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  1. Guisley "The Lions" Season 1 2024-2025 League Season A good first half of the season saw us competing for playoff spots but the second half of the season brought something else. We were dominant and charged up the table to first spot and once we got there never lost the top spot. We stretched the lead to 9 points but a late wobble saw the lead fall to 1 point but winning the last two games of the season meant we were champions by 4 points. All of the starting XI put in excellent seasons but undoubtedly our best player was striker Kallan Murphy who scored 38 goals, 34 goals in the league. Cups We lost in first match of both the FA Cup and the FA trophy. Youth Intake We had an excellent intake with 10 elite talents with excellent prospects across the defence and midfield. Transfer History
  2. They certainly have better facilities than some of the options. I also might be getting a tycoon takeover which will be interesting.
  3. I am heading to England to lead Guiseley to glory.
  4. Is there any benefit to signing ex-players as staff if they are poor staff?
  5. Inter de Limeira Season 1 2024 We were kissed with the beauty of success Campeonato Paulista Sicredi This was our first competition and we did well to finish 4th in the league stage and winning Group A. We lost to Serie A side Sao Paulo in a tight game in the quarter finals. Campeonato Brasileiro Série C We started the league stage strongly and never looked back to finish a runaway first. In the second stage group A we again dominated to finish first and win promotion. We then played Paysandu in the two legged Champions Final which we won on aggregate 5-3. Over the course of these three stages we did not lose a match and were easily the best team in the competition. Youth Intake Preview was disappointing. The reality was not any better with no elite talents and only 4 top talents. Not a good first intake, I need this to improve in future years. My Profile The board would not let me study for my National C license because they were sacred of losing me. No other upgrades approved. Transfer history Jefferson was signed before I joined and I could not stop him joining.
  6. I will just add, we use the tags for players from the youth intake. So people tend either use season 1 season 2 to mark the season of the intake or the year say 24,25,26 to mark the year of the intake. Some people put YP but I have chosen not to do so because I think it is a bit redundant. Usually the earlier in the alphabet the better the players future seems to be but it does not always work out that way. So John Smith 25d probably is higher rated than Peter Johnson 25g.
  7. Paris 13 Atletico Season 1 24/25 End of Season Report and Youth Intake Review Championnat National The second half of the season was better than the first half as we fought for 4th place, but really no higher for much of the time. However finishing the season with a couple of losses saw us finish in 7th place. A very good season overall but a team expected to be fighting relegation. My best players were Deep Lying Playmaker Dylan Nzeza and his partner in defensive midfielder Anchorman Moussa Diarra. My two inside fowards Ounare Tounkara and Abdelmalek Amara both had excellent seasons as well. Youth Intake Review The preview was as bad as it gets, no talent forecast at all. Fortunately the reality was a bit better but still quite disappointing. No elite talents and only 4 top talents means there will not be a refresh of the first team squad. The best of the poor lot is Cedric Favreau 25a but he is nowhere near the first team. My Profile I managed to complete my National B licence and I am now studying for my National A licence. Hopefully they will continue allowing me to get new licences when I achieve the previous one. They however did not approve any other upgrades. Transfer History
  8. But you were still very much in contention for a top half finish, very strange decision.
  9. That does seem very harsh, What were the expectations?
  10. Paris 13 Atletico Season 1 2024-25 Midseason Report Championnat National Overall a solid first half to the season with us being in 9th position at the half way mark. We have not scored many goals, only 21 in 17 games, but we have conceded less, 19 goals. I have been able to complete my studies for the National C licence and I have started studying for my National B licence. Youth Intake Preview is an absolute shocker, if the intakes is really this bad it will be a major disappointment.
  11. My time at Atzeneta lasted 11 games from which I only managed 6 points and I lost the dressing room because they were angry there was not more depth in the squad. Now to try again.
  12. Still in Spain with Atzeneta and their small squad of the 13 players. At least this time the squad is balanced and there is quality all over the team.
  13. Well that did not last long, it turns out not having any quality in defence makes it rather hard so I have been sacked. Now to find another club.
  14. I have started again, this time in Spain with Salamanca C.F. U.D.S. The squad poses difficulty as there is only one, not particularly good CB in the squad and the only RB is a 16 year old who shows little promise. There is however plenty of players who can play LB and 8 strikers in the squad. Fortunately one of the LBs can sort of play CB. Fun times ahead.
  15. I have decided to put the Badalona game on hold I have travelled to Germany and taken control of Chemnitzer FC
  16. C.F. Badalona Midseason Report Primera Federacion - Group I We had a very good start to the season going 10 games unbeaten and being top after 11 games. However indifferent form since then has seen us fall down the table to 6th, one spot outside the playoffs. While it would be good to make the playoffs for experience I do not think the team is ready to be promoted. We have the best attack in the league but one of the worst defences despite having a number of 0-0 draws. Among my best players is 23 year Ibuki Nemoto who plays on the left wing. His 5 goals and 7 assists have been excellent for us. Timofey Neshtukov has been very good in his first season as our main striker with 11 goals from 13 starts and 6 sub appearances. Toni Larossa has been our best player. I initially started him as our striker but moved him back to the RW and his 5 goals and 8 assists have been very important to our success. The star of last years intake 16 year old Emili Almirall 26a has played every game as my CAM and down very well with 6 goals and 3 assists. He looks to have a huge future for us. 18 year old Oscar was a youngster when I joined the club and he has developed brilliantly to be the player my staff rate as our best player. He can play on the left wing but I play him as my CM and he has been very good Youth Intake Preview Total disaster of a preview.
  17. C.F. Badalona Season 2 End of Season Report and Youth Intake Review Solid enough with some promise Segunda Federacion - Group I It was an up and down second half to the season with bad form causing us to slip down the table before 5 wins in a row in February and March took us to the edge of the playoff spots. That run was stopped and back down the table we went to finish in 12th position. Overall a great first season following our promotion in the first season. Youth Intake Review Preview was not good at all, I just hoped the reality would be better than the preview. The intake was better than preview but not as good as I would like it to be The only elite talent and therefore the star of the intake Emili Almirall was given 3 games at the end of the season at CAM, which he is more than a CM. He did exceptionally well to score 1 goal and have 2 assists with an average rating of 7.30. It would be great if he can come straight into the team and fill a position where I have been struggling to find someone who does well enough. My Profile Unfortunately I have only been able to undertake one course due to the financial situation of the club so there has been only a small improvement to my stats. Transfer History
  18. C.F. Badalona Season 2 Midseason Report Primeria Fedracion - Group I We started with a stunning 4 wins in a row to be top of the table. However we could not keep up that pace and a run of 6 games without a win saw us tumble down the table. We have arrested the slide with a win to be in 10th position. Our best player has been RB Cristian Marquez who has 7 goals and 4 assists in the 19 games Pep Pinto 25j has been given plenty of game time and played okay at either CM or CAM.
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