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  1. Well, Stanislav Guľa 31a is making name for himself! He is our first international player! And what a debut; the full 90 minutes and scoring in your debut match! On the downside of this: PSG and Inter are now interested in him....
  2. FK Rača Bratislava Season review Season 8 | 2031-2032 Niké liga Transfers | Affiliates | Facilities | | Finances | Manager Profile | Club overview Just a quick update from season 8. We finished 2nd, with a team record of 70 points. But we never really competed for the league title, as Dun.Streda was just too good, with 10 points clear. But on the other hand: we had our best season yet, and we had 23 points more then number 3 Spartak Trnava. So overall it was a fantastic season. Even more because for the 2nd time in a row, and in our history, we won the Cup! This time after penalties against Zlate Moravce. So we are playing in the Europa League again! Speaking about the Europa League: we managed to reach the Round of 16!! We started in the First Qualifying Round, and ended in the Round of 16. Unbelievable! Where do I need to start. Well, let the results speak for themself. We lost against Tottenham Hotspur in the Round of 16, but look at our results. What a fantastic European season! A big shoutout to Peter Lukac 24c. He scored no less then 44 goals in total, with 17 of them in the Europa League. This guy is a living legend! Also a shoutout to Marek Kocis 28c, our right wingback. He is developing into a fantastic player for us. And last but not least: Stanislav Guľa 31a, our top prospect from last season. What a good debut season! And what a player already, he's still 16 years old! Youth intake Another great intake! The intakes are getting better and better. Miroslav Kalman 32c looks like a fantastic prospect. The only thing is that we almost never get a foreign player. 97% of our players that came through were Slovakians. Progress
  3. FK Rača Bratislava Season review Season 7 | 2030-2031 Niké liga Transfers | Affiliates | Facilities | | Finances | Manager Profile | Club overview A fantastic season! We nearly became champions, only 1 point from becoming the best team of the country. So it won't take long before we become champions. But I'm very happy with this 2nd place! And I have to say: Slovakia is a really fun country to manage in! I'm having lots of fun here. So if you want to try something different: I can really recommend Slovakia But I'm even more pleased with our first Cup win! We won the Cup after beating Dun.Streda in the Final! So it's our first big trophy, although winning the 2nd League was a trophy as well. I had to sell my star midfielder Tomas Kovac 27a to FC Porto, as he wasn't happy anymore. He wanted to play at a higher level, and when Porto came in with a bid, I negotiated a 50% clause and they accepted. Some other news is that Slovakian football is slowly progressing. We now have one team in the CL Second Qual. Round. And we have been invited by Manchester United to play in their Friendly Cup next pre-season, together with Arouca and Al Shabab. I accepted the invitation. It's something I normally won't do in pre-season, but let's see how this goes. Europe Well, I can be very short about our European season: it was terrible. We lost both matches against Levski Sofia in the Second Qual. Round of the Conference League. So after our great campaign last season, this was not good at all. Most notable players Our MVP this season was Marian Valek 27d, by scoring 26 goals and having 8 assists. So for the first time in 6 years Peter Lukac 24c is not our topscorer! Lukac 24c had a good season as well, with 14 goals and 16 assists. But less goals then in his previous 5 seasons. Also our big man up front, Marian Sluka 27e, scored 26 goals this season. On our midfield Simon Mészáros 28i was really important, with 10 goals and 12 assists. Some of his goals were from quite a distance, it looks like that his speciality is a shot from distance. Another player I want to mention is Roman Luhovy 29d. He played his first full season (or not really full, as he got injured, but he is a first XI player), and was very important with 12 assists. Youth intake Not a very promising preview, but the intake gave us three really nice players! U19 Our U19 won the league again, after finishing 2nd last season. Upgrades We had another upgrade of our Training Facilities, and they are now labelled as Excellent. Hopefully we can also upgrade our Youth Facilities next season, as they are still Average. And our new stadium is almost ready, so in the coming season we will play in our new stadium! Progress
