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  1. been this way for a long time and i have complained about it before but nothing gets done?

    it's like it's SI's goal to get you to pay for a game that's broken and then excuse all the error's and bug until a new year arrives and a new FM comes out with different errors and bugs for you to complain about. 

    been that way for at least 4 years now!

    well anyway i'm gonna try again here is my save hopefully someone reads this.

    • Thierry Píres.fm
  2. Take this one for an example i have been criticizing his training for 2 months now and he just tells me i'm wrong and it's fine and all that, he keeps declining and no matter what i say or do he wont train better i threatened him with less playing time when he spoke back and he didn't give a "****" , then i go on and put his playing time to squad player and he was upset like it was out of the blue! and there was no option to tell him i did that because of the training ! so 50 mill down the drain for a plyer who doesn't give a ****?

    develope hart 2.png

    Develope hart.png

  3. i think it's the worst part of this game , to spend countless games and time to "develop" a player that has had enough i mean coaches in real life obviously saw a potential in ravel morrison but were quick to realize he wouldn't make the cut! now i spent 120 games on bellingham with a potential of a 5 star only for him to become a 3 star ****.. ? 

    Why is there no warning at all? i mean if you have a man like steve rowley who has been in the game for a long time and then a scout who just started surely the man who's scouted and looked at players for 40 years could see the difference a lot sooner ? 

    Who decided this for got sake? 

    i mean a perfect example would be guendozi right now , they though he would be a superstar and one season later they decided he didn't have the mentality for the premier league ? where is the sense in all this?

    On 09/12/2020 at 15:34, Andrew James said:

    Hi @twitch tv ivivaj

    This is expected behaviour and working as intended. 

    There are plenty of examples of players who do peak at a young age in real life, and almost all of them would have been predicted to continue to improve at the time. 

    Staff's JPA and JPP do make a difference here, but there are always likely to be differences between a player's perceived potential ability and their actual potential ability.



  4. Also haaland still not a icon even if he is a club record goal scorer and milestones are not coming up since 2020 for him i'm in year 2025 , it's like Haaland is invisible. no is getting icon status even though alot of players have been playing for years and won a lot of trophy's i could take screenshots but it would take me forever to screenshot the whole team so here is my save.


    • Franz Beckenbauer - BVB youth backup.fm
  5. This is the second time i get a major crash because of graphics card outdated fault! if im in game when my graphics driver suddenly is outdated, a major error comes up and throws me out of game then i update my graphics driver only to fins out that steam throws a Disk Write Error at me at which i have to uninstall the whole steam app out of my computer and set it up again now the problem is that it sounds easy but it took me nearly 2 hours this time and a lot of google searching just to install it again, this is the only game that produces this kind of error on my computer and i'm getting kind of sick of it ! i posted about this problem a month ago on the crash forum which is now been taken out and locked so i am putting this here for other player's to know what to do (That is to uninstall steam and install it again) now sometimes you can't delete steam because a "File is open in another program" https://windowsreport.com/action-cannot-be-completed-because-file-open-another-program/#:~:text=If%20you're%20frequently%20getting%20The%20action%20cannot%20be%20completed,by%20deleting%20the%20temp%20folders.&text=When%20the%20temp%20folder%20opens,Press%20Enter%20or%20click%20OK. this is the guide for that , now i had to go through 9 steps and "Turn of my computer" Dont just restart it!! i hope this doesn't happen again and if it will to any of you guys just follow these steps.

    Although very time consuming and very frustrating.

  6. Hi i switched the setting to "Lead individual training" over all B team and then this stopped, but otherwise i had to constantly change it to "passing"shooting" E.t.c. , now it only happens on rare occasions if players are played out of position.

    but my B team players don't get higher ratings than 8.1 except for one player who was leaving on free transfer he had 9.0 and above for 3 months , and i have been experiencing that youngsters and players alike almost don't develop in first team even if i criticize them on a weekly basis and only start to progress when i move them back to U19 team, that was a mjor case with "Erdem Sarac" even if i have the setting to "Available to U19 for 90 min always". 

    i don't know if others are experiencing this or if my save is just buggy (although some do progress like "jens Gruber") and slowly they go from 5 star potential to 3 star. Like "paul Plogman" was a 4 and half star potential then i started playing him and he was picked for germany and suddenly stopped developing even if he had over 9.1 rating for 4 months or so and is now a 2 and a half star potential so i put him back in youth team. here is my save :)

    P.S. it would be a welcoming addition if you could finally see the training attribute on B team players without having to go in "development" and see it there :)


    • Franz Beckenbauer - BVB youth backup.fm
  7. I've been trying to get a international job for 5 seasons now and i always get the text saying i'm not the best candidate for the job , i have tried almost all country's at the top list ( i am almost a 5 star manager) and managers who have little to no reputation get the job before me, now i tried to apply for my own nations job but still a manager from Mainz (3 star rep) got the job before me now i think this is a bug because no team even looks at me and i don't get any job offers from other teams as well which is weird considering the win record i have.

    Here is the save also. 

    • Franz Beckenbauer - BVB youth backup.fm

    german national 3.png

    germany national 2.png

    germany national.png

  8. 4 hours ago, Eoin Maguire said:

    This youth intake issue where newgens aren't being created in unplayable leagues and the decline of them in playable leagues with the AI needs to be fixed ASAP! And is it going to be save compatible. I want to start my long term save now but I am holding off until I get a response

    Yh i agree youth intake regens decline more than they progress even if you have world class coaches. is it going to be save compatible SI ?

  9. Alright thx, 2024 intake is here and guess what .. AUSSIE GK, Does Lars Ricken have an Obsessive compulsive disorder for Australian goalkeepers and trying to find the next mark schwarzer?

    This must be a bug yeah? do i have to fire him? is he gone mad? is there an option for the looney bin in this game and in germany or do i have to send him to bloody Australia?

    Aussie GK 2024.png

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