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  1. I'm afraid you have forgot Endrick is still a Palmeiras player in all legal documents (he signed a professional contract with Palmeiras before Real Madrid signed him). He is playing for Palmeiras in Brazil righ now. The international transfer in question has not happened yet. Real Madrid abosolutely has no intention to bring him to Spain before he turns 18. Why do they need to take those actions to "bypass" the rules? What Real Madrid did is getting Endrick sign a pre-contract to agree on a professional contract which will only take effect when he becomes 18. The pre-contract itself won't turn Endrick into a Real Madrid player so that it doesn't against any existing rules. This has been working perfectly in FM til SI screwd it up by changing the players' transfer interest behavior.
  2. What exactly are the rule changes you guys keep talking about? The FIFA official document is available on the internet to everyone. Please show us the changes.
  3. Thanks for all your valuable feedback and testing. I have updated the V2 for 2023 version and my future plan as well. Let me know if you have any thoughts. For ACL qualification, here are the two scenarios as per my test. 1) Start from Jan 2023 (I have updated the game start date and it is displayed as 2023 season now) ACL 2022 will not be played/simulated (as expected). ACL 2023 will be scheduled and the correct Japanese teams are drawn as below. 2) Start from Jul 2022 (the major European leagues start date) ACL 2022 will be played/simulated. ACL 2023 will be scheduled but incorrect Japanese teams will be drawn. I think it has to do with the default ACL rule and unfortunately I cannot do anything more with my file. ACL 2024 will draw the correct japanese teams (as expected).
  4. Yes, I was testing with the 2 files I created only. It looks like the game start date is also playing a role here. I will run some more tests at least to get a consistence result.
  5. I have tested it by removing those settings. But it is drawing more teams than expected. The correct rule shall be 3 group spots and 1 playoff spot.
  6. Both teams are managed by AI. I do feel the match engine was made in favour of Liverpool or its tactics while you said "a low pressing 'get stuck in' side will likely have less cards than a high press team". Liverpool v Everton.pkm
  7. It sounds like a bug in the default ACL rules. I haven't tried to create any continental competition. If anyone can guide me how to export the default ACL rule, I may take a look at it.
  8. This happens to all clubs even big clubs like Man City, Liverpool, other clubs will always try to offer very low price to unsettle your young players. The problems here is that the price offered is way lower than the market values, most times it comes with unrealistic terms (e.g. international appearance, after 50 league appearance, more than 20 league goals) to pretend to be a good offer. And they keep sending new offers without significant increase in the price. On the last day of the transfer window, you might get 4-5 offers for the same player which is quite annoying. The workaround is to dicuss with the player to set the asking price. It has been reported in past versions and I don't see any improvement in FM23.
  9. Shouldn't SI or you show us what was changed in the FIFA documents? I have attached the 2022 copy and I don't see there is any difference. You can look at page 29 INTERNATIONAL TRANSFERS INVOLVING MINORS There is NO rule to stop clubs signing pre contract with players younger than 18. That's exactly how Real Madrid signed Endrick. RSTP 16 March 2022_EN.pdf
  10. The loan status is set at the start the game. You can see the same happeing in your own youth team. And AI tream will only put their best young prospects on loan list before the transfer windows starts. I think the possible solution will be not to preset the loan status so that other clubs can make offer to players not on loan list during the transfer windows.
  11. Updated a new file with new format for 2023 and 2024. Altought start date has been set to 2023, it has no issue to start with the European leagues in Jun/July 2022. Had some issue with YBC Levain Cup 2023 format so I updated it to 2024 format which including all 60 J League clubs. May spend some time later to see if I can revise the Emperor's Cup to the real format.
  12. In the group stage, I have got 20 teams separated into 5 groups. The top one from each group gets automatically qualified for the next next stage. How can I make 3 out of the 5 2nd place teams qualified as well (total 8 teams qualified)? I have tried the sub league table setting in the group stage, but have no idea how it can be transfered to the next stage. Can anyone give me some advice on it?
  13. If you think high pressing means more cards, I have to say you guys know nothing about football. Look at the Premier League team stats. Who gets the least cards? Man City and Liverpool! https://www.premierleague.com/stats/top/clubs/total_yel_card?se=489
  14. It looks like there will be no promotion from JFL for the next two years which makes it much more simple. 20 clubs for each tier is same as what I expect. I don't want to comment too much about other's work. What I can say is that this is the first league DB I created from scratch by myself. I chose Japan because it's much easier for me to find the info compared to other leagues and it gives me enough motivation to continue update it especially from the recent world cup experience.
  15. Earlier I forgot to set the yellow card bans in the default discipline rules. This has been fixed in V3. Also I have created a new file to add sponsorship income for all J League clubs (J1, J2, J3). For JFL clubs, I only find the figures for Nara Club. For Honda FC, I changed it's sugar daddy type from none to backend.
  16. It looks like most of the clubs are struggling to make profit. I will try to add recurring sponsorship income. But I can only find the last year financial report for J League (J1, J2, J3) clubs. If anyone knows where to find the figures for JFL clubs, do let me know.
  17. How do you determine those clubs don't have the interest to extend the loan? The reality is we cannot extend loan for any single player except for some rare case that the loaning club comes to offer an extension. Is your QA team able to provide a successful case? If not, then this function is broken.
  18. is there any plan to fix this in FM23? Really hope I don't need to see the same bug in FM24.
  19. OMG, what are you talking about? You don't even know how your game works? If we are to make an offer, there is already message telling us that that the transfer will only happen when the player becomes 18. The point is you shouldn't change how player transfer interest works. There exists no legislation or regulation in real life to support your change.
  20. If you haven't changed the location in the preference, the file won't be generated. It shall follow the default path.
  21. In the history, have you set the team order for top 3 teams? Or you can try to enter the stage index in the "Stage to use for placings"
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