  4. FK Rača Bratislava Season review Season 6 | 2029-2030 Niké liga Transfers | Affiliates | Facilities | | Finances | Manager Profile | Club overview Another great season for us! For the fifth time in a row we finished in the top-3 of the league, this time 3rd. But is was probably our best season yet. We came 1st after the 8th game, and were there until 2 games before the end of the season. But it wasn't to be. But still, I'm very happy about this season. My team is very young, as most of my squad is now filled with academy players. Only one or two 'real' players are still playing regularly. My striker Peter Lukac 24c is still scoring for fun. This season he scored his 150st goal of his career, and he had a total of 38 goals this season, which is a new personal record. In the Cup we lost in the semi-finals against Dun. Streda. Europe Our best European season yet! We started in the First Q. Round of the Europa League. We won against Vikingur R., Omonoia Nicosia and Hammarby IF. We then lost in the Playoff against Anderlecht, which isn't a shame at all. But we qualified for the Conference League League Phase! We had some fantastic results; a 2-3 away win against Basel, a win at home against Lommel SK and we somehow drew away at Besiktas. In the Knock Out Playoff Round we won against Sheriff Tiraspol. In the Round of 16 we met Stade Reims, but they were just too good. We drew 1-1 at home, but lost 3-1 away. But we can look back at a fantastic European campaign! Most notable players As I said above, Peter Lukac 24c is scoring for fun. But also our other 2 strikers Marian Valek 27d and Marcel Ujlaky 25a scored lots of goals. I also need to point out Tomas Kovac 27a, who is bossing our midfield. He signed a new contract during this season, but FC Porto is interested in him. Let's hope he will stay at us for at least another season. I also want to highlight Marek Kocis 28c, who played his first full season. He is now my number 1 RB, and is developing into a very good player for us. And last but not least: our new goalkeeper: Marek Mudry 28a. He's better then our previous GK Rene Zakech, and he's got lots of potential. Youth intake A great intake! The preview showed one A, but the intake itself was a great one. We maxed out our Junior Coaching budget, and it pays off now. Some fantastic prospects in this intake! U19 Our youth team played their first European matches! Although it was a short experience, as they lost in the first round against Vikingur R. In the youth league they finished 2nd, so not another title. But still a very good season for our youth players. Upgrades With the European money we were able to upgrade our Training- and Youth Facilities. Our facilities are looking very nice already, especially if you see where we came from. Progress
  5. FK Rača Bratislava Season review Season 5 | 2028-2029 Niké liga Transfers | Affiliates | Facilities | | Finances | Manager Profile | Club overview What a season!!! We finished 2nd in the league, our highest finish ever. We could even had won the title, but it wasn't to be. But we were very, very close this season! Dun. Strada became champions. And for the first time since 2014/2015 Slovan Bratislava didn't finish in the top 2. And as Dun. Strada also won the Cup this season, the Europa League-ticket (for the Cup-win) goes to the number 2 in the League: Raca Bratislava!! So we are playing Europa League football next season! And for the first time in my career, we managed to win against Slovan Bratislava. Finally, after 16 matches without a win against them, we were finally able to beat them. It shows also the growth of our team. At the start of the season I decided to give our most talented youngsters a chance in the first team. I thought it would be a transition year, but it was the opposite. We played better then ever, our youngsters are developing into very good players for us. And we finished 2nd in the League. It became a fantastic season. In the Cup we lost in the Qtr Finals against Trencin. Europe Well, I can be very short this time. We lost in the Second Q. Round against St. Mirren. So after just one round our European adventure was over this season. But the money we gained was very welcome, and we invested it into our facilities once again. Most notable players Well, I think it's time that you meet our starting eleven. So I'll show you a screenshot of the players who started in most of the matches. Our topscorer was, again, Peter Lukac 24c with 25 goals in total. And