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  1. Season 13 - 2036/37 - Czechia - First Division: My hope was to finish in the top eight and push on as far as possible, and that's exactly what we did. I was a bit disappointed by the showing at Stoke, but a 4-2 aggregate loss to a premier league club is nothing to be upset about at this stage. It may be a lower league position than last season, but with the increase in schedule congestion with our run in Europe, I'm very happy. Overall the season was a success. Thankfully no big sales. I managed to fend everyone off. Two new wonder kids, and a former in the top ten now. Both of my players are seeing plenty of first-team time for me. "33C" on Southampton now has a value of "$91-141M" with a 35% profit clause for a player I sold for $2M. I'd have rather kept him, but whenever that one goes through, I hope, it will fund the club for a few more seasons. Thought I'd through a little world update for where we are from a build a nation PoV and a bit of the club info. For whatever reason the league history doesn't include the years the club was in the third division. I didn't snap a screenshot at time of intake so visuals a bit different. This is another really deep intake. Might be the best potential one yet. 2037/38 Season Preview: I don't believe we're quite ready to push for the league title yet, but with such a strong season last year I'm hoping to at least push for Champions League places. 2037 European Summer Adventure: First up was a trip to Portugal against Estoril Praia, who have turned themselves into a top-half club. An underwhelming draw had me a bit apprehensive, but that was unfounded as we won handily at home in the second leg. After that, we welcomed Swiss Cup winners Schaffhausen, and narrowly won. A gutsy road draw sees back in the Europa League for the season season in a row. Tougher draw than last season, but a great chance to see where we are in the world.
  2. I average a season every other day, three at most. I work from home and my job allows many quick little breaks, so I frequently hit next a lot. I also find FM to be the perfect game to play while watching TV, right now I'm watching the Phillies game and playing, I don't like just watching TV so I need to be playing something.
  3. Still some work to do there, but we've had some hints of success against them.
  4. Season 12 - 2035/36 - Czechia - First Division: Was never really close to catching Sparta Prague, but was a fun race for the remaining Champions League spot. Our depth is finally stabilizing a bit, so now we're playing with fewer "Second Division" level players. Our keeper took a big step forward, and I have him locked up for the new four seasons. Other than the one sale to Southampton, mostly all loans or trimming the fat a bit. $2M was an underpay, but he had six months left and I got a 35% profit clause for a player whose value jumped to 74-112M. I don't like when we get raided en masse, but one big sale a season or huge clause triggering keeps us in the black for years with max facilities and getting lots of coaches. Another deep with potential intake. Bonus is the diversity of positions too. 2036/37 Season Preview: With the congestion of adding European competitions, I don't expect a repeat of second place. However, I am expecting our depth players' continued development into more starting-caliber players and the season to end in the Champions Group and fighting for Europe. 2036 European Summer Adventure: Feyenoord was a tough draw, but I was holding out hope that we could hang. I wasn't expecting to get past them comfortably. I had no delusions of grandeur after getting Roma, and then we won fairly cleanly at home 1-0. The second tie was 3-0 at the half and I was just happy to end with that score. I'm extremely happy with how we played, and it gives me confidence for how we'll do in the Europa League. Regensburg immediately jumped out to me. I'm not sure what happened in real life before the game time, so maybe there was a "tycoon" takeover and investment. There's nothing in the game that stands out in the club landmarks. This just appears to be a club that slowly built up through the pyramid. Regarding the draw, I'm hopeful to be in the hunt for a top 8. I'll be ambitious.
  5. If I have a player locked up long enough I play hardball. All these players have refused to sign contracts almost immediately, so it usually becomes a choice to keep them until their contract runs out or sell them off. Plus some have come in so high the owner accepts.
  6. Season 11 - 2034/35 - Czechia - First Division: My goal was to compete for a European spot, and we just missed out on the championship group. We competed in the European playoffs and lost in penalties in the final, for a spot that ended up not going to Europe anyway lol. My hope coming off the congested season was the team would do better this year, but losing our star keeper and striker the previous season and then our best midfielder for this season really showed. By xG we should have been 5th. We did get an active player on the NXGN list. I'd say we're set there except his contract is in its final year, he won't renew, and will be going to Southampton 1/1 (not sure why the transfer date was set there). The one thing I can not complain about is that we get loaded intakes every season. For Reference three-star players are "First Division Standard", so about half the class has First Division potential. 2035/36 Season Preview: I'm a little nervous about this upcoming season. I don't think the bottom will fall out or anything, but I am worried about plateauing here. It's also very difficult to keep the wolves at bay to allow us to take that next step forward. I wouldn't be surprised if we fight for European finish, but I also wouldn't be surprised to just be midtable.
  7. Season 10 - 2033/34 - Czechia - First Division: My suspicions were confirmed that our roster wasn't deep enough yet to handle Europe and the League and succeed in both. I wasn't expecting to make it to the quarter-finals, so that was a pleasant surprise. Losing our Keeper and striker led to both giving up too many goals and not scoring enough. Our backup striker has developed into a decent player. Our keeper is still considered a Second Division player. Adding to the "fun" we also just lost another good player right before the season clicked over. Another update on the one that got away...for free. It's a hell of an intake with some incredible nationality diversity. Keeper is a big need which makes me quite happy to see our top prospect of the class. 2033/34 Season Preview: Hopefully, the other European teams leave me alone for the year. If they do We'll be in the hunt for Europe again.
  8. It's happened to me as well and it was okay. Player history will also show the player only having been at your club as well.
  9. Season 9 - 2032/33 - Czechia - First Division: In jest, I had said I needed to raise my expectations and we would win the league. Turns out we're a bit closer than I realized. In the final ten matches of the season, I believe the team just wore down. The oldest player is 24, so there are still a lot of young legs and brains out there. Two big moves last season. Southampton taking our best player in the midfield wasn't ideal, but we did get a nice 40% clause on there and if he sold for his current value we'd probably get 8-10 M in the bank in addition to the initial $2M. The painful one was Ali Ali leaving to Inter on an expired contract. He was our best player and immediately ranked as #2 wonderkid in the world. A very nice intake here, with a couple of players, jumped right to the first team as rotation pieces. 2033/34 Season Preview: I will underestimate the team again, but that's because of the addition of European football to the schedule. Hopefully being extra diligent about rotation and fitness we'll at least make the top six group again in the league, and I'd like to see us make the top 24 in the Europa League. I wrote this before the start of the season and decided to play until the Europa League was drawn. In that time my keeper was sold to Man City for 10M. My current best keeper is a "Good Second Division" player. That makes everything more difficult and my most dire need for a future intake is a keeper. I only have three left in the system and this is the only player with real potential.
  10. Back to back Usti posts Season 8 - 2031/32 - Czechia - First Division: Our first season in the top division went incredibly well. A really poor performance against Slovacko in the Champions group cost us a place in Europe. Regardless, the season was an incredible success when the only goal was to not go back down immediately. We're no longer flying under the radar and keeping my top players is now an issue. Not pictured is my star wingback who refused to sign and left right after the season rolled over. Fortunately, we've had some deep intakes and strong facilities are helping to replenish the first team. The end product didn't quite match the preview, but we could still add more depth that will help out. 2032/33 Season Preview: Clearly my expectation setting has been way too low the last few seasons, so I'm going to say we win the league
  11. Season 7 - 2030/31 - Czechia - Second Division: I was concerned after two of my best players had release clauses activated right at the start of the season. Things did get dicey at the end and I was worried about blowing the lead we built. However, in the end, it all worked out. There is no standout star in this intake, but some quality to add to the club. 2031/32 Season Preview: I don't think they fancy my chances much. I played the first two matches and I think the team has a legitimate chance at staying up. I don't think it'll be easy though.
  12. Season 6 - 2029/30 - Czechia - Second Division: The team was way more competitive than I expected, but there's still a bitter taste to leave so many points at the end and miss a shot at promotion. Not quite as deep of an intake, but some real talent at the top of the class. A Unique player here. He came right in at Second Division standard with "Could Improve a lot" potential. Just trimming the roster. 2030/31 Season Preview: I'm going to raise my expectations from last season and say I expect the be in the hunt for promotion again this season. Our training facilities are great, and I've been allowed to hire a lot of coaches, even if they aren't great.
