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  1. maybe this (i dont know swedish sorry) But i know its a fansite from sweden. https://fmsweden.se/fm23-fm-vanner-nu-ar-den-har-fmsdu/
  2. La Châtaigneraie has been set wrongly as a town of Nouvelle Aquitaine, in reality it belongs to Pays de la Loire region. Also in the 2nd attached photo there are five teams in the db that they belong to a region but their town/city is missing.
  3. Yeah my English maybe are not the best. I just picked all the last changes I did and I removed them. Anyway it worked but now it seems that if I want to change a colour in one of these teams I will have to do it in both files 😂😂😂. Anyway for the moment it's solved
  4. So, when I started the History fix file I also edited the colors of all teams from Ligue 1 - National 2, after this the idea of the colour changes file was born. Now yesterday I thought to revert the colours in the History fix file as it was in the original DB and that's what I did. But when I combined them 2 happened what I described in my other messages. The crazy thing is that the teams from L1 to national 2 had the original db colours but in all others I could see the changes I've made, that drives me mad. Anyway after I found a solution and I discarded all the changes I've made in those teams and now I can see the changes. Very confusing but anyway....
  5. I loaded up a test save only picking colours and I can see the changes, if I load up both files then I can not see the changes....how can this happen????
  6. Just named colours as A.name.fmf abd the name changes as X.name.fmf but it didnt work!!! What's going on? I knew the game reads alphabetical but this time NOOOO! WTF
  7. https://www.fmsite.net/files/file/1307-sistema-regional-espanol-ligas-juveniles-copas-autonomicas-fm23/
  8. Not exactly an editing question but here is my confusion. I am working on 2 different files. The one contains name changes of clubs, completion etch and the other one is only for competition and club colours. When I start a new game I can't see the colour changes I've made, for some reason game reads first the file that I didn't make colour changes. Is there a way I can "force" the game to show the color changes I've made?
  9. After a couple of months that i have been working on this it's time to share with the community. This file started as fun and for personal use but on the process it became bigger and bigger. Some examples are on the attached photos. Whats included: 1.ALL and i mean it French football Clubs. 2.ALL international national and club competitions (including youth, olympics,qualifiers etch). 3.ALL Domestic TOP divisions in Europe. 4.ALL Domestic MAIN cups in Europe. 5.ALL competition colors for: Greece,France,England,Germany,Italy and Spain. 6.In some european nations i dived deeper into competition colours (e.g. Portugal,Netherlands,Scotland, Belgium, Sweden etch) 7.I have plans to update the file every once in a while keeping the same link so if i do a major update on something you will see me pointing it out on this thread. ps.All colours where picked on photoshop with the assistance of colour picker Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/2oxgzpy43v6qrnp/Competition_colours_by_ianvou.fmf/file
  10. So...to begin with, I already did a huge amount of detailed work on the original db concerning France. You can see my French history fix file that I already uploaded and I will soon release the club and competition color fix (where all teams were checked one by one given their true color based on their badge or tradition.For all clubs I used the r,g,b color picker on Photoshop every single club). Anyway now the last thing I want to do so as to enjoy the game (I bought it on the first day and haven't played a single minute 🤣). New structure I want to give is the one it will be in 4-5 years from now. •Ligue 1 (18 teams, 2 straight relegations, 1 play off vs 3rd of Ligue 2) •Ligue 2 (18 teams, 2 straight promotions, 1 play off vs 16th of Ligue 1, 2 straight relegations, 1 play off vs 3rd of National 1) •National 1 (might change the name to Ligue 3 though) (18 teams,2 straight promotions, 1 play off vs 16th of Ligue 2, 3 straight relegations) •National 2 (3*16 groups, each group winner gains straight promotion, last 2 of each group + the 2 worst 14th relegate. B' teams are not eligible to play on this division. •National 3 (8*14 groups,each group winner gains straight promotion,last 3 of each group + the worst 11th relegate. B' teams can participate on this division but they can't gain promotion. Plan