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  1. I think the problem is that the game is trying to replicate the debit but failed to replicate the same revenue income IRL.
  2. Actually I would like to understand how "Non-Football Costs" & "Match Day Expenses" are calculated. Especailly "Match Day Expenses" is more than double of "Match Day Income" in all playable leagues.
  3. Not sure if it only happnes for save brought over from FM23, I have noticed some newgen players are taking existing player UID which means the newgen is overwritting the old players.
  4. Same problem from FM23, young players don't have the corect actual playing time which has caused players unhappiness. 1) Example 1 Jhon Solis 19yr promoted from U19 team. Agreed playing time: Squad Player. Started 4 times and subbