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  1. Minor update: Connection of the new created teams with the extinct ones and fixed also the Trophee des Champions MOTM winners award.
  2. Respect sir for remembering my request although I've already seen the Belgian db is out! Thanks!
  3. Personally I always welcome lower league databases! Well done my friend!
  4. Is there any lower league db for these following countries? I'm looking for maximum reality of course and not fantasy pyramid.... Thanks in advance! Austria Hungary Belgium
  5. Happy new year mate, this means for example that if I have the X league on view only, the players of the Y team will keep their number as in reality?
  6. Scotland (levels 1-4) and Belgium (levels 1-3) added! Merry Xmas!
  7. File updated with ALL Clubs colors for: Greece (levels 1-2) France (all clubs) Εngland (levels 1-6) Spain (levels 1-4) Germany (levels 1-4) Italy (levels 1-4) Netherlands (levels 1-3) Portugal (levels 1-3) UEFA National teams CONMEBOL National teams ps.New screenshots on first post!
  8. Same here! It would be nice if UEFA can bring back the old competitions as a reply to USL, but it's unlikely of course....I'm just too romantic 😞
  9. File updated with ALL Clubs colors for: Εngland (levels 1-5) Spain (levels 1-3) Germany (levels 1-3) Italy (levels 1-3)
  10. Union Sportive Municipale Marly UID: 6201840 Is wrongly set in Marly-sur-Seille, Grand Est. The city that the teams place is Marly and is a suburb of Valenciennes in Hauts-de-France region. https://www.fff.fr/competition/club/520301-u-s-municipale-marly/information.html https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marly_(Nord)
  11. at first it was an army team in Joinville, after the team was named CO Joinville and was a finalist in coupe Gambardella (youth national cup) in 1961. After it took the name RFC Paris-Neuilly and after the name you mentioned RACING-PARIS JOINVILLE. I edited that team's name according to nowadays name which is RC JOINVILLE. The first 2 teams are connected with RC JOINVILLE in this file.
  12. I know what you are talking about. I thought to recreate this but i would have to add extinct clubs and championships. The way i did nothing is added, last year i changed 2 extinct teams their name to use for FC NANCY and OLYMPIQUE DE PANTIN but hopefully this year the french moderators added those 2 clubs so my file is only fix in the original db!
  13. I also use the sortitoutsi real name fix. I havent check any small detail but if there are some changes i think they will be slightly different, i guess something like: Regional 1 Ile-de-France vs Championnat Regional 1 Ile-de-France go ahead and test it yourself mate
  14. check my other file, i think that is what you are looking for!
  15. 3rd edition in a row for this file and it seems better than ever! Shoutout to the French Moderators who sorted out finally some big mistakes especially in the Coupe de France History! Olympique Paris, FC Nancy plus the 2 federal teams during the war are present at last! Also CWaka sorted out the confusion between the different CA PARIS teams! What's included: 1) Complete and correct History for: -Coupe de France (1918-2023) -Ligue 1 (1933-2023) -Ligue 2 (1934-2023) -National 1 (1994-2023) -National 2 (1994-2023) -National 3 (2018-2023) -Extinct CFA2 (1994-2017) -Coupe de La Ligue (1964 and 1965 editions were added) -Coupe Charles Drago (1953-1965) -Coupe Gambardella (1955-2023) -All of youth leagues (extinctU18+U17+U19 until 2023) -Championnat Reserves Pro (1998-2011) -Challenge des Champions(1955-1986) -Trophee des Champions (1995-2022) sources:fff.fr, wikipedia.fr, rssf.com lfp.fr 2) Every single french team in this DB has a foundation date now. sources:wikipedia.fr, facebook pages, net1901, societe, footeo 3) Activation of the following teams that were wrongly set as extinct in the original DB: -RP JOINVILLE -LEVALLOIS SC -CORBEIL ESSONNES -LE PERREUX -ANTONY SPORTS -RIS ORANGIS -FC DAMMARIE -FC GOUSSAINVILLE -SC BASTIDIENNE BORDEAUX -ESPOIR CLUB BASTIA -AS BERGBIETEN -FC TILLOY LES MOFFLAINES -AVENIR MOURENX -FC ROCHEFORT AMANGE -AS PUSIGNAN -SPORTING CLUB SAINT-MARTINOIS All of them were placed in the Division Inferieure (lower league) and regional divisions for N1,N2,N3 and U19 was set upon the region each one of them belongs. 