as you can see, we only got 4 original players in our first team. As far as I can foresee it for now, this players will also figure next season as my starters. GK Rene Zakech DR Milan Sekera DC Dusan Kralovic 28e DC Juraj Bobček 27b DL Robert Horny 24g MC Matej Ruzicka MC Juraj Stefanka MC Tomas Kovac 27a SC Marcel Ujlaky 25a SC Marian Sluka 27e SC Peter Lukac 24c Youth intake The intake was a bit less spectaculair then 2028, but still a good intake. I'm mostly happy with that GK, but also Kiss 29b looks like a very decent talent, although I'm worried about his determination. U19 Our U19 team became champions of the highest youth league! Really impressive, in only their second season. Upgrades Well, with the sponsoring money and the European money we were able to upgrade our Youth Recruitment twice. We were also able to upgrade our Training Facilities. It's getting better and better At the end of the season we got the news that the building of a new stadium got green light! I'll have to wait for two more years, but then we get a new stadium, with a capacity of 7200. It's not very big, but it's more then we currently have. And it will be the 7th stadium of Slovakia, so it's not that bad. And some other news this season: we had a takeover. But the new owner didn't invest any money into the club. Progress
  6. FK Rača Bratislava Season review Season 4 | 2027-2028 Niké liga Transfers | Affiliates | Facilities | | Finances | Manager Profile | Club overview Another fantastic season for us. For the third time in a row we finished 3rd in the League, which is the highest we can get at this time. Slovan Bratislava and Dunajská Streda are really another level at the moment. But it's nice to see that we are 'the best of the rest'. And for the second time in a row we qualified for the Europa Conference League We also had a fantastic Cup run. We managed to get into the Final, where we met our rivals Slovan Bratislava. But we lost 2-0. In 14 matches we never won against them. We only drew 4 times, and lost the other matches. Europe We didn't qualify for the League stage, but had a good qualification run. In the Second Q. Round we won against Vaduz. In the Third Q. Round we played against Maccabi tel-Aviv. We lost 1-3 away, so I thought our adventure was over. But we won 6-0(!) at home. In the Fourth Q. Round we met Aris Limassol. We won 3-2 away, so I had good hopes to qualify for the next round. But we lost 0-5 at home.... So our adventure was over. But the money we gained was very, very welcome and we used it very wisely. Most notable players There were several players who were important for us this season. I'll highlight some of them. Peter Lukac 24c: our MVP, with 37 goals in total, and 5 assists. He is so important for us! I hope I can keep this guy at our club for as long as possible. He now scored 81 league goals in 116 matches in his career. Matej Ruzicka: Our captain. With 14 goals and 11 assists Ruzicka was again very important for us. Marcel Ujlaky 25a: With 20 goals and 13 assists he had a fantastic season. Lukac 24c and Ujlaky 25a find eachother very easily up front. Tomas Kovac 27a: This youngster came into the first team when he became 16 year old, and he didn't dissapoint. He is developing into a great midfielder for us. Juraj Bobček 27b: a special shoutout to him. He only played 17 matches, but that's only because of the rules in Slovakia. Youngsters can play when they become 16 years old. This guy was doing a good job in our youth team, and I decided to put him into the first team when he became 16. I think he will be our DC for the years to come. Youth intake The preview was very, very promising with lots of A's. And the intake itself was fantastic. No less then 10 Elite Talents, and some of them are looking very promising! Dusan Kralovic 28e looks like our DC and our captain for many years to come. U19 For the first time in this save our U19 team played competitive matches. And they didn't dissapoint! They finished 4th in the U19 league. Upgrades With the European money I was able to upgrade our Training- and Youth facilities again. And after the league was finished, the board decided to build a new stadium! It's unsure when it will be finished, but the future looks bright for our club. According to our Facilities-tab the stadium will be 7200 seats big. So that's way more then our current stadium (4500). Progress
  7. @libbyshuss Ouch…. That hurts. I can understand why you are in shock. Is there maybe someone from SI we can tag here en give some information and explanation about this??
