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  1. I wonder if there's a Danish OTF where they've all been going mad too and applauding Damsgaard coming on. Cos they've not been good either.
  2. (Jinx incoming sorry): For all the talk of us being slow and deep, have Denmark had a sniff really?
  3. Last 5 minutes it seemed like he'd given up on the England system, which made him look good but made the team look (even) worse.
  4. Walker in a bit of bother still? Might take a few mins to run off I suppose.
  5. Didn't see the Germany game so this is my first experience of Scotland this tournament, and they seem very poor.
  6. They'd already had at least two backpasses that didn't reach the keeper, but that one worse.
  7. I thought that too initially but then wondered if they've assigned a day to each player (26 players and there must be about 26 days if we go far?) so having him do it early is about as sheltered as you can? Just a guess though.
  8. Odds on the bandage on the floor going to come into play like the Sunderland beachball?
  9. I'm interested to see how Holland do, think they could be 'greater than the sum of their parts' side. They did well at the World Cup, could've beaten Argentina.
  10. Only just noticed the ref's shirt, very snazzy. Like a 1970s entertainer.
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