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  1. As far as I know yes Reputation is the main influence on team promotions from unplayable leagues. For the reserves question it depends on the league/nation & what exactly you loaded in the advanced rules. The bigger the nation you're playing in, the more likely the game will simulate enough to give your players the much needed game time. I'm pretty sure if you selected to add players to unplayable leagues below your league in the pregame setup the game will simulate more stats than it would otherwise (and will fill the teams you're playing against more). If the reserves are mixed into the standard pyramid (like Germany for example) for unplayable leagues you should get full match ratings as the game needs to generate sufficient data to determine who gets promoted into playable divisions. As an example I loaded up my Eintracht Frankfurt Save and you can see that players are playing League Matches for the 2nd team and also have form data even though when you go to the 2nd team there are no matches and the game doesn't even say its loaded into a league. This has lots of added North American databases but uses Vanilla Germany: Edit: Well I looked a little more into what those matches are my players are getting match ratings for and its completely bizarre. If you look closer at those clubs our II club league played teams from Luxembourg, Malta, San Marino & Spain. While I get Spain reserve teams (for the same logic as German ones) I really don't understand why we play the tiny league teams as well as not just German teams. Here are the leagues loaded:
  2. FC Elazig Spor Hamburg Season 18 2040-41 Regional Division: North (Tier 4) Competitions League: 8 of 19 [Preview – 17/19 (50-1)] This finish is more realistic to the team ability right now. I have to say that there was a distinct difference in results in the front half compared to the back half and I put that completely on the transfer out of our GK Tunahan Senol. Cup: 1st Round Exit Game was mean and matched me up with Hamm United (who knocked us out last year) in the First Round. Literally 1 of 2 hard teams out of the over 100 in the cup. Anyways, we did well to hold them to a 1-1 draw to force ET where nothing happened. Then in the shootout it was our current captain Mehmet Can who missed the final penalty to send us packing. Squad: The team still lacks a competent striker. Feridun Altintas may look like he did reasonably well with a 12 goal return, but 7 of those goals came in the final 4 matches so for the majority of the campaign he was all but useless. His awful decisions & Composure just ruin what could be a decent striker. Ozkan Vural had two injuries this year so struggled with fitness, but started to look better at the end of the year once he learned "Round Keeper" to make up for his abysmal shooting. Mehmet Can infuriated me this year. He turned down 6 great loan offers and 3 transfers to stay at the club and then went on to score literally 1 goal for us in over 20 appearances. At least he is a decent mentor for youngsters, but both the forwards above are Professional w/ 14+ Determination and better "Big Match" ratings so they trump him. CA & Overview: Team Data: Statistics Excel: I'll come back to this going to be painful for the offense. Goalkeepers: I forgot to do a mid-season export of data so I don't have Senol's performance. I Did however screenshot the "season stats" blurb right when I transferred him because he was doing fantastic keeping our club up in the mid-table fight Compare this to how Levent Kuru performed when he returned to the club. Yes, other clubs made some transfers but at this level if anything the II teams will get worse when players get pulled up / loaned out. Then our team was essentially the same in every other position after the winter holiday, so this is IMO objectively inferior performance. And again, like 2 seasons ago, I have a situation where the younger keeper out on loan Adam Seman did fantastic in the Oberliga guiding Ottensen to the Hamburg Championship and into the dreaded Promotion Playoff. So I'll probably do another keeper swap. I got Seman onto a 2+3 deal so I'll at least have him till he's 28, which means most likely Kuru will spend the rest of his career with us out on loan in Turkey so he doesn't get frustrated at no gametime. Transfers: Well this was the final year for my GK and I took the risk of losing him on a free in the summer as at this level I am not expecting large payoffs from transfers. However, come December I was able to make one of the best $1 transfers ever when I got Barcelona to bite and agree to a 20% sell-on! I'm sure he was happy to go from $100 p/w to $81k p/w and move right in as the starting GK for Barcelona B. Other than him it was a bunch of loans to develop extra youngsters and ditching some poor players on frees. Only exception is Bora Gulec who I messed up and let get a non-contract after he turned 17, and before I could renegotiate it Juventus came in to take him into their U18 team. Was our 4th or 5th AML so not really an issue. Youth Academy Youth Intake Preview: Youth Intake: 3 Foreign nationalities is fun with an American, French & Armenian Player! I'm happy to get 2 Quality FBs that are actually naturals for each of the positions. Not the best personalities, but not horrible. YI Player Highlights: Academy Data: Professional-Ambition-Determination Graphs: Current Ability Tracking & Total Personality: Full Personality Pie-Chart: Academy Overview: International Players: Just holidaying through the summer right after posting the season update and my rotation LB/CD/DM Adrian Brito got called up to the Dominican Republic National Team! And unsurprisingly our new Armenian