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  1. This is far far worse and gamebreaking than anything we have had before and anyone playing it down is in denial because they love the game (its ****ing difficut to stomache for me as well). This is CA95-110 players, getting 2nd in the premier league using a gegenpress system, or midtable prem with AI manager. EVERY single save ANYONE on this forum does from now on, you know if you get pacey players, youll win. I just started a build a nation save in Sweden and now I cannot stop thinking about if I just sign that guy thats terrible but has 16 pace, I know ill do well. SI MUST PUBLICALLY ADDRESS THIS. This kills the game for me. I cant enjoy a save knowing that all I need to do is build a pacey team "Some dude also tested by raising non-meta stats in Crystal Palace team to 17 (if not already that good) on all players - it did **** all"
  2. Howdy I am thinking of starting my last save for FM24, which is going to be a building a nation save with a Gibraltar side. I am quite a detail oriented player and I do tend to do very well with any save I do, so looking at these files here seems to be a fantastic way of making the save a bit more challenging. My only concern, and its been an issue of mine for a while, is I get nervous about using downloaded files, just in case it breaks the game, or anything like that Basically what I am asking is would these files make my Gibraltar build a nation save better, what exactly would be the effect of these file? Or should I stick to the default?
  3. Is there any way to remove the current ability in the profile bit? I love the skin but I find seeing those stats makes the game easier and therefore less fun
  4. I know that CA/PA of 180/190 should walk the league - but realistically a team with 1s or 10s in most attributes still wont do well.
  5. I am managing in level 14 of England and ive tested it and it works fine, the players you get by looking at the dots are good enough (ive switched skins a couple of times to get the numbers to check to see if it works) and its fine. Very enjoyable
  6. Hey I am currently doing a FM save in Gibraltar with Mons Calpe - going well so far!
  7. Hello all I got sacked in my next season as manager of Spartans youth - with that I think I am going to pack this challenge in for now. I might revisit it at some point though! Good luck to everyone else!
  8. Spartans promoted! After being relegated last season we bounced back with a title win and promotion. I was a bit depressed after getting relegated and nearly packed the save in, but glad I didn't Moved into the new 4000 capacity Spartans Youth Stadium, our attendances doubled to about 600 home fans per game, with a dozen or so 1000+ gates due to away fans However we are now £2.2mill in debt and constantly under takeovers which is annoying. After being relegated last season, I got rid of 17 players, kept only 5 players, a goalkeeper, CDM, a left winger and two CBs. First signing of the season was Louis Cleaver a 17 year old striker released from Southend. He is our best player ever by a country mile, and I found after signing him, better players seemed to want to join us. Signed an entire squad of very good VNS players and walked the league. I also managed to sign my better players up to 2 year contracts with 1 year extensions, so hopefully this time in the National league, we will be better suited.
  9. It happens in lots of leagues that you make now - I had a problem with Ghana and all sorts. Maybe SI have put it in on purpose due to licencing?
  10. Spartans promoted! - 3rd time lucky - god I am glad I don't have to play in the VNS anymore! What a rollercoaster season. I binned off the majority of my squad pre season and bought in 8 new players. New tactic as well! (Striker-less formation). I was in the playoff for most of the season and got a good FA Cup run to the 2nd round, furthest I have been so far. Secured playoffs on the final day of the season and this brings me onto Horsham. Horsham have knocked me out of the FA cup, and/or FA Trophy 4 times in this save and they beat me in the trophy AGAIN this season and beat me twice in the league, so guess my absolute delight when I came up against them in the PLAYOFF FINAL. Ugh. I got my revenge though, beat them 2-1 in extra time after they got 2 men sent off. It was absolute carnage that game really. Other news: - New stadium being built!!!! Now I don't know what the smallest wage budget in the top flight of non-league football is or has been, but £8.25k a week surely must be close! There will be players on half that a week at some clubs. I might be coming back down.... Update
  11. Spartans 2028/2029 A much better season. I did lose the first 5 games of the season, a simple tactic change and we were chasing the playoffs for the rest of the season, always about 4-6 points outside of it. We would go on a run of games winning, get an injury or come up against a top 6 side and lose. However things to be positive about. May we all come together and collectively tell Horsham to do one. P**cks. Attendance rose - 341 average in the league this season re
  12. The Spartans Survive - Just! Painful season - my team did not have enough quality. I saved myself on the last day of the season. My entire wage budget is £3,200 a week, there were players playing for Torquay, Crawley and Lewes on £2,200-£2500 per week. That's the levels I am working when 1 player for them makes up my entire wage bill However my first FA Cup first round appearance and semi decent FA Trophy saw some money come in - I am for the first time ever, in the black financially - £3000 up! Average attendance in the league......147 of the most loyal fans in the world - Next lowest was Hornchurch on 585. I was hoping now my finances are okay, the board will increase my wage budget and to be fair they did - to £4,000. £0 transfer budget. My effing god. Tough tough season - hopefully next year is better. I am going to release a lot of my overpaid players and go for a full rebuild.
  13. Same happened to me with Spartans - I have had two takeovers, both have put 20k loans on the club and no investment! We have possibly chosen the smallest club we couldve in terms of attendances!
  14. Spartans 26/27 - see's the Spartans youth get another promotion Was an extremely frustrating start to the season, my squad wasn't good enough so I was constantly signing players, releasing players, replacing players. It was very difficult, but eventually after some trial and error a few players started to cement their place and I got a massive run in November and December winning every league game. From then it was all about keeping the chasing pack at bay. Lost the league cup in the final. Again, attendances are a huge issue. My league average was 91 for a level 8 side, I doubt many clubs have ever had lower than that at this level. I am minus -£40,000 in debt. I am hoping I can get up to at least 250 average attendance next season.
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