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  1. I don't think this needs its own thread but hopefully I can get some feedback on it. Started Sunday League rep (this might be the issue), mid table in NLN, won NLN, 2nd in NL and into L2. Wanted to move on and was kind of expecting some better offers to come in from league clubs. But literally can't even get an interview anywhere. Even clubs which are in the NL won't even give me an interview which in terms of realism feels a bit off. I'm 6th in League 2 so will stick it out for a bit and currently doing another coaching badge, but just wondering if this is supposed to be the case? I feel like from what I read about other peoples non league careers that I should have had at least interviews with teams in the league below me by now.
  2. As PVFC Matt says holiday a few months into the season and see what jobs are available. I done similar and I'm enjoying my current save. Out of all the jobs I got offered were 19th placed Alfreton and I finished mid table and then got promotion the season after.
  3. I've done a Google but there wasn't much in the way of results... which attributes are needed most to play a gegenpress formation please?
  4. I have a question and I figure this thread might be best to help. I want to set up a game where I start with a team in the VNLN or VNLS but change their youth facilities, recruitment and junior coaching up to the max (don't shoot me :D). I thought that holidaying through until March, editing the facilities and waiting for the crop of wonderkids to drop would be all I need, but I didn't get a youth intake. Did I miss something out? Or do I need to take over the team before the youth intake preview to see an intake?
  5. It's a simple rule to live by, but it's effective. Never trust anyone with those logos...
  6. On the flip side, up until this version I hadn't seen big teams resting players for Carabao Cup games. They have on my save.
  7. Off the back of this, the said player will then go and sign for someone else on half the wages he was already on...
  8. It seems like you went looking for this, as if you know that this happens. If you play FM long enough then you'll find out that you can click certain buttons in a certain way to get a certain outcome. I know that for example that if I click buttons a certain way when it comes to a signing on fee and a massively reduced weekly wage, then I can get a desired outcome. The outcome of changing the minimum release clause is as such, regardless of the silly outcome that you're seeing.
  9. If this game is broken and easy, I'd hate to see it unbroken and hard.
  10. I have exactly the same monitor. Looks fantastic, functionally dreadful.
  11. On FM Touch there used to be an option to make all players interested in joining your club. Is there a way to do this in the editor or any other editor (like FMRTE)?
  12. I reckon I must be the worst FM player eve to grace the game if people are saying they are winning loads with GGP. I'm certainly not.
  13. I wonder if the FM24 version won't need to be completed from scratch because of the cross save thing.
  14. Reading through this thread and some of the other threads, it looks like there's nothing gamebreaking this year is there? I might start my full proper save this weekend.
  15. Yeah i just ignored the Brentford bit as I've seen the game do that daft stuff many times before. I'm sure the game probably built it in Barwell because AFC Hinckley play in Barwell in real life, despite the 2nd largest ground in Leicestershire (behind the King Power) being in Hinckley (owned by Leciester Road Hinckley). All politics which don't help non league local football and their supporters. It was a bit tongue in cheek but if it happened in real life it would be annoying!
  16. Living in Hinckley it is somewhat infuriating to see that the game has built a new stadium in Barwell!
  17. I'm honestly sick to death of this part of the game. Once again on a great winning streak of 6, turn it off last night and back on this morning to a current losing streak of 3 and counting with the last one the opposition having 10 men for most of it. It happens way way too often. So annoying.
  18. I want to change the ticket prices in the pre game editor but it doesn't work. You can change it up to £300 per ticket but when I do that it reverts to something else based on what the game thinks is appropriate. Is there a way around this?
  19. 2nd season with Birmingham, flying in the league played 13, won 12, drawn 1. Closed it down and came back a few days later. 3 defeats, 2 draws in the next 5 games. Coincidence, I know...
  20. It's difficult to keep up with all the posts in this thread so I can see why you couldn't post your massively different challenge results in here.
  21. A team leader wanted a new contract but the club literally couldn't afford his demands so he rejected it. The only option when they moan is to say ''it's not my fault you didn't accept it''. There should be one there to say ''I literally cannot offer you what you want''. Anyway, everyone else in the squad moans about not giving him what he deserves, morale goes rock bottom, team starts losing games left right and centre. The ironic thing after that is the Team Leader that asked for the new contract wasn't performing so I clicked the 'form is bad' option and he's now the only one in the squad with perfect morale!
  22. Always assign to assistant manager or other coaches. The ones I'm forced to do like start and end of season one I click the same options because I know that will work regardless. One wrong click and you've got a mutiny on your hands!
  23. I know this is one that has been around for a number of years but I had another unrealistic one today. Offered a free agent the max I could of £1.7k p/w and he rejected it in favour of £75p/w elsewhere.
  24. There is an in-game editor out there in which you can edit your stadium.
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