and looks another absolute steal from the land of the rising sun.
  17. Hi, is there a tool that can do this in large batches? and also change the format at the same time? thanks
  18. Ben Quinn has signed a new deal with Celtic til the summer of 2025
  19. Robbie Neilson sacked by hearts. I think thats poor by them considering where they are and what he has done for them. Dont get me wrong, i cant stand him and his constant moaning and "its always somebody elses fault, esp after games v Celtic" but i think he has been hard done by.
  20. Outstanding yet again on Sat, we have won a watch with this boy, strong as an ox and loves a tackle, Superb work ethic as well. Definitely an upgrade oin JJ i would say, and he is only going to get better. Kyogo in the important games delivers yet again, as well as Jota. Think Kyogo has 5 and Jota 3 plus asssits in the glasgow derby now. Thats where great players make their marks, the big games. Has to be a good sign when you play relatively poorly but still find a way to win.
  21. Thats a pain, does the city background back not have multiple images of the same city? cheers
  22. Hi, i have been editing players in the pre game editor, i have done quite a lot of work. There is an option to merge? Can i merge my work with the latest update? I have only changed attributes, not moved players to different clubs. thanks
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