4) Correction of names here and there and here are some examples: UNION SPORTIVE ALLIANCE TALENCAISE - FOOTBALL CLUB TALENCE ASSOCIATION SPORTIVE RETHAISE - FOOTBALL CLUB RETHAIS PAYS D'AIX FOOTBALL CLUB - ASSOCIATION SPORTIVE D'AIX EN PROVENCE etch... 5) Several connections from extinct teams were made with teams that are their successors nowadays examples: EVIAN TG -THONON EVIAN GRAND GENEVE CREUTZWALD AND L'HOPITAL - CREUTZWALD 03 NOTE: QUIMPER HAS A STRANGE HISTORY WITH NAMES. - STADE QUIMPEROIS was used in 3 different periods and - QUIMPER CORNOUAILLE FC was used in 2 different periods Therefore in its history tab it's not any mistake but the reason i described above! CHANGELOG: - For a strange reason there were 2 teams with the name Toulon le Las, Toulon le Las never refounded it only merged with SC Toulon Var to form SC Toulon in 2016. Speaking of SC Toulon i used the Toulon le Las version that had no competition history and renamed it also SC Toulon (1st edition of the team) that existed untill 1984. 2nd version of the team was SC Toulon Var and 3rd SC Toulon (the one that is active now). All 3 teams + the merged Toulon le Las history can be shown in SC Toulon competition history. - For a similar reason there were also 2 teams with the name AS Fresnoy. ****The one was picked to become Norcap Grenoble which later merged with Grenoble and can be found on Grenoble's competition history. source wikipedia.fr WHAT'S MISSING: Although it was a huge project some things i couldn't change Examples: - Some extinct B or C teams are missing from the DB as a result no classification was given to them. - In cases of active B teams the only thing you can edit is the last year's position only and not the points or GF/GA or W/D/L/. - Teams that spent at least one year on a national basis and are missing from the original DB: 1)AIGLE SPORTIF DES BROSSES VILLEURBANNE 2)ASCA WITTELSHEIM 3)USO BRUAY LA BUISSIERE 4)FCLSC CHATEAUROUX 5)NORCAP GRENOBLE**** (see few lines above) 6)ARSAC FC 7)OLYMPIQUE D'AJACCIO 8)ES PENNOISE 9)US ANNEMASSE 10)US FRIVILLE - ESCARBOTIN 11)STADE LEONARD KREISKER ***Football Club Bagnols-Pont is a team founded in 2000 from the merge of 2 teams: UC Bagnols Jeunesse and Independante Pont-Saint-Esprit Both teams spent at least 1 year on national basis before their merge in 2000. Those 2 teams history can be seen in FC Bagnols Pont competition history with the name of the later though. PS.If you spot any mistake please let me know, any feedback or critisism is welcome! DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.mediafire.com/file/9yhelvwerg74s5i/FM24_-_France_History%252CNames_and_Connections_Fix.fmf/file
  16. After fm23 I am back with my Competitions True Color Fix for fm24. This file started as fun and for personal use alongside my French Compettion History Fix but on the process it became bigger and bigger. Whats included: After fm23 I am back with my Competitions True Color Fix for fm24. This file started as fun and for personal use alongside my French Compettion History Fix but on the process it became bigger and bigger. Whats included: 1.ALL French football Clubs (even the new created fm24 ones) 2.ALL international national and club competitions (including youth, olympics,qualifiers etch). 3.ALL Domestic TOP divisions in Europe. 4.ALL Domestic MAIN cups in Europe. 5.ALL competition colors for: Greece,France,England,Germany,Italy and Spain. 6.ALL Clubs colors for: Εngland (levels 1-6), Spain (levels 1-3), Germany (levels 1-4), Italy (levels 1-4), Netherlands (levels 1-3), Portugal (levels 1-3), Greece (levels 1-2), Scotland (levels1-4), Belgium (levels 1-3). 