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  1. Nice place to start your Canadian adventure.
  2. A great in depth post, If we’re playing guess which club I’m going for HFX Wanderers FC, closest to Sweden. But I do think @Shrewnaldocould be right.
  3. A great tenure Ben welL done
  4. I love wing backs and these two at 15 look great. They should develop well. It will be interesting to keep an eye on them. One of my biggest issues with FM. Once I’ve reached the peak it feels like I’m too good for the AI to then topple again.
  5. I like Miath, wonder if he would be a suitable Half Back.
  6. I had the same concerns with Ekpe at QPR. But as long as he's performing to a decent standard (Average rating 6.87 after 38 appearances) Then I'm happy that he is ready for this level. I've always used match performance as an indicator to judge their readiness.
  7. This is very much FM for me. I can easily win everything If I wanted to but I like to have an identity behind my management so that when you do win like that it feels earnt.
  8. Totally understandable, I enjoy a few mavericks in my squad. Adds something different. They obviously have to be worth the hassle. Squad players I like to have good personalities but sometimes I’ve had bad personalities do great things that make them worth the hassle.
  9. 100%, I’ve never been one to worry too much about personalities. For young players most are easy enough to change but also nobody wants a team full of clones
  10. fickle player will have little love for your club(at least slightly higher than that of a mercenary) while still having very high ambition. He will therefore prioritize his career more than the progress of the club and should you slightly fail expectation, he will try to jump ship at the earliest opportunity. basically high ambition + low loyalty. People have called it a bad personality but I’ve never found it to be an issue as long as you can be successful with them.
  11. This is what I thought the issue would be as not everyone will have your DNA will they .
  12. The addition of the cut inside with the ball player instruction for wingers has helped aswell this year for players without the traits. But yes similar reason for me using them. Especially with the FBs both inverting either to CB or DM, we need them to hold width.
  13. I’ve actually found this better on FM24, previous editions they would turn into Usain Bolt and sprint back to their natural position. On FM24 I’ve found it to be much better regarding situation in play, do they have a man next to them and ball on opposite flank? Then they tend to hold a bit more. Is there a winger free and open? Then they tend to drop in with a bit more intent but not hyper speed. The changes to double pivots and Positional play have helped this too. Thats why I like to play a SVol/RPM as they will get forward but in defensive transition they will get back as well. I’ve found the Back 4 with 2 DMs creates a natural low block defensively, At the moment I’m using two wingers who hold the width for us and space to exploit in behind should we get a turnover.
  14. I love retraining, DMs to Fullbacks Playmakers to CB especially Liberos Strikers to wingers Are my favourite ones normally.
  15. I’m getting some nice movement from my 4-2DMs set up into a 3-2 (343 box) like this RB- IWBs (Left footed DM naturally reasonable Right foot) RCB - CDd (Right footed) LCB - CDd (dual footed) LB - IFBd (Left footed DM) RDM - SVOLs (Physical AM) LDM - DMd (Dual footed playmaker) the RB is making some great moves inside and switching play to LW when he’s open. I’ve found using natural DMs rather than WBs helps with their positional control as natural WBs still tended to bomb on at times. Traits played a part.
  16. They do calculate some data different, like xG. Possession is split of number of passes, ball share is like a chess clock for who has the ball. Pitch tilt is % of passes complete in the opposition final third.
  17. I suppose in the DOF head, if he’s 15 he’s not going to get 25 games for a long time so 14k gets him to sign the deal now.
  18. No, which can be an issue they promise some unrealistic stuff. I think the contracts have got better as long as you put a limit on them via the Transfer target page. Hard to control a wage structure because whilst you might limit to 50k a week the DOF loves a 30% pay rise after just 20 games played. I would love (and have requested to the team) more personality between DOFs so you’d have ones who are stricter with finances and more shrewd negotiators and then ones who are happy to throw money around. When running tests I’ve not seen massive differences between the negotiation attributes. There are some but long term I’d like it to evolve more.
  19. On the transfer targets page you can set limitations. Can also set up who you want to control, so DOF agrees fee, you do contract. I think Bens been doing this but has given full contract to DOF here.
  20. https://www.viewfromthetouchline.com/2024/01/03/fm24-skin-statman24-v1-4-out-now/ should work
  21. This by @MattyLewis11 might help it’s part of his Ajax way series https://www.viewfromthetouchline.com/2023/11/03/fm24-the-ajax-way-introduction/
  22. Change the sidebar to small icons in the ingame preferences and zoom to 85%
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