  13. Well, I suppose I was not optimistic enough after all. I'm guessing the Tycoon takeover and all the upgrades I've been able to get have pushed the timeline faster than I realized. They came in hot with a big investment, including boosting facilities. I've then been able to get consistent upgrades and coaching classes approved. Little concerned about the mediocre looking preview, but as you can see above I've had a lot of facilities upgrades.
  14. Season 5 - 2028/29 - Czechia - Second Division: By xG we should have been a midtable team, but our offense let us down this season. Nothing major again. Hopefully, this beefy boy develops into just what I need. Overall it was a good intake once again very deep in potential. 2029/30 Season Preview: I'm not sure why there is a spike in expectations. That has me a bit concerned. Maybe I'm underestimating the team, but I feel like we're a season away from that.
  15. Congrats @libbyshuss! I'm still crushed my Belgium save bombed out, but am very happy to see someone pull it off!
  16. Season 4 - 2027/28 - Czechia - Second Division: A more comfortable season, but we're still way too leaky defensively. I'm sure it could be helped tactically, but the talent is mostly third-division-level. A few players take off with development and then it becomes a struggle to keep them and I have lost a few good players. We're still in the churn phase and hopefully I can get more upgrades to help hasten the development to make that push up the table and be more suitable for my better players to stay. The three that went for money I would have loved to have kept. Unfortunately, they didn't want to stay. I was hoping for a standout striker, keeper, or defender. Doesn't look to be that intake. Well no standout players, but I have never received an intake this good when the team wasn't empty of talent. Three-star potential for my team ranges from good third-division player to second-division standard. 2028/29 Season Preview: My goal for this year is to start seeing some improvement to build off of. The class of 25 has now all aged out of the Under 18s, so I plan to do a lot of rotating with my youth players to have them start hitting their potential hopefully and hopefully able to keep most of them and start moving up the table. I still think it'll be 2-3 seasons before the roster churn ends and the real game begins.
  17. It does take us from insecure and semi-pro to secure and professional. I am trying to trim 200K p/a from my payroll. Both salaries (current are targeted) would be the second lowest in the top division. There are two rich clubs at the top and everyone else is okay or insecure (two clubs). We're also on pace to lose a lot every year so I'm basically treating it as a bailout and a boost to save my save basically.
  18. Well, this changes the outlook dramatically. Full suite of upgrades in progress and I'll be able to resign my players to full time contracts.
  19. Season 3 - 2026/27 - Czechia - Second Division: As I feared it was a tough season. The bottom half of the table was very tight for most of the season. Fortunately, we ended the season playing three out of the last five against teams that finished below us. Even worse is being downgraded. This likely sets off a failure cascade. Nothing major to report here We are still building a lot of future depth. I have a good number of players over the last few intakes with the potential to push the club into the first division in a few years. We need them to develop. A full five-star potential is: "Decent First Division player." Three and a half stars is: "Second Division standard player." 2027/28 Season Preview: I think the team is good enough to stay up, but it'll be tough. Going semi-pro is also very tough.
  20. Season 2 - 2025/26 - Czechia - Second Division: The team was fairly weak defensively and our better offensive players were very injury prone. I wasn't expecting to push for the top of the table but was hoping for better than 13th place. Regardless, we comfortably stayed up points-wise. When they finally weren't injured they were asking to leave. In addition to the Morale Manager sales, two players also retired. three of the four were still useful players for me. Early in a TC run as much as I'd love a superstar I'm looking for quality depth, and seeing the break down of the B & C Rated prospects in optimal positions for me was a relief. Currently: 2* = Good 3rd division player 4* - Standard 2nd division player That was exactly the intake I was hoping for. Players that are good enough to be backups with starting potential while we go through a few seasons of roster churn and development. 2026/27 Season Preview: Since the season turned over I've had two more starters force their way out, two players announce exploring options at the end of the season, and two others mad about one of the players from last season being sold instead of letting his contract expire (I got 16K two weeks before it expired, I am confused why they're mad). I remain cautiously optimistic despite the previous sentence and low expectations of the media and board. Might be a tougher season though.
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