is to make all 12+ parent competition of National 3 extinct on the editor and activate the old extinct CFA 2 competition and rename it National 3 as the group number (8) is exactly the same I will need + the history will be correct as it used to be the 5th level too. •Regional 1 (12*2 regional groups + 1 from Corsica, 25 promotions (24+1) to match the relegations from National 3) •Regional 2 (haven't decided yet) •Regional 3 (haven't decided yet) The last 3 levels will be a mix of reality and fantasy as not all regional leagues decided how their structure will be. So, to explain, I have a lot of patience but I'm not an expert on basic and advanced rules, I don't know how or where to begin. From last year I can use the fm22 editor and the manageronline.fr level 8 file that the guys there released but still I don't know how to reach each step. *Teams, cities,stadiums that need to be added is not a problem I am patient I can do that . Is there anyone willing to help me creating this database? It will be great and I would like to thank once again all the community members that create even something small that adds details on our beloved game. Looking forward to hear from you
  11. Link is now updated for final winter 23.4 version * Gazelec Ajaccio which was previously set as extinct in the previous 23.3 version (which is true as it had financial problems and left the championship), was re-activated mainly for historical reasons as a new phoenix club is about to start from the upcoming 23-24 season on regional basis of course
  12. 23.4 just came out so if you didnt start your save yet or you just started, just wait a few hours i guess for them to release their 23.4 version too. But thats my proposal, you can of course play with their 23.3 version
  13. When you setup the game just enable the option : add players to teams
  14. Italian is the one we just discussed. For France manageronline.fr is the one you need although because of the upcoming reform of the federation this year their db is completely fictional. I am working myself into one for France based on how the structure will be in 3 years from now but I can't give you any exact date of release as I am not an expert and the process is slow 😬
  15. Just translate it mate. I can confirm that this Italian db is amazing with excellent and deep details
  16. Thanks for the reply! Yeah I thought that the team was placed as extinct, the strange thing is that it can not be found on the editor either (or maybe I am doing something wrong)
  17. I've noticed that after the last update Gazelec Ajaccio has completely dissapeared from the game! In the game if you type Gazelec Ajaccio for a strange reason it shows you the extinct on the editor 2nd teams. while if you search the team on the pregame editor there is no such team (even with the UID: 2015) I've read of course that they left the championship this year because of financial problems but still why dissapear completely???? Even the 14/15 season of Ligue 2 that they finished 2nd and gain promotion is shown as an empty box now
  18. Which is the way to find the starting UID? Would love to know😎
  19. Hey all, I need your opinion I just ordered a new PC for better experience on fm23: Motherboard: Asrock B550 Pro4 Motherboard ATX, AMD AM4 Socket Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 5600 3.5GHz,6 cores Socket AM4 Ram: KINGSTON KF432C16BB/32 FURY BEAST 32GB DDR4 3200MHZ Hard drive: Western Digital Black SN850 SSD 500GB M.2 NVMe PCI Express 4.0 Will these be good enough to load many championships and players? Opinions?
  20. This year the file has been made from scratch and is a complete detailed overhaul for french football teams and competitions. What's included: 1) Complete and correct History for: -Ligue 1 (1933-2022) -Ligue 2 (1934-2022) -National 1 (1994-2022) -National 2 (1994-2022) -National 3 (2018-2022) -Coupe de France correct finalists and stadiums -Coupe de La Ligue (1964 and 1965 editions were added too!) -Coupe Charles Drago -Coupe Gambardella -All of youth leagues (extinctU18+U17+U19) -Championnat Reserves Pro -Extinct CFA2 (1994-2017) -Challenge des Champions -Trophee des Champions sources:fff.fr, wikipedia.fr, rssf.com lfp.fr 2) Every single french team in this DB has a foundation date now. sources:wikipedia.fr, facebook pages, net1901, societe, footeo] 3) Activation of the following teams that were wrongly set as extinct in the original DB: -RP JOINVILLE -LEVALLOIS SC -CORBEIL ESSONNES -LE PERREUX -CAP CHARENTON -ANTONY SPORTS -RIS ORANGIS -FC DAMMARIE -FC GOUSSAINVILLE -SC BASTIDIENNE BORDEAUX -ESPOIR CLUB BASTIA -FC AJACCIO (NOT SURE FOR THIS TEAM BUT IS ACTIVATED ANYWAY) -AS BERGBIETEN -FC TILLOY LES MOFFLAINES -AVENIR MOURENX -FC ROCHEFORT AMANGE -AS PUSIGNAN -SPORTING CLUB SAINT-MARTINOIS All of them were placed in the Division Inferieure (lower league) and regional divisions for N1,N2,N3 and U19 was set upon the region each one of them belongs. 