  8. FK Rača Bratislava Season review Season 3 | 2026/2027 Niké liga Transfers | Afiliates | Facilities| | Finances | Manager Profile | Club overview Another great season for us! We finished 3rd in the League, and so qualified for the Conference League again! This time we won 6 out of 10 matches in the Champions Group, so things are getting better. The only thing we still can't do is winning against Slovan Bratislava. We played 9 times against them, but never won. We drew 3 matches, and lost the other ones. In the Cup we lost in the Quarter Final against FC Spartak Trnava. Europe Our first European campaign, and it was a good one! In the Second Qual. Round we faced Maccabi Haifa. At home we lost 1-2. So I thought our chances were over. But we somehow managed to win away with 1-6!! It was really unbelievable. In the Third Qual. Round we won against Neftci(Azerbaijan). We won 2-0 at home, and lost 3-4 away but it was enough to qualify for the Fourth Qual. Round. We faces TSV Hartberg(Austria), but here we found our Waterloo. We lost 1-4 at home, and drew 1-1 away. But we can look back at a great first European campaign! We also gained a lot of money Best players It's no surprise that Peter Lukac 24c was our best player this season. He scored 23 goals, but also made 17 assists. Fantastic, and he is only 19 years old. But the most important thing: he signed a new 4-year contract! Also Marcel Ujlaky 25a had a fantastic season, scoring 22 goals, together with 10 assists. Another Academy player who was important this season was Robert Horny 24g (I know, I know). At the end of the season he became a starter in our first team. Also Matej Ruzicka, Samuel Budinsky and Milan Sekera were very important again. Youth intake The intake was very promising! And the actual intake didn't disappoint. We got 6 Elite Talents, and some of them look really talented. So the recent upgrades already paying off! There were also 2 players poached by other clubs. Upgrades We used the European money to upgrade our facilities. I was able to upgrade our Training- and Youth Facilities for the first time. I also upgraded the Junior Coaching budget three times, and Youth Recruitment twice. At the and of the season the board made the decision to expand our stadium with 1500 seats It will only cost us 80K! Progress
  9. FK Rača Bratislava Season review Season 2 | 2025/2026 Niké liga Transfers | Afiliates |Facilities| | Finances | Manager Profile | Club overview Wow. What a season!! Our debut on the highest level, and we secured European football! We finished 3rd in the league. In the regular league we finished 2nd, and qualified for the Champions Group. We only won 3 out of 10 matches, but it was enough to qualify for the Conference League. I'm very happy with that! In the Cup we lost in the Third Round against Slovan Bratislava. Our topscorer was Peter Lukac 24c with 21 goals in total. So it was another great season for him. He's not willing to sign a new contract, and is unhappy because I triggered his one-year contract extension. He now wants to leave because he wants to play with better players. So maybe I need to sell him. But I hope that he wants to stay now we qualified for the Conference League. Some other good players were Matej Ruzicka, Patrik Kochan, Milan Sekera, and last but not least Marcel Ujlaky 25a. He was the only Elite player of the 2025 intake, and had a good season. I decided to put him into the first team, and he did not dissapoint. He scored 7 goals, together with 4 assists. Not bad for a 16 year old youngster. Youth intake This season the preview was a better one. The intake itself gave us 6 Elite players, although I don't think that they all got lots of potential. Upgrades I was able to upgrade our Junior Coaching budget and Youth Recruitment both once. Progress
  10. FK Rača Bratislava Season review Season 1 | 2024/2025 MONACObet liga Transfers | Afiliates |Facilities| | Finances | Manager Profile | Competitions overview | Club overview A great first season! We became champions of the MONACObet Liga, and are promoted to the highest Slovakian level We only lost 4 matches. In the Cup we lost in the Third Round against Partizan Bardejov. MSK Puchov won the Cup surprisingly, as they are in the same league as our team. Our best players these season were: Pavol Bellas, our topscorer and MvP with 24 goals and 9 assists Matej Ruzicka, who made 14 assists Samuel Budinsky, with 17 goals and 10 assists Peter Lukac 24c, who scored 20 goals this season. He came through the youth ranks in the 'holiday season'. The rules in this league are that you need to play with at least one U21 player. I decided to put Lukac 24c in the team, because of his scoring ability. He's quick and has 14 finishing. And with 20 goals he had a fantastic first season! Youth intake The preview wasn't good, and the intake either. Only one Elite talent. But I can't expect anything good at this stage. Hopefully my HoYD Ibrahima Sidibé will give us a better intake next season. Upgrades I was only able to upgrade our Junior Coaching and Youth Recruitment just once. Progress
  11. FK Rača Bratislava Okay, I started a new save. Again. But this time I'll progress with this one. Once I saw that Sweden was completed for this challenge, I decided that I wanted to try the challenge in a country that hasn't been completed yet. So here we go: Slovakia it is! I went for a club from the capital of Slovakia: Bratislava. FK Rača Bratislava. A club without a rich history. They have never played on the highest level. So, let's see if we can take this club to European glory!
