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  1. Hi, sorry to bother. I wanted to know if I can have this pitch with the classic show of positions in natural and makeshift fashion? Thanks!
  2. Update your drivers. If that doesn't work, then we're talking about ancient sorcery.
  3. I don't have any tabs in the player profile screen. Is it resolution or zoom related?
  4. Can't wait. Great marketing campaign, has to be said!
  5. Quick question - is it possible that I may have some lagging issues? It seems my laptop (which is not bad, if I may say so lol), tends to slow down a ton when it comes to matches and match processing. Perhaps it's all on me, but I just wanted to know if you had heard of something similar? Thanks!
  6. I'm going to give it a shot! And the gold would be the "statman", right? Thanks!
  7. Yes! I would like to give the bars, rating system, circles, etc.!
  8. Beautiful work. I love your skin. Gives a whole new dimension to the game. I wanted to ask though: If I wanted to change the color scheme of all the ratings system, how could I do that? (for personal use of course) If it's too much of an inconvenience, don't worry about it! THanks!
  9. Don't pay attention to any rudeness. We know there are some out there that have no appreciation for the hard work and endless hours you put in order to assembles these masterpieces.
  10. This is wonderful! Your efforts are very much appreciated!
  11. I understand this, for sure, but we've seen plenty of the bigger streamers giving credit to the resources they use in their streams. Whether it's s views, filters, kits, logos, skins, etc. At the end of the day, we have to start somewhere. It could indeed be a generational issue, but I think you can work on your brand while including others in yout success.
  12. This may seem harsh, but perhaps, to keep the integrity of the work many are doing, establish a code of honor, that if not upheld, could lead to bans? I don't mean to sound severe, but we have respect and appreciate the hard work of so many.
  13. I find this so upsetting. We have so many great skinners that provide such a great way to experience the game. The least folks could do is 1) ask for permission and/or 2) give the necessary credits for showing and presenting others work as their own....There has to be a way to establish ownership of panels, designs, etc.
  14. Looks really clean. Nice concept. Eager to see how you move forward.
  15. You were right, it needs to be at 100% in the Display settings. With that I don't have those issues. Thanks! Is there another possible configuration so I can keep my Windows settings at 125·% (as it was before)?
  16. This is a work of art. I do have a couple of issues: I can't see the attribute # here, And when I try to see the player stats I see this: Should I change anything on my end?
  17. I've been playing this game for a long time. This is some of the best skinning work I've had the pleasure of using. Gives the game a whole new outlook and provides a completely different gaming experience. No words to how grateful I am.
  18. I was referring to @keysi and his wonderful work.
  19. This tremendous This is tremendous! So much creativity! Love it. Would you mind sharing your panels for personal testing? Again, great work!
  20. This is really awesome work. I just have one question - for this particular panel, what is the specific XML file that you have to edit if you want to alter anything? Thanks! Again, awesome work!
  21. No worries, mate. You keep playing and having fun, and if you choose to share your awesome work, we'll happily receive it. There the progress tab to show as improvements! Again, thank you, this is wonderful stuff!
  22. I just want to restate how great this is. A unique approach that I believe is more realistic to the way players are analyzed today. I'm gonna use it forever non stop lol. No matter what skin I plug in, this is the player view I want. Quick question, will we see if there's attribute changes with the typical "arrow up" or "arrow down"? Thanks!
  23. This is tremendous work my friend. Truly inspired. Congratulations.
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