youngster will get to join his nations U19 squad. Hovsepyan got to play and unfortunately Brito remained an unused substitute. HOYD: No change. Head Coach Nothing of note. Club Finances: I thought the board takeover would be a nothing event but the new chairman is investing significant money into the club. 170k last year and his over 500k this year is actually matching our debt payments so for the first time in recent memory the club is cash flow positive! They've also stepped up their fundraising game significantly almost matching our Gate Reciepts with their fundraising. On the negative side the board significantly cut funding to the academy 2 years ago now so I expect to see a measurable drop in player quality soon. Luckily the last few intakes have been good so hopefully we can weather the storm. "Just" 7 more years till we pay off the loan... And of course the good times couldn't last: Manager Thoughts Looking forward to next season with the next GK and to have 4 young high potential defenders to finally start rotating into the starting lineup to have defensive depth. I have little hope on any of our strike prospects becoming finally good, but we have a great CAM developing. He can play striker as well, so he might actually move higher up if I can't get any of the natural strikers to play well. Competition History:
  3. Oh its a way of doing the Advanced Database settings. That should be fine. I thought it was a custom player/league database he created, which wouldn't necessarily be allowed.
  4. FC Elazig Spor Hamburg Season 17 2039-40 Regional Division: North (Tier 4) Competitions League: 4 of 19 [Preview – 10/19 (2000-1)] What a turnaround! I'm not ashamed gegenpressing myself to the top here with a team that is significantly inferior to everyone else in the league. B-U is obviously way better than everyone else as the relegated 3-Liga side. Cup: Semi-Final Defeat Another knockout by Hamm United, who then lost to B-U who did a lower-league double this year to totally dominate T4. Squad: For the first half of the season (before the intake players breach the 16 bar) there were only two changes to the lineup form last year. Tunahan Senol became the man between the sticks, and 16-year-old Sertac Gazioglu stepped up at LB. Suffice to say both were significant improvements, with Senol being outstanding at GK and developing immensely this season becoming the media's top GK in the league. I'm bummed he will leave us in a year continuing to deny any talks to renew his deal. After New Years I was finally able to use Murat Oztekin, last years top-prospect, and he showed that there might be something special there. 9 goals and 4 assists in 17 appearances makes him our 4th highest scorer only playing under half the minutes of the three who tied at 11. CA & Overview: Team Data: This year was the return to form of Efekan Sengul who registered 13 assists and was a join top socrer with 11 goals! He is followed by his rotation option Okan Yalcon in assists at 11. To have my IWs generating double-digit assists proves it was a successful formation shift. Team Demographics: The same graphs for the youth intakes exist for the squad, with an additional 4-pack of graphs that track year-over-year CA by position group and playing time. The minutes distinction is new since I originally played this save, so I only have data for the past two seasons. Statistics Excel: May add later, the question this year like last year is on what to do with strikers. Mehmet Can I really want to keep playing, but I really question his effectiveness without speed especially as he takes away valuable playing time from all our young prospects. Transfers: Tons of loans, but no meaningful departures. I basically loan out the entire youth players I don't see as playing a role in my first team. Youth Academy Youth Intake Preview: Youth Intake: Pretty solid intake, which was attacking focused like I anticipated with that preview. YI Player Highlights: Academy Data: Professional-Ambition-Determination Graphs: Current Ability Tracking & Total Personality: Full Personality Pie-Chart: Academy Overview: Head Coach Didn't notice anything pop up. Club We are still super broke, so nothing is changing here. Manager Thoughts What a year, I knew there was something special in this squad worth a second look. I was confident we would do better this season, but 'best of the rest' was not on my radar. The two things that held us back at the end of the year is: 1) Lack of Depth in all 4 defensive positions. 2) Underperformance by our dedicated strikers. 1) While this won't get fixed in the Fall I'm pretty sure we will be in better shape in the next 2-3 years as there are some decent CD prospects in the pipeline. However, we still have junk for fullbacks so we will be relying on our outstanding GK core to keep us in the hunt till some talent appears. 2) I am starting to generate some promising AFs who are the 'beat the keeper' type w/o finishing, who will probably become the protype #9 for the club instead of the DLF we've historically deployed. Speed in the attacking 3 just is overpowered in these lower-leagues over skill. Competition History:
  5. Can you link the DB? The general rule of thumb is DBs are allowed to enable playing in countries/tiers not available in the base game as long as they attempt to recrate the real world leagues. Thus no fantasy DBs like USA with Pro/Rel is allowed. Those are all great leagues to choose. 3) Yes, use a holidayman who then retires and is never played with. Then create a coach with the minimum experience (Sunday League & No Badges) with any single nationality. You can choose any club promoted into the lowest playable league regardless if they have an existing coach or not.
