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  1. Hi all. I've just took over Bury in 2026, newly promoted to National League North. There are no U18 or U21 teams available, and it feels such a shame that those great facilities are not in use to develop players. I've noticed there is no option to request an U18 team , only an U21 one - that just got rejected. So, I have some questions: 1. Will it ever be an option to request an U18 Team from the board ? 2. Are there any specific milestones to be met so the request will be available ? 3. Is there a way to add a U18 with in-game editor ? Can't find it . Thanks.
  2. At the start of a new save, there are no youth players on some teams. I keep trying different DB setups but for some reason it's not happening.. Am I missing something ? Am I doing something wrong or it's a bug ?
  3. The high amount of goals per match is fixed ? I don't see a mention in the 24.2 release notes. Maybe it's implied ?
  4. I'm nervous too about this.. but let's hope for the best. Got some days off and it would be great to start a save with a decent ( fixed ) game.
  5. I've made a couple of tweaks from last year, but nothing major so I would not post a lot of pictures. I've went with a greenish theme this year. As always, a big thank you to the usual suspects @TCSSkin @Wozzie @GIMN @keysi @Tyburn @snowofman @_Ben_ for their amazing skins ( from where I took bits/pieces and full files ) and also for providing inspiration and answers on this forum. Apologies to those I've omitted. As this is a hodge-podge of multiple skins, fitted mostly for my resolution and zoom combination only - it will not be released. I've also added background images - after I've seen a topic about these where @Tyburn kindly provided his client object browser.xml. I have generated some background images with Midjourney, trying to keep a greenish light and a 80s look to them ( at least I think it is ). Here are a couple of them:
  6. That's it, thank you. But I think something is buggy .. yesterday when I was testing something else on my custom skin it was showing purple on a lot of panels when I was hoovering the continue button ( that I have in a different color - that's how I've noticed it) But not today.. today I'm getting the purple hoover only on one panel. Something is strange.
  7. Does anyone know what is the color name for the hoover color ? Or maybe how is controlled ? Thanks. Football Manager 2024 2023-11-05 12-13-49.mp4
  8. You are exaggerating the comparation and I think that it's not helping the argument. "The devs at your place" are doing paid labor - whatever that work is html/css or .NET/ Java / C++, coding or not. Do they credit stackoverflow, by the way ? No one it stating that people that put time into doing kits/ face packs / skins should not be acknowledged. They should be. Some people even donate to them, but by their own will. The hard reality is that this is just a matter of community guides, common sense, good behavior and there is no way to enforce it. "Hey man, you have used foo_subtle_box from foo_skin ! Well ok then, now it's named bar_subtle_box". It's going nowhere. It will just consume energy, time and drain your nerves. As for inspiration acknowledgement again, it's a matter of class, good manners but again, it's not mandatory. Not going into Van Gogh painting theory as it's too far away from a FM skinning discussion. I hope you can find peace with this issue. I know it's frustrating for all of you that publish your skins here or anywhere else, but it will consume your energy and time and in the end nothing good will get out of it. I, for one am grateful to all of you that publish your skins, kits, faces etc. - I took bits and pieces ( and whole folders sometimes ) from all of you for my personal skin, and I would say that this game would be horrible without all of your efforts. I did acknowledged and mentioned the sources that I knew when I've put some screenshots from my personal skin on the FM23 "Show your skin .." thread. Got some backslash for not publishing ( for some strange reason ) but that's another (strange) story. So please once again, don't get mad and keep doing what you are doing - you changed this game into something better for tens of thousands of people. There are so many people that appreciate your work.
  9. If you are trying to speak in absolutes then maybe it should be stated that XML is not code by any accepted definition, as it's just a descriptive language that is parsed. It's not compiled and it's not executed. So @JackBauer is correct in his statement - in an absolute, fundamental form we the skinners do not create any code. What we do is fiddle around with descriptors of "how to show some data" in the given framework of the game. These descriptors happened to be defined using XML, that makes them ( kind of ) accessible as these are txt files. So anybody can edit and anybody can copy. IMHO the debate regarding credits and permissions is reduces to common sense and you know, good manners. If you use something from someone acknowledge them - at least. I think @GIMN said it best: that some people are s****y, and that is the reality. And in this reality, you cannot force someone to acknowledge your work as long as that work is in .txt file, free on the internet. You can ban some skins here - if they are published for downloading, but there will always be other sites available.
  10. Please, please put a confirmation button on "Reset to default" from Reset menu drop down ! One mouse slip from Clear Cache and everything is defaulted - and the most annoying thing is the reset of default folder. It's not the first year that this issue has been brought up.
  11. Coming out of the hollow like the groundhog, on the Beta day Glad to find you are still here - all is well I hope. And I've noticed that the gang is still going strong: @TCSSkin has a new username ( and a pretty skin. )
  12. Thank you. It did fix the issue for my custom skin. Hopefully I've managed to merge it correctly with my changes. What I find it strange is that the default skin is faulty.
  13. I don't understand how have you solve it, as I am getting this issue even with the default skin
  14. Another FM24 related question.. Is there a way to change this picture shown during loading - or is a prerendered animation?
  15. Found it. @JustHowie you pointed me into the right direction.. As I am moving my skin from FM23 to FM24 lots of things are forgotten from month ago. "panels\generic\continue.xml" has the button and I have a red_replacement override there Thanks again.
  16. I don't think that's it.. in graphics/chrome/continue/button.xml we have <colour id="red_replacement" name="FM purple ultra violet"/> <colour id="green_replacement" name="bg darker"/> <colour id="blue_replacement" name="FM purple ultra violet"/> But the button's colour is changed to my title colour without me touching FM purple ultra violet definition.
  17. I am trying to edit the continue button colour and I've found this comment in "\skins\fm\panels\generic\continue.xml" : <!-- We adjust the continue colour in code in some scenarios, the default colour is defined as 'continue colour' and can be adjusted in the global colour definitions --> But I cannot find 'continue colour' anywhere. Any ideas? Thanks.
  18. You can have a different "Location" in the preferences... and all data is moved/saved there, including "graphics" folder. I've set up another separate folder with all my graphics - faces, kits, logos etc. and instead of moving this folder with every installment I've created a symbolic link for the "graphics" folder to point to this separate folder.
  19. That's the faces folder, my bad. Kits are lot less. L.E.: Oh boy, oh boy it my honor to announce:
  20. Rushall Olympic ! So cool! They got promoted into National League North.
  21. Rochdale. Was rooting for them to get relegated ( sorry ) so I would take them from National League to Premier League glory. And win them some trophies on the way.
  22. I am also interested in this .. that 3D image with the horizontal window shutter is pretty annoying for semi-transparent panels.
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