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  1. Sounds like a Peru league. In FM17, do you have the below stage actions in other stage rules? Don't use automatically add history, use stage action instead.
  2. No one will complain if it is average 3.3 yellows per match. Just believe whatever number you get. There are so much buggy behavior in this match engine which has ruined the game.
  3. I think in the current game the chance to get a yellow for each foul made is way too high. Here are some match stats for Manuel Akanji. His dirtiness is 8 which is fairly good. But you can see in three games he got booked for only one single foul made which is ridiculous. BTW, don't use the total number of cards in the league as execuse. If I choose to simulate all matches until the end of the season, I will get less cards. So it's the match engine issue.
  4. It looks like you have created a new type even the In-game editor cannot recognize it.
  5. Here is what we see from the editor. Here is what's displayed on the UI. This has affected almost all England based players who has the type "1 Years between 0 and 19".
  6. Updated version 2.0 with Takamodo Cup (premier league & prince league) and Japanese Elite League. All competitions by level 4 are completed. No more major changes except for bug/error if any. I will go back to play my own FM23 and stay away from the editor for a while. Hope you all enjoy it and probably I will start looking into the regional leagues after New Year.
  7. Prince Takamado Cup premier league is done. But I need some time to think of how to create the 2nd level ie. prince league.
  8. Here I want to build a mutiple level structure for which I'm not sure what is the best way to achieve it. Hope people here can give me some advice. Level 1: Division 1 has two sub divisions divided by regions, e.g. D1A, D1B Level 2: Dvision 2 has 9 sub divisions divided by regions, 2 out of 9 sub divisions have two levels within it e.g. D2A1, D2A2 Level 3: Division 3 has many sub divisions for which I want to keep it as inactive e.g. D3A1, D3A2, D3A3 and etc If a club from any of D3A1 or D3A2 or D3A3 gets promoted, it has to go into D2A2 first. Then from D2A2, it can be promoted to D2A1. Only from D2A1 it can be promoted to D1A. So the point is D2A1 and D2A2 are actually two different levels but both stay at Level 2 in the whole structure. Initially I thought I can use club secondary division, but I cannot find any option to set in promotion/relegation. Does anyone have any idea?
  9. @Roy Race 9 I only know pro has created some in his new player file, but that's too few (about 100 players).
  10. I'm having the same erorr when expanding Peru to the 2nd division. The error message is meaningless as all have been set to flexible format rules in my file. File uploaded onto cloud. Peru_by_Nicholas.fmf
  11. Emperor's Cup and Super Cup are done. I have also updated the file in the first post to limit it to divison 4 for the time being. In future if I decide to expand it futher, I will create a separate copy. The more time I spent on editor, the more limitations I found. Too sad the local region doesn't work as expected and it doesn't allow me to get any clubs from lower division (which I havn't created) to play in the Emperor's Cup either. So I have to simplify it to clubs from J1 to JFL.
  12. You can change both long name and short name in the inc file. Here is how it works. "CLUB_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 43457016 "Juventus F.C. Next Gen" "" "CLUB_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 43457016 "Juventus Next Gen" ""
  13. As I tested myself, it's hard coded. The default B team has an unique ID 43457016 which is different from others. I think SI forgot to unmask it in FM23. You may apply the inc file from a real name fix and manually change it there.
  14. In the qualified team list, use get specific team to pick teams one by one. This is what I'm doing now for the Japan leagues. I will be very happy to know if there is other easier workaround.
  15. In default DB, there is no u23 team. Did you add yourself? You cannot change name for youth team, I guess it was hard coded.
  16. Juventus is not censored in FM23. Is it for FM22 or older version? I think you need to apply the real name fix. u23 team shall be created from the game start which doesn't exist in the DB.
  17. I feel the way how editor handle the local region is bugged. Just to give you some clue, in DB can find 9 teams in Amazon Dara Rannán within Leinster. But in competition can only get 8.
  18. Is it possible to create a tournament to let first/B/C teams from the same club to join all together? I have tried to use get specific team to pull all three teams, but the other two will always be omitted automatically upon validation. Is there any other method to do it? Or is it just hard coded?
  19. From further testing, the team pool also has no effect on "Get best local region team". e.g. team A is having the highest reputation in region B. I try to get the best local region team from region B and use team pool to ignore team A. It just simply does not work.
  20. If I tick the checkbox "Dont's use reserve/B/Youth teams", will get different number of records (17 from Akita-ken, 4 from Gunma-ken).
  21. Continued from last post, I have made some adjustment and then got this most famouse error in editor I believe. Detailed promotion & relegation setup is still the same. Can anyone please give me some hint so that I can resolve this? Peru_by_Nicholas.fmf
  22. If I tick the checkbox "Dont's use reserve/B/Youth teams", the number of records will become less (17 from Akita-ken, 4 from Gunma-ken) but still does not match with the same number in DB. For high school I can uderstand, but I don't think editor knows how to exclude university teams. From my screenhost, you can see the "Is institute" flag is no for them.
  23. Currently got stuck with the Emperor's Cup as the editor could not get the expected number of clubs from the same local reigion. I reported it to SI if there is no workaround I will have to drop the prefectural qualification for the time being.
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