  6. FC Elazig Spor Hamburg Season 16 2038-39 Regional Division: North (Tier 4) Competitions League: 13 of 18 [Preview – 18/18 (1000-1)] Ending the season 10 points clear of relegation makes it seem like a safer season than this was. I struggled significantly to get a formation to work with this team having forgotten how it played as well as coping with a gaping hole at LB. I must have anticipated issues as I had drafted a 4-3-3 instead of a 4-2-3-1 that was less aggressive. It however was disastrous losing our first 3 games. I then retried our 4-2-3-1 and lost 3 of 4 league games, so that was bad as well. My final plan was to strip the team back to basics and go a 4-2-4 long ball with 6 players back at all times and attack with 4. Of course we lost the first 3 games this way, but by 1 goal and the team looked more stable. I stuck with it and we pulled ourselves up from dead last to unquestioned survival with the ugliest football you've ever seen. Cup: Quarter Final Somehow we beat Hamm United in Extra time and put together a solid cup performance for such a dire season. We of course got the hardest team in the tournament in the QF with B-U and we did well to lose 1-0. They easily beat the next opponent and went on to win it. Squad: CA & Overview: Season Stats: End of Season top lists helps see who actually was contributing to our success. Here you can see both my strikers were fairly poor with 11 & 12 goals in ~2500 minutes. Biggest disappointment is actually our star winger Sengul is at the bottom of the assist table and not on the goal table so was not utilized effectively in the season. Squad CA by Position and Gametime Breakdown: I like this to point to me where the team is weak depth-wise. Helps for planning. Downside is I rely on the game telling me where a players ideal position is, so it isn't necessarily where they play in my system. Team Data: Statistics Excel: Strikers: Of the 4 2 played up top (Mehmet Can & Feridun Altintas). The other two (Vural & Gezgin) were 2 of our 3 AMR players. They would sometimes feature as subs as strikers but were never the first choice. In the first movement/creative stats the surprise for me was Altintas actually had a reasonable chance creation, generating assists and converting them. Both of the AMRs did really well actually generating chances which was a pleasant surprise. That optimism for them gets bleak fast when you look at their scoring statistics. I truly don’t think I’ve ever had players that horrible at scoring in an offensive position like they were in. Granted, they weren’t the strikers but still that is just horrendous. You can see though that my strikers weren’t a whole lot better. Altintas actually got himself into good positions generating a lot of NP-xG/90 for the league, and then turned that into a number of shots. However, his accuracy was poor and his conversion even worse which is why his Gls/90 was pretty bang average. He’s let down by poor Composure & Decisions, which I am training him on but its slow developing. At least he’s Professional. Transfers: I did my best to loan out my players to get them some game time. Unfortunately, the Slovakian club that took Seman did him dirty and didn't give him a single appearance which did nothing to help develop him. On the flip side though, Senol had a breakout season with SV Elversberg leading them to a League Win + Promotion as well as the Regional Cup Trophy! Senol vs Kuru Comparison: Pretty even GKs overall with a couple different benefits to each. What I like more about Senol is his Decisions & Concentration as well as the fact he’s 6’4”. Yes both have the same jumping and aerial, but the physicals I think are better distributed for Senol. Performance: Goalkeepers are both easier and harder to compare than field players. Each team only has one in the dataset (usually), so you can use the main table instead of the breakouts. However, I have more trouble judging from the stats the difference between good and great goalkeepers. Here it is even harder to compare my two GKs as Senol played a tier lower for the top side, while Kuru played at a higher tier for a bottom side. Kuru: Senol: The three big statistics for me that made me take the risk on swapping GKs for the next season is that Senol had 23 shutouts in a 30 game season with an average of only .27 Goals/Game. What's even crazier is he created .25 Chances per game (from I'm guessing long kicks over the top), which is extremely high for a goalkeeper. Obviously, he didn't have to work nearly as hard as Kuru