  12. Yes, that's right Perre8. I just started a save with Garbarnia, after two seasons on holiday. But Hutnik Krakow was the first team that came up in my first try. So it's not impossible to get them. I got Garbarnia in my third try. So @KOWAL if you really want Hutnik Krakow, just keep on trying, because it's not impossible. You just need a bit of luck to get them.
  13. Well, their reputation is not very high, I can tell you. I had to holiday two seasons, but it took a while to get them from the 4th to the 3rd division. And it took even more time to get them promoted to the 2nd division. It took me days. So it was a real pity that I quit the save after the first season. This is what I wrote about it: Maybe I'll try it again, if I can get them promoted again. But I think I'll wait until FM25.
  14. Good luck with them, Kowal! They are very, very rich, but you know that already I think. I had a short spell with them, a couple of months ago. But the squad was just too old and unbalanced. Hopefully you will have more luck with them! I'll give them a try in FM25 for sure, as they are indeed promoted to the third Tier. So you don't have to holiday for two seasons anymore if you play on the vanilla database
  15. IFK Malmö Well, my second attempt at this club! I didn't like the contract-rules in Denmark. And as I lost al my previous saves, I'm starting a new one in Sweden with IFK Malmö.
  16. As long as it is with a previous unplayable team, then yes. So for example: in previous FM's I played with Garbarnia Krakow from Poland. But they are currently in the 4th Tier of Polish football. So if I want to play with them, I have to simulate two seasons to get them into the lowest playable league (2nd Tier in Poland).
  17. Well, I'm not sure if I will continue this save. There are some problems in Denmark, I think. I can't give my staff part-time contracts, only amateur contracts. So that's a bit weird, as we are semi-pro. But more important: other clubs can sign my players for free, even when they have a semi-pro contract! At the start of season 3 I lost several players, because other/bigger clubs can just sign them for free. I don't like that. At all. So I lost the motivation a bit to continue this save.
  18. BK Skjold Season review Season 2 | 2025-2026 2. Division (Tier 3) Transfers | Afiliates |Finances| Facilities | Manager Profile | Competitions overview | Club overview Another good season for us! After our promotion from last season, my only hope was to avoid relegation. But we managed to qualify for the Promotion playoffs! We finished 5th in the League, and with that finish we qualified for the playoffs. But we were never a real candidate for the two promotion places. I'm just really happy that we are good enough to avoind relegation this easily, and can compete with the bigger teams in this league. I think this is the maximum this current squad can do. On the final day of the season we managed to win 5-1 against champion Esbjerg fB, although is has to be said that a couple of days earlier they won the league. So maybe they were still drinking beers In the Cup we survived three rounds, but found our Waterloo in the Fourth Round, against fallen giant Aalborg. One of my best players was striker Marius Framnes. He was originally a left winger, but I retrained him into a striker, as I play with 3 strikers. He scored 15 goals, and produced 16 assists. But also my other strikers Christian Nissen(22 goals) and David Müller (25 goals) scored lots of goals. Also a shout-out to Academy product Esben Miltoft 25c, who is developing into a good midfielder for us. He is ony of the three Academy Products in our first XI. Youth intake & preview I hired a new HoYD: Christian Grindheim. His first preview was promising, and the intake itself didn't disappoint. Soms nice talents! Upgrades The board accepted again some improvements for the Junior Coaching budget, who is new labelled as Excellent. Beside that, there is no money for other improvements. But this current board is injecting money into the club to clear the debts every now and then. So I'm very happy with that. We are also renting another stadium. Our previous stadium was too small for this level, so we are now playing in Østerbro Stadion, with a capacity of 4,4K. But it will take a while until we can sell out our stadium, as the average attendance this season was 528. Progress