4) Correction of names here and there examples: FC AURILLAC ARPAJON - FC AURILLAC RACING CLUB DE FRANCE FOOTBALL COLOMBES 92 - RACING CLUB DE FRANCE FOOTBALL 5) Several connections from extinct teams were made with teams that are their successors nowadays examples: EVIAN TG -THONON EVIAN GRAND GENEVE CREUTZWALD AND L'HOPITAL - CREUTZWALD 03 NOTE: QUIMPER HAS A STRANGE HISTORY WITH NAMES. - STADE QUIMPEROIS was used in 3 different periods and - QUIMPER CORNOUAILLE FC was used in 2 different periods Therefore in its history tab it's not any mistake but the reason i described above! CHANGELOG: - GS NICOLIN was renamed as Olympique de Pantin. - ES 3V2 was renamed as FC Nancy (the old and extinct team that later was merged with COS Villiers). * Both clubs had either won the Coupe de France or reached the final a couple of times. **Both teams that were renamed hopefully had no history on national basis so it was easy and safe choise. - For a strange reason there were 2 teams with the name Toulon le Las, Toulon le Las never refounded it only merged with SC Toulon Var to form SC Toulon in 2016. Speaking of SC Toulon i used the Toulon le Las version that had no competition history and renamed it also SC Toulon (1st edition of the team) that existed untill 1984. 2nd version of the team was SC Toulon Var and 3rd SC Toulon. All 3 teams + the merged Toulon le Las history can be shown in SC Toulon competition history (pics below). - For a similar reason there were also 2 teams with the name AS Fresnoy. ****The one was picked to become Norcap Grenoble which later merged with Grenoble and can be found on the teams history too! source wikipedia.fr WHAT'S MISSING: Although it was a huge project some things i couldn't change Examples: - Some extinct B or C teams are missing from the DB as a result no classification was given to them. - In cases of active B teams the only thing you can edit is the last year's position so before that i couldn't do any edit. - Teams that spent at least one year on a national base and are missing from the original DB: 1)AIGLE SPORTIF DES BROSSES VILLEURBANNE 2)ASCA WITTELSHEIM 3)USO BRUAY LA BUISSIERE 4)FCLSC CHATEAUROUX 5)NORCAP GRENOBLE**** 6)ARSAC FC 7)OLYMPIQUE D'AJACCIO 8)ES PENNOISE 9)US ANNEMASSE 10)US FRIVILLE - ESCARBOTIN 11)STADE LEONARD KREISKER ***Football Club Bagnols-Pont is a team founded in 1992 from the merge of 2 teams: UC Bagnols Jeunesse and Independante Pont-Saint-Esprit Both teams spent at least 1 year on national basis and their history is shown on FC Bagnols Pont with the name of the later though. Below are some example pics of the before and after! PS.If you spot any mistake please let me know, any feedback or critisism is welcome! DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.mediafire.com/file/7bzntd04noo7fkl/FM23_-_France_History%2CNames_and_Connections_Fix.fmf/file
  21. 1) for local regions, IMO it would be a nice addition to the game to have a second level local region. For example: Country: France Local region: Grand est 2nd level local region: Alsace Country: Italy Local region: Lazio 2nd level local region: Latina This would be a nice addition to the game and also would be easier for creators to add more levels in their custom lower level databases. Of course not all countries have second level local regions but for the ones that do have it would be great. 2) As for extinct clubs it is a really nice addition already that there is a choise for their phoenix clubs now that continue their history but in the history section of the championships although it is shown that the X extinct team won that championship the logo shown there uses the nowadays club and not the one from the extinct one! It will also be nice to find a way somehow for the extinct's club logo to be shown on the tab.
  22. Has anyone noticed that in-game, when you go to preferences, the option for data language is there but when you press that option nothing happens.... I'm not talking about the game language but the data language. Seems like a bug, anyone else noticed that?
  23. Ε ναι όταν λέω Γαλλία εννοώ να πάρεις ομάδα από 5-7 κατηγορία για LLM, εννοείται L1 χάλασε πολύ με PSG
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