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  1. Ever since coaching courses have been implemented into the game I always thought they were simply and one-dimensional. You ask your board to pay them, months later you get a new badge and some generical improvements in your attributes (1~3). However, I believe that is a bit problematic for some reasons: 1) you always depend on your board to pay your courses, 2) you don't progress in areas that you feel that will suit your gameplay (or should I say roleplay?) style. I have some suggestions on how every single task could be featured into the game - and I do believe that some of them already has, but for AI players near their retirement. 1) The first one is that the manager could use their earned money throughout his career to pay for them, like every single manager do IRL. Simply because there's lots of boards, especially in amateur/semipro clubs that doesn't pay your courses because they are afraid to lose you to bigger clubs. That's a reasonable explanation, but how on earth a manager can improve without being able to pay for their lessons alone? I do believe thats doable, because I've seen several players start their courses with their own money, and we can also ask the board to pay for their courses aswell. So it'd a win-win situation if we could do both paths. 2) The second one I have two possibles ways to implement: a "simple" one and an "immersive" one. - The "simple" one is to being able to choose which attributes you'll increase, like a RPG. And it would stop when you achieve your Continental PRO License. It would be boring but I think is way better than the way it is now. - The "immersive" one, and I do think this is so much better and also reckon that it'd be a little timing consuming to do, is to make each certification (National C, B, A; Continental C, B, A, Pro) as a whole course that depends on several credits being accomplished to obtain them. And those credits could spread to generical (you choose courses in every area of expertise, like attacking, defending, tactical, and so on) or be focused in a specific area of expertise (you take several courses that resonate in your abilities to give better "attacking" or "tactical" or "managing people" and so on that you'll be able to gain more attributes in one category and some in others. This way you can really improve yourself throughout the years and be able to fit in a big club despite being an amateur player that did really well managing teams. For instance, I had a journeyman save that I started without licenses and without football experience and got into the Manchester United ranks to notice that I couldn't be able to be the main coach in any category, despite my reputation and all licenses that I've completed. And also, you could, as a manager (and other people in your staff), be able to complete courses beyond that ranks, like players do when you ask them to do a leadership course. Some managers and staff could take classes to improve mental attributes aswell and be able to fulfill their potential and be reconisable not only by their accomplishments, but as a great coach, a good leader, a motivating professional, good manager and o on. I also like a lot the suggestion in this post linked below because it summarise my feelings when I'm managing and don't notice some staff members being able to keep being a good staff in my teams. We can develop great wonderkids but can't even help some fellow coaches or directors improve in their ranks despite relying on them to make our club grow. Specially since the "Technical Director" being featured and I think they could be like scouts, but for staffs. They can give us some directions in their current and potential abilities so we can manage the club properly.
  2. Yeah, I wasn't sure if it'd be okay to host those files here so I went to 4shared, now is attached in this. So here it is the portuguese translation archetypes - portuguese translation.rar
  3. Hey man, great work! I've translated the dark graphical skin archetypes into portuguese (it's not my greatest work, but I've tried to translate and connect the information with their respective images). The link is here: <https://www.4shared.com/rar/-euk-XwAfa/archetypes_-_portuguese_transl.html?> About those samples, I quite like both 1, 4 and 7.
  4. Can someone tell me which panel is responsible for this bottom part in match?
  5. Hey man! Your skin is absolutely stunning, fantastic work and really a masterpiece! Keep it up with this great work! :)
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