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  1. I have the tactical instruction set for my goalkeeper to pass to the centre backs and full backs, but despite this he appears to clear the ball up the pitch. This results in the opposition team acquiring the ball and scoring against me. If you would be able to look into this, and advise me what further information you need me to provide to show these issues in my save, I would appreciate it. Thank you very much for your time.

  2. i can't criticize players that are 7.3 and under or else they get unhappy and don't develop? can't see a way to spur players to develop if they don't take the criticism.

    also i spent a whole year criticizing Marco reus and he never went above 7.5 and just got unhappy , now he is so bad that i have to sell him and he got mad about it because now i'm forcing him out of the club for no apparent reason.

    zaniolo training.png

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