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  1. I have a separate question. Does anyone know how I can remove the outlined boxes around these in the Position/Role/Duty column on the Squad screen? Thanks.
  2. EDIT - Please ignore, I found it! I had a custom match day header panel xml that was causing the change. How do I make the top bar wider when the UI goes to the Team Selection > Submit Team page before a match? On my skin, one of the files I've used must've instructed the top bar to become smaller when it goes to these screens (look at the L-shaped 'frames' on the date widget being cut off). Any idea which one it is and how I widen it to the normal height? On every other page in the skin outside of heading into a match, it looks fine. I just don't know which file to tweak to fix the one above. Thanks for your help.
  3. One of my favourite things out there. I love contributing to each issue and I'd strongly recommend that anyone who wants to get involved should do so too! I also know for certain that there's a couple of printed copies of LQ sitting in pride of place in a key meeting room at SI Towers
  4. +1 on this. It doesn't scroll properly/effectively. Thanks.
  5. Thanks both! I wish I understood these xml files like you do. Thanks for your help so far.
  6. Mine's is from the squad screen, whereas I think yours is the default view of that on the Tactics screen? It's the squad screen I'm looking to tweak. Position/Role/Duty under the Training category.
  7. Morning. Does anyone know if the box around the Position/Role/Duty content in that column on the squad screen can be removed? If so, which xml I need to create or tweak? Basically wanting to change this... to this ^ The second image is just a photoshop mockup. Thanks.
  8. Thank you @snowofman! That is exactly what I needed. Lifesaver, cheers.
  9. Does anyone know what I need to tweak in order to reduce the font size of Low / Increased / High etc and also to align the text more logically in the fields under the Fatigue column? I don't know why it's a larger font than the other fields and why the text is aligned to the top of the field rather than vertically centred by default. Thanks.
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