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  1. Hello SI,

    Now that we all done with FM24 (:D) and looking forward for the première of the complete new edition, here is a minor contribution with requests

    Tactics / Match Engine:

    a- Revamp tactical team settings for a better irl approach to the 4 moments of a match (defensive organisation, offensive transition, offensive organisation, defensive transition);

    b- Repair the closing down glitch in player instructions and upgrade team and player closing down options (example: close down space, close down ball), instead of just keeping less and more;

    c- Allow tactical option for Full Backs (FB), if the team attacks from the right flank allow left FB to stay back / if the team attacks from the left flank allow right FB to stay back;

    d- Introduce GK provoking a penalty;

    e- Introduce player trying to dribble GK;

    f- upgrade set pieces for a more user friendly UI (the fm24 new feature is confusing, needs to be polish)

    Transfers and Loans;

    a- Introduce possibility of buying a percentage of economic rights of a player;

    b- In loans, introduce the possibility of a buying a percentage of economic rights of a player in a future sell;


    Thank you


  2. 1 hour ago, un_noob_666 said:


    First of all: AMAZING job! Huge thanks and congrats!

    Now comes my problem: The facepack does not work. I also use the sortitoutsi megapack and the plaers added with this database (or the ones that were recreated because they existed in the game) do not have a face on them.
    Any idea of what to do?

    Check the ID number of those players, get a png file from google, might be necessary to change the size of the picture. Place the new png files inside the folder which contain all your faces. Upload that folder with fm xml, reload your skin and that's it.

  3. 6 hours ago, Hoofenballen said:

    Hello Everyone


    If youre playing 4-4-2, how are you getting on with it in FM24? Are you using it primarily to defend space in two banks of four? are you trying to bring back old school wing play to a tall striker in the box? Maybe going for something that resembles a Leicester title win or A Fergie era Man Utd tactic?


    Would live to see your 4-4-2 set up if youre using one



    I have been using a flat 442 since fm21 or 22 at Porto, very happy with the results. The main idea is to defend as 442 and attack as a 433 (41221), very easy to set up, just push the left winger to the touchline and make him get further and the right winger plays as wide playmaker, cutting inside and running with the ball through the centre.

  4. 2 hours ago, MichaelNevo said:

    Yes I still add to the existing countries, all you need to do is post here to tell me who you'd like adding :D or alternatively on the steam workshop.

    Amazing :) If you are willing here is a list:

    Fernando Couto - FC Porto (Central Defender)

    Jorge Costa - FC Porto (Central Defender)

    Fernando Gomes - FC Porto (Poacher)

    Paulo Ferreira - FC Porto (Right Fullback)

    Nuno Valente - FC Porto (Left Fullback)

    Carlos Manuel - Benfica (Central/Right Midfielder)

    Diamantino Miranda - Benfica (Right Winger)

    Humberto Coelho - Benfica (Central Defender / Libero)

    Tamagnini Néné - Benfica (Poacher)

    Fernando Chalana - Benfica (Left Winger)

    Rui Jordão - Sporting (Poacher)... although he started at Benfica

    Manuel Fernandes - Sporting (Complete Forward)

    Pauleta - Santa Clara (Poacher)


  5. 13 hours ago, herne79 said:

    Forget what the confusing (and possibly still glitchy) UI graphics show and think about it logically - you’ve asked your entire team to pass shorter when they can and one player to be a bit more direct.  That’s all it is.  He won’t be as direct if you hadn’t selected the shorter passing TI, just a bit more direct than the rest of the team.

    The bold part is going on for quite a few years :eek: it seems it is not a priority to fix :(

  6. 49 minutes ago, themodelcitizen said:

    No it's the "derby" itself, under "derbies" in the editor. I think that would only affect the occasional news item that talks about the derby and the all-time record.

    To have a visible competition, you could make one in the editor that updates year-on-year and includes the last year's results, but not the all-time results - just the previous 4 seasons or so (with "year offset"). Also, I'm not sure if this would crash or reset when it hit a certain high number like 256 points or goals.

    Found it :thup:

    But in the details tab there is no option to all time results, and the other option is "changes". I thought it has something to do with advanced rules, the this option is disable.


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