who made well over 100 saves this season compared to Senol's less than 25. The other fact of why I'm giving Senol the chance now is he only has 2 years left on his contract and since I started the save he's considered himself too-good for a new contract with us. Kuru on the other hand I have for 4 more years (with extensions), so one or two years out on loan in Turkey is fine. Youth Academy Youth Intake Preview: Youth Intake: YI Player Highlights: Academy Data: Professional-Ambition-Determination Graphs: Looking through my saved exports it seems I'm missing a year of data, which is fine as you can still see the trends. Academy is doing great in producing Professional players. Current Ability Tracking & Total Personality: What's interesting to me is only how recently the academy isn't generating completely trash players. We even got a 36+ CA player this year for only the second time! Full Personality Pie-Chart: Disgusting I know. Academy Overview: Excel does not like the Turkish special characters, so apologizes for all the broken names. Head Coach No accolades, just glad the board never brought me in for a talking to. Club Finances: We had a boardroom shuffle this year that honestly made things even worse. They restructured the debt in a way that generated a paper 1.7M profit, which we will now have a 230k tax on next year. At this point why not, what even is money anyways? Manager Thoughts Next Season Formation: The big task is developing our formation for next season to do better than ‘just not fail’. I've developed a 4-2-3-1 Gegen Press that will take advantage of the teams high work rate, determination & aggression abilities. The main Issue is my “star” striker Mehmet Can had an awful season up top and I really think his 5/20 movement is just not good enough to get behind the defenses I’m facing. Instead, I think I’m going to try a more GP 4-2-3-1 that is still cautious but uses a high line and drops Can into the 10 slot to take advantage of his great mental attributes instead of sitting up top in a DLF role. He should function fairly similarly in this configuration.
  7. I've taken a break from FM for a couple months, but with the season starting here in the US & the climax of the continental competitions beginning, I felt the draw back to FM while I watch matches. As I still haven't got FM24 (and honestly might just skip and wait for FM25 at this point) I looked back through my abandoned save folder to see if any old saves interested me. That's when I remembered Turkish player generating Elzaig Spor Hamburg! Having played the save now for over a week and finishing my second season, its fair to say I'm back in it and thus worth posting back in the thread. Few things drew me back to Hamburg: 1) Alt-nation team ; 2) Horrendous Finances & Facilities ; 3) Unbalanced & significantly lower ability squad than division, 4) Difficult Regional Cup, 5) Good Player Personalities, 6) Interesting Player Statistics. 1) Turkish Generating Club - This makes for very interesting player development as loans go between lower German clubs & Turkish clubs. It also helps for higher salary players as Turkey has strict foreign rules, so clubs are willing to pay higher percent of wages for slight talent from us. 2) Ludicrous Stadium Debt - When the club was doing great fighting for promotion from T5 the board decided our tiny 500 person clay field wasn't sufficient. Then in a league where players are on under $100 p/w contracts the board spent over $3M on a stadium immediately bankrupting the club. I return to a squad with a (1.4M) bank balance & $3.3M Loan Debt. 3) 3 Star Goalkeepers but no Fullbacks - The team depth chart is laughable. 3 of our 5 best players are Goalkeepers, so I'm forced to loan 2 of them out so they actually play any matches. We had a star LB, but he wouldn't sign a new deal and I lost him over the summer before this season. For field players the creative genius of the team is AML Efekan Sengul who serves up the lethargic DLF Mehmet Can. We then have a good spine to the team with tall & decent CD with two good DMs. A young CAM/ST rounds out the remaining talent for the squad. Everyone else is 1.5* or less for both FB positions & AMR. 4) Two lower-league powerhouses blocking easy Cup-sweeps - Germany makes it difficult to go on lucrative cup runs as you have to win your regional cup first and then the next year you get entered into the DFB Pokal. We have a sole cup trophy in 2034, but we are coming off our 3rd final defeat this year to one of the two current dominant LL Hamburg Clubs: Hamm United & Barmbek-Uhlenhorst. Both of these clubs I consider our rivals as they have consistently made life difficult for us. B-U is exciting as they were also a viable club for this challenge and last season got promoted into the 3-Liga so are a fully professional club, while Hamm and all the rest are semi-pro. 5) Professional Personalities Galore: This team is young (only 2 players over 25) and is extremely professional: 2x Professional, 3x Driven, 7x Resolute, 13x Fairly Professional & 1x Spirited. Granted a number of these players are trash and will get tossed in short order, but the team is already trending professional and is set up perfectly for mentor groups to correct errant youngsters. 6) Statistics Manager: A way I've tended to play the game in recent years is with two excel spreadsheets to analyze performance of players and club development. To me, starting in the lower part of a dominant nation will provide interesting statistical analysis throughout the life of the save as well as get a proper measure of the improvement of my youth program. Current Ability Calculator Here you can see very quickly the difference between our squad vs Hamm whose player ability I also exported. For reference to where the team was, here is the last post I made in the FM23 thread back on May 2 2023 recounting our first season in the North German Regional Division (Tier 4) after finally making it through the bottleneck of the Oberliga after 5 attempts: Career Summary: And proof its still a Youth-Only challenge.
  8. I'd load in all of his league DBs even if you don't intend on playing in the nations. The only one that might be an issue is Puerto Rico. I know in FM23 a lot of the USA Lower league mods would touch teams there, which would break that league. You'd have to check with TMC if he did or not. It will be obvious when you load up the game as you'll get a big error for the league.
  9. Smart thinking! Now the test is to Sim 10 seasons w/o it and see what happens to league ranks.
  10. Would at least make playing as Barbados Martinique Puerto Rico or Cuba significantly more engaging as they are hard-coded into the NACL qualifying with the bigger nations. Is it a lot of work to split the NACL off into its own additional file? Could at least help narrow down where the bad interaction is happening.
  11. All Lichtenstein teams get the Vaduz treatment, but if you win enough titles you can improve your entry point to the EL from the Conference. Pretty sure it can't get raised to the Champions league. I had a good time in the German Lower leagues until the board built a stadium and bankrupted the club. Cup runs for funds are a lot harder as you have to win the regional pokal first to get entered into the DFB the following season. Lots of cool foreign regen clubs in the city leagues. Hamburg alone had two Turkey teams, a Croatia and I want to say Serbian that all could get promoted as viable for the challenge.
  12. Your MLS teams are doing way better than mine getting to finals more often than not, which is good to see. Always has bummed me out how poor the AI is at handling MLS rosters, maybe they are less incompetent this year?? Hope you get to that first final faster than I did! Man that was a slog.
  13. In last years file it was something about the NACL changes that froze the rankings like you're seeing @XaW. My game only has dynamic league reputation because I didn't add that mod file, which fixes the issue but you dont get the full carribbean cup experience. Having never edited I don't have a clue of what is happening. Real bummer of a glitch.
  14. Awesome domination in the Caribbean! Out of curiosity, how have the MLS teams fared in the NACL for you?
  15. Two major things i do: 1) check for if the AM has set "Endurance" training during high congestion windows and change it to something less intensive. Helps reduce some very frustrating injuries that can occur. 2) NACL has lots of Midweek game scheduling so i go in and make sure the training is adjusted for midweek games, which sometimes requires just reselecting the training set for the week to auto-fix the Rest / Match Practice days. I also handle all individual training, that's where I really target developing my players. At the end when you have maxed out facilities & coaches I'm sure there's ways to optimize squad training to develop players towards your playstyle, but I'm not that skilled at optimization. Maybe next game I'll dive into it.
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