  19. Congrats, @Anners!! Finally, after so many seasons!
  20. Wow @libbyshuss that’s amazing!! Finally somebody who completed the challenge in Belgium!! Well done!
  21. BK Skjold Season review Season 1 | 2024-2025 3. Division Transfers | Afiliates | Facilities | Manager Profile | Competitions overview Well, that went surprisingly well! Sometimes everything just clicks together, right from the beginning. We won the league, and are now promoted to 2. Division! With this, the club turned Semi-Professional. So I can now give my players a contract! I signed almost every player at the club. The only one that refused to sign a new deal was topscorer Christian Nissen, who is retired from playing professional football. But I'll keep him at the club as an amateur player. Three players really stood out this season. Strikers David Müller and Christian Nissen, together with midfielder Esajas La Cour. Müller and Nissen scored lots of goals, while La Cour was the king of the assists this season. Youth preview and intake The first preview of this save, and it is a good one. But as we all know, so early in the save it doesn't say that mutch. The actual intake gave us a ******** of Elite Talents. But it says more about the current ability of my squad, then the real potential of these youngsters I think But still: I'm very happy with this! I finally got some youngsters in the U19 team, although there were also 5 lads who came through in the "holiday-season". Some of the talents of this intake are good enough for our first squad already. Especially the keeper; Sorensen 25a. But I'll promote a couple more to the first team squad. Upgrades The board was willing to upgrade the Junior Coaching budget and Youth Recruitment twice! Very happy with that. Progress
  22. BK Skjold Time for a new save. My old laptop crashed recently, so I lost all my previous saves So I bought a new laptop, and decided to start a new save in Denmark. After a couple of reloads, this team popped up: Boldklubben Skjold. BK Skjold is a club from Copenhagen and don´t have a very rich history. They never played on the highest Danish level. Between 2001 and 2006 they played in Tier 2. They call themselves the largest football club in Denmark, because of the big number of members. I like their home kit; it's almost a copy of the Feyenoord kit. The biggest issue(well, at least in the beginning of the save) in Denmark will be the Amateur status of the club. Just a couple of days after I arrived, my best player left the club. So I really hope that the board will turn to semi-pro soon.
  23. Campobasso F.C. Season review Season 4 | 2027/2028 Serie B Transfers | Afiliates | Facilities | Manager Profile | Competitions overview Another good season! After our great campaign last year(5th place), this season we finished 7th. With 1 more point then last season. In the promotion playoffs we lost against Genoa in the first round. But I don't really mind, as promotion would be way too soon. I decided to give some youngsters a chance in the first team, and that turned out to be a good decision. Some of them are developing nicely. In the Coppa Italia we lost in the First Round against Udinese, the same team as we lost against last season. Our best player was again our Academy product Andrea Righi 24i. He scored 13 league goals for us, 6 assists and he had the highest average rating. But also a shoutout to Valerio De Prisco 26h, who came into the team around January or Februariy due to some injuries. But he played really well and I don't see any reason to put him back in our U20 squad. Looking at some more Academy players: Luca Cerullo 26f scored 8 league goals and is a first team player Giorgio Gasparoni 24b played almost every match as one of our DC's Matteo Giovannini 25b played a lot of matches on the MC position, scoring 3 goals Marco Di Carlo 27e played almost every match as MC, producing 4 goals and 2 assists. Most goals came from a direct free kick. I'm a bit worried though about his determination. After one full season he didn't progress much. And last but not least Manuel Marconcini 27d, who came in the team as a DR. He's a natural DL, but has a fairly strong right foot. So I decided to re-train him as a DR. He's doing a really good job, producing 5 assists, and is developing into a good player for us. Youth preview & intake Another good intake this year! The preview showed no less then 5 A's. The intake gave us 8 Elite Talents. Some of then look really talented! Facility upgrades We managed to upgrade our Youth Recruitment again, so it's now labelled as Excellent. But a big dissapointment was the message right after the season, that our Youth Facilities have been downgraded They are now Below Average. And we don't have the money to upgrade it again soon. Career progress
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