7.In some european nations i dived deeper into competition colours (e.g. Portugal,Netherlands,Scotland, Belgium, Sweden etch) 8.I have plans to update the file every once in a while keeping the same link so if i do a major update on something you will see me pointing it out on this thread. ps.All colours where picked on photoshop with the assistance of colour picker Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/2oxgzpy43v6qrnp/Competition_colours_by_ianvou.fmf/file LINK FOR ALL THOSE WHO WANT WHITE TEXT ON CHAMPIONS LEAGUE : https://www.mediafire.com/file/t1ahkmtz7f9tzxw/Competition_colours_by_ianvou_champions_league_white_text.fmf/file
  17. That's why I ask, in my case changes are only as I described so nothing is added or deleted from the original db. I never tried merge files though and I'm curious to know if.... If merging doesn't work properly that means I should start from scratch doing all my original db changes (since I will have my new file from your app created already). Anyway great news in general! Bravo once again!
  18. That's great news for creators! Huge applause 👏👏👏 @forameuss Just a (maybe silly) question. Eg. I made a French history fix file where I added nothing, I just made changes, connected clubs, fixed foundation years etch. Let's say I use that app and create 2-3 more levels on pyramid and also the teams and the cities where they play. Will it be possible to merge the 2 files without problem, so as to have all the fixes I made, plus the new created stuff through your app in to a single FMF file? Thanks in advance
  19. Dead topic this one, just a reminder that yac's skin was one of the best!
  20. That's correct! Also i would like to add that this team Racing Club Roubaix exists as Roubaix Sport & Culture in the database with the UID: 50042151. In the summer of 2022 changed it's name to Racing Club Roubaix and this year merged with SCO Roubaix 59 indeed.
  21. @CWaka Hi mate, yes i have some and if i find more i will let you know! So just to be totally fair here are details from previous post: Cernay in Grand Est: https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cernay_(Haut-Rhin) Cernay in N. Aquitaine: https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cernay_(Vienne) 1. I found 5 teams that there is not an assigned city to them probably because those cities/villages are missing from the db. 2. I also found 10 teams that there is not an assigned region to them (the deleted one in the photo is Monaco which is a Principat and doesn't belong to any French region). 3.Some other stuff you may want to consider and change is on EDITORS HIDEWAY post: I also did a huge dive in the lower league existing teams in DB and also i found some mistakes: Teams that shouldn't be extinct and they are. Teams that are extinct and are set as active. Teams that changed their name and carry their old one etc If you want ask me to share that txt file with the changes!
  22. Hello, Just a small detail i noticed on editor. There are 3 teams havind the name CERNAY in them. 1.AS Cernay Berru Lavannes, this team seems to be ok. 2.Union Cernay Saint-Genest, this team has its base in Cernay (N.Aquitaine) that is missing from the DB and the closest city is Châtellerault on the DB, and not in the same name city Cernay (Grand Est) that is set upon that team. Therefore this team cant't be the new team of Sporting Club Cernay (see next team) 3.Sporting Club Cernay, is correct set as extinct but this club was in Grand Est region,therefore Union Cernay St Genest can't be the new club of this team. A new team was created this year in Cernay, Grand Est by the name of Cernay Football Club so if this team will be present in the new game, it is considered to be its successor!
  23. Basically i found the teams that are not assigned to a region. Have a look at it below.
  24. Aha ok. Keep an eye on this site. On fm 21 they had a lower league file at level 7-8 if I remember correctly, maybe they will soon release one for fm23
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