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  1. 14 minutos atrás, Declan Barry disse:

    I agree a challenger brand needs to advertise more, but SI seem to mostly rely on their current consumer base and a little paid activity to propel the game to the top (basically 90% organic sales). When challenger brands are being so competitive, it’s no wonder SI are losing market share in the area by not investing in acquisition of new customers. For example, I type in “Football” into the App Store and the first thing I see is a Top Eleven ad. I cannot recall SI doing this with FM Mobile.


    Likewise, relying on your core fan base is fine if the product matches expectations. However, casual players are not satisfied with an outdated UX and match engine vs competitors (3D is always one of the biggest feature asks), and for those that do play PC the game isn’t in depth enough as the feature set has stagnated in recent years. When FMH2006 came out it was based on CM2001. If we take that as the game was 5 years behind the PC version, the progression of the game has now drifted to be probably 15-20 years behind. Therefore, it’s failing to meet the modern expectations of PC players. 

    Coupled with the very little mentions SI give it throughout the year to expose more PC players to the series, it doesn’t take a genius to work out why sales are down.

    Typed "football" on the store and FMM 23 shows up way down, after 32 other games and apps, behind soccer manager, fifa, efootball, top eleven and many other dodgy football games. 

  2. 1 hora atrás, Declan Barry disse:

    That’s all well and good but one thing that isn’t answered is why the game is an Netflix exclusive with no option to buy it on the stores?


    I assume this comes down to the money offered for exclusivity and will never be answered as it’s confidential, but it’s incredibly disappointing that this wasn’t the mentioned.


    I also feel like if FM Mobile wasn’t hitting sales targets then SI must consider why. The game gets next to no marketing (I see more paid ads on the App Store, TikTok etc… by Soccer Manager), has little thought in the SI marketing team all year round to the people that play the game to engage them to become advocates and has a very limited resource internally vs FM that leads to people getting bored of the game quicker as the game development is slow and there’s aspects that have been neglected for a long time (UX for instance) that would help people to play the game more often and for longer and reduce Churn. 

    Sadly I knew the outcome of this blog would always be blaming sales, but that seems like a cop out and the only way SI could position this to try and win positive sentiment back and not look like they’ve taken the pay check.


    It also confirms my theory that in a few years FM Touch will likely be replacing FM Mobile for good and we can wave goodbye to the series.

    This! FMM always felt like an afterthought, always last when it came to announcements, little to no community involvement (as in being so damn hard do edit or mod some parts of the game - different on pc), never seen much advertising and yet it's always topping sales charts (on android anyway). Why? Because of a faithful legion of fans! Such a small game and yet has grown three large communities (Facebook, Discord and FMM Vibe) and now you guys at SI cut out a large part of this community from their favourite game.

    Unless it's a big jump and tons of improvements (which I doubt judging from the past), what will make 24 sell more then 23?

    It won't, on the contrary, I would bet piracy will rise, those who don't have Netflix still will want acess to the game and it's damn easy to find it. 

  3. 22 minutos atrás, HighFlyingDwarf disse:

    One big point to be raised, if the game is only accessible via Netflix accounts, and FM versions typically are only on sale for a year for licensing reasons, then does the game completely disappear from existence after a year because people can no longer buy it and it's locked behind a subscription? A troubling thought.

    I hadn't thought of that and it is indeed troubling, if that is the case then we would have to basically rent the game for a year 😅

  4. 1 hora atrás, Daniel.M disse:

    You are likely right. 

    Evidence - a quick poll on Vibe suggests +95% (49 of 51 so far) of engaged FMM community players who do NOT have Netflix access will not subscribe to Netflix to get FMM24.


    - this is just a relatively simple poll. 
    - this is only 80 responses (but in <2 days).  
    - people may change their mind.
    - this has some bias.

    But still is helpful for understanding current sentiment.

    We have our own poll in the discord server that started about a hour ago and the numbers are quite interesting so far, half the voters have Netflix but the vast majority consider this a negative move 🤔


  5. 12 horas atrás, Hummingbird Saltalamacchia disse:

    This is an interesting debate and conversation. Also interesting to hear everyone’s opinions. I have purchased the mobile game every year since the 18 or 19 version. I won’t slag anyone off, Marc or anyone else that works on the mobile game, they work hard to give us an enjoyable game and although the game each year has minimal improvements, each edition has been an escapism for me while I have battled severe and chronic depression and suicidal thoughts and much more besides but this year I won’t be buying the 24 edition, I don’t do subscriptions and especially Netflix, also being someone who is unemployed, every pound is important especially in this day and age. I can’t help feeling that the majority on here who say they won’t play this years edition will still play it, look at FIFA, same game year in year out and everyone still purchases it regardless, people spend insane amounts on that game. I have said it on these forums before that they ain’t pushing the mobile game to the max, similar to how the game was on the Sony PSP, I still play FM on the PSP every now and then and it’s as close to bare bones as you can get. I say thanks to Marc and the team for the hard work they put in to each edition but I guess I’ll have to find an alternative now. 

    There's a difference there, sure FIFA has some insane microtransactions (can it still be called micro?) but the base game isn't locked behind a monthly subscription like FMM24. You can buy the base game and not spend any more money, it's your choice to spend money or not while with a monthly sub to get a mobile game the choice is taken away from the user who just wants to play the game. 

  6. This whole thing reminds me of when clubs decided to create the European Super League and the fans revolted and actually forced the clubs to give it up, so the question here is, will SI actually listen to their die hard fans? I have doubts, the Netflix thing is probably signed and no way back. 

    The discord server also has shown people from some countries who find the game expensive/can't afford them/kids without a income yet. Netflix might be good for these kids for example if their parents have a subscription but for everyone who usually can't afford the game for it's normal price, how did SI think they can afford a Netflix subscription? 

    Overall where the fans taken into account or just a financial cutthroat corporate move? 

  7. 5 minutos atrás, TopToffee disse:

    Piracy of FMM would be pretty negligible on iOS. Not sure whether the same can be said on Android. I know historically there was a lot more, but I’m unsure of current situation.

    Judging by the people who come ask for help with pirate version on the discord server (we don't support piracy there) it's still a lot but imo moving to Netflix exclusive won't help, so easy and fast to find android version of Netflix exclusive games 😢

  8. Em 07/09/2023 em 15:14, CraigW92 disse:

    Is there a way to start unemployed with the lowest possible reputation and work up from there? It appears locked to automatic when selecting 'start unemployed' and I am certain on previous years you could start with nothing and work your way up. You can still do this on FM Moblie this year, but not Touch, unless I am missing something?

    There is a workaround. Either load all English divisions or all of Sweden divisions. Not sure why loading either will always makes me start with 1 star reputation. 

  9. 10 minutos atrás, ElliottMS disse:

    Adding my voice here to those deriding this decision.

    I DO have a netflix account so I suppose I gain from this. But I still think its very wrong. Suppose you're hedging your bets the numbers add up doing it this way.

    Won't the numbers go the other way? I mean so far I haven't seen any positives about it, even from people who have Netflix. Pirate sites are filled with Netflix exclusive games, how will it be different for FMM? 

  10. 2 minutos atrás, CJ_Randell disse:

    Miles has confirmed you need a subscription. Disgusting. 


    The thing about FMM is it wasn't 60 euros game like the full version plus the portability and faster approach. If I'm going to pay 60 I rather get the full version which I don't have time to play sadly. I won't use any other Netflix content, it's looking like for the first time since FMH I won't be buying FMM 😢

  11. 1 hora atrás, Marc Vaughan disse:

    Not something I'd be deciding myself (just a designer/developer) ... long term possibly, although I think most people are viewing it as somewhat an oddity at present rather than a league they're likely to truly follow (I have however tuned the transfer system to take into account the (cough) expansive financial approach that the clubs in that league are taking).

    Oh no! So the crazy Saudi bids will be harassing our top players 😅

  12. Em 23/08/2023 em 13:10, Marc Vaughan disse:

    It is likely at some point in the future we'll continue to expand and grow the range of national leagues in the game, this is at least partially driven by interest and game sales within specific regions.

    Does that mean Saudi might be a strong contender considering the interest has surely risen about that league?

  13. Em 22/08/2023 em 17:18, Marc Vaughan disse:

    My long-term aim isn't to give 'more options' as that makes the game more complicated - its to do away with the selection of leagues and simply have everything active always ... that is a (very) long-term aim however.

    Love it and hate it 😅 love to all the leagues available at some point but hate it if I can't customise it like in this year's edition not being able to choose the divisions we want active in a certain league. For example a lot of times I don't need to load all English divisions. A

    Always enjoyed that you can add leagues mid game in full version but I can understand that it's probably impossible on mobile. 

  14. 10 horas atrás, OwenLim disse:

    Right,screenshot looks like very similar, but the size difference, apple arcade is 3.6GB, switch is 4.6GB , so i think maybe got a bit different, i still dont know what version should i want to get, may i know you use switch version plug to tv monitor ?

    I only have a switch lite so playing on TV isn't a option for me. Can't really say why the size difference, guess only one of the devs can answer. 

  15. 8 horas atrás, Baronvon disse:

    Maybe I'm missing something but when creating/adding a new manager in the FM23 console version, the option to select your favourite team has completely disappeared.

    Is this a known issue? Or has it just moved elsewhere?

    I can't find it either, kinda of annoying cause it still shows in manager profile, empty in this case. I would trade all of the avatar customization for that and being able to set our reputation from the start. 

  16. Have to say I agree, I also play mobile and I'm on the mobile forums often, the communication there is the opposite of what we see here, devs are constantly active and looking for way to make things better. 

    Here there's little to no interaction from SI side, some questionable features decisions like the ass man constant stop of the game or removing the option to choose our manager starting reputation.

    Not to mention, switch version getting an update and the patch notes don't seem to be anywhere 😑

    Can hope things get better, I'm sure you guys are busy but this version of the game deserves some love too. 

  17. 14 horas atrás, Wolf616 disse:

    Downloaded an update on FM Touch for Switch today and ever since then I'm conceding a penalty every other game. Anyone else getting this? I've not changed my tactics and it's my third season, so unless my defenders have suddenly lost their minds I can only blame the patch...

    Regarding this question, I've played about 10 matches after the update and didn't see a single penalty. 

  18. Please let us customize our manager reputation at the start. Personally I don't care much for making an avatar (can barely see it on the switch lite) but I care a lot about being able to set my starting reputation manually, right now it seems to be automatic and if I want to start a unknown unemployed career I have to juggle with leagues to get the rep down to 1 star, for example loading all of the English pyramid, when a lot of the times I don't even want to manage there. Not to mention loading it side by side with 4 other leagues makes the processing much more slower. 

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