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  1. have you looked into the Aussie's?  i am literally gonna get another Australian next youth intake according to youth candidate preview... this is a german club and i would think that it would make the majority of german player's right? at least player's who choose germany since they live in germany and play for a german team? i have been posting proofs and save of this issue but can't seem to get a response to this? why is that? Do you hate germans?

    Also would like to point out that this will be my 3rd aussie GOALKEEPER in 4 seasons... do i really need that many goalkeepers playing for Australia of all country's? 

    Youth preview 2023.png

  2. Erdem Sarac, Thomas Hartman, Chris rose

    it's extremely frustraing as i am trying to sign german youngsters who have all switched nationality as soon as i sign them? they all have 5 star potential and i am trying to make an all german team with good players but they ALL switch nationality's?? please have a look at this because i don't want to buy the editor as i consider it cheating but i can't build a german team if they all switch to worse teams. 

    picking austria(48th) Australia (15th) Turkey(17th) Germany is (11th) and a higher rep country in which these players came up in and play in.


    • Franz Beckenbauer - BVB youth.fm
  3. Penalty dropped 2 points out of nowhere without decline in first month of save and now it declined down to 16 from 19? his biography isn't saving and isn't appearing nor is his milestone updating it's like somebody forgot about programming when they made him and i can't get anyone on any thread to answer me!!  in total he is dropping one point per season in his penalty attribute!

    dortmund milestones.png

    haaland biography.png

    haaland milestone.png

  4. and the wingers are also running to the middle to shoot from 20-30 yards which i didn't see in 2 whole seasons on beta but now it happens every match, i have hold shape,work ball into box,low tempo,short pass but they do the opposite???

    they probably just updated the fm20 engine cause it's almost the same.. year after year the beta is good gameplay and then it turn's to **** as soon as they update?

  5. alright but then why is the gameplay different? , same tactic ,same squad,same roles,same coaches,same training but everything in the match is different since i updated? please explain that? suddenly just every player decided that they wanted to play differently at the same moment as i updated the game? hell even short passing and work ball into box is different as in the do long passes time and time again and also shoot from long range in every 3rd highlight or so which was not the case for 2 whole season before the patch!

    also it's funny you and SI say there weren't any changes made but still a lot of players are complaining since the update.. it feels like a bad version of fm20 and nothing seems to be working anymore except for the AI , i bet you some guy at SI changed something without letting anyone know and forgot about it, anyways the game is literally unplayable as the defense and goalie don't work at all (at least in my save) I've tried every variation of every defense there is and always the same highlights, they dont work the ball in to box anymore and shoot from everywhere instead of passing like fm20.

  6. My goalkeeper almost never defends one on one situations , if a player gets through i **** my pants every time because of how bad the goalkeeping is , now that's not the case with the AI goalkeeper and this must be fixed before the next patch !, my defenders almost always lets the player walk past him and it seems that kick and run is the best football in the FM world. see match. if it's supposed to be like this then surely the AI is supposed to be like this , i mean doesn't the rating of goalie mean anything, also look at it in goal number 2 in which he blasts the ball forward even though i have passing only set to center backs and full backs (extremely frustrating) and i concede because of it!?. 

    also look at my save to see his ratings , maybe Donnarumma is just bugged i don't know because i had a 2 and half star goalie (Roman Burki) which was defending a lot more than he is and that is just mad. 


    • Franz Beckenbauer - BVB youth.fm


    Borussia Dortmund v Celtic.pkm

  7. well that's the point it doesn't appear at all unless its u19 champions league, that is the only message i get from u19 except the training emails. so i can't show you anything but i uploaded the save and in the first screen shots you should see that there is supposed to be a email on the same day (or the day before) asking me for availability of players but there isn't any and hasn't been since the full release of the game.

  8. i'm a 4 star rep manager with 2 manager of the year awards but can't get a job as international manager i am german and german team suddenly became unavailable even though all the files are deleted (also the ones after update) but can't get England,spain nor france (i know im not the same nationality as those of which i am replying too) jose mourinho got the job of england and the other jobs were filled in by 3 and half star managers? are these some new changes (that you can't manage both club and international?) or am i misunderstanding anything? 

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