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  1. The same happened to me. Here in 39th minute Górnik's player got injured. The computer manager at this time has made another substitution, but no player has been introduced instead of the injured one, leaving the opponent with 10 players only... Widzew Łódź - Górnik Zabrze - missing player.pkm
  2. As long as he/she does not mention neither Football Manager nor SI Games, it could be acceptable. But you know, there's a thin border between, for example, asking a player, as a fan, that you haven't seen him in the recent matches of the team, so maybe he is injured, or maybe left the team,or is there any other reason of that, and asking the director directly for his DoB
  3. Technically we're not allowed to contact directly the players or the staff as a research team in order to avoid potential law problems but maybe we'll find that info some other way.
  4. Thanks! Yes, we're aware of that, and he's on our list to be included, when we have more info on him (including, but not limited to DoB, for example) as you see, even the club's website does not mention it.
  5. It seems that it must have been some hiccup in the DB, and whilst added once, appeared thrice. The first number (12 ending) has remained.
  6. The problem has been solved some month ago in the internal DB, but thanks for spotting!
  7. That will be added too, thanks
  8. Thanks for noting - corrected
  9. At one of the forums I got the advice to try to save the game in the other folder or even on the other disk, people claimed it helped. But not in my case though. Anyway, try it, if you hadn't before. It won't make things worse, I guess.
  10. I'm not sure, if it helps in anyway, but I had similar thing in FM2020 - one day (seemingly after about season 5 or 6) all the history entries from the start of the game got wiped (the ones from the past - remained), and the new ones were disappearing as soon, as the season ends. The data however still remain somewhere, as some of them can be visible in the milestones. Very frustrating issue, indeed. Unfortunately I'm unable to provide the save from just before it happened in the game
  11. At Soccerway it's even different, with groups A and B of 13 teams each. Also at https://www.ftf.org.tn/ it's so. Anyway, it looks a tweak would be welcome, whenever possible.
  12. Thanks, will be included in the future updates.
  13. Confirmed, thanks. Will be included in the future updates.
  14. Thanks for spotting, corrected
  15. Just for this - Al-Mutawa is 38 yo. He has debuted in the Kuwaiti league in 2002. At Transfermarkt he has data only of 34 league, cup, Asian cups and NT matches. His stats at Wikipedia give him over 600 matches played in total, with over 340 goals. I'm pretty sure, among these 340 goals there is much more penalties, than only 7 And as for Transfermarkt, it recently became quite a reliable source for many leagues - I don't oppose it. But for the more obscure countries, and older players, who've started more than 10, or even 5 years ago, well... you know - there's huge a lot to be added (if even possible to be found in some local archives), and TM is not to be believed blindly (even from the current seasons, let's take my Armenia for example - TM covers its 2nd level, and gives the number of matches played and goals scored for the players. But I still have to check every one of them in details, because, unfortunately, for quite a lot of them, for many matches in the season it's written "the match lineup is not yet available". And if even one match report is missing, I can't add the numbers to the DB, as I'm not sure, if these are correct. The more if, let's say, missing is half a season...). So for Bader, for example, this should be taken into consideration before reducing his attribute value Anyway, Your suggestion is really interesting and valuable, definitely worth discussing Thanks!
  16. Is this really so? I would be not so sure, if it is possible to make a generalization like this at all. A penalty is a penalty, and the abilities of other 20 people on the field, not mentioning the other teams, mean nothing at this one moment. Only the striker against the keeper. Indeed it is. Yes, it would be. Maybe it might be an improvement indeed, even if in some cases it might not work ideally. I didn't say it's not worth discussing. Indeed. Maybe the researcher has seen him at the trainings and knows his ability? Not set in the DB, value randomized during the game start. Well, are You really sure, that the statistics you have ARE complete? And that someone rating him, maybe, has seen him more in the Kuwaiti league, or at least has better stats from there? Attribute not set in the DB, random value. It is set. 97% success seems acceptable for 19 value then. It's set. You have data from the 1st tier of France and Switzerland, but the player is now in the amateur level and will retire soon. So his abilities might have deteriorated a bit. As for Chicharito and Lacazette I won't be guessing, why they are rated like that. Maybe they are incoherent/not objective, but it's also possible, that the researchers responsible for their teams know them better and see something, which is not visible from the pure stats, and what we cannot rate, not seeing them regularly live at the stadium/training field. Anyway, I believe, that indeed, the stats should be a good hint to determine the value. But we also take into consideration, that they might be at least partially incomplete and/or outdated, and it's the researcher role to know, if the formula should be adjusted later, or not.
  17. The idea itself is interesting, but you might have forgotten the goalkeeper factor. It's something different to shoot a penalty against Yashin, Buffon or other penalty-killer, or against some weak keeper, who allows all the shoots to make the net. Of course, I know, that it would be extremely difficult to implement that, but this might make a noticeable difference for at least some players.
  18. Thank you, noted and will be fixed in the future update.
  19. And Dato Todua too. All 3 solved.
  20. Thanks for spotting, solved now.
  21. Confirmed. Somehow a mistake appeared some 3 years ago and hasn't been spotted and corrected till now. I apologize for that and correct all of mine players having that issue. Done in submission #223679 - if possible to be included in the nearest update, would be great. I was unable to fix: 38059176 - Hungarian DB 2000203275 - French (WOM) DB 2000128734 - Tunisian DB possibly also nine person in Brazilian DB with a kit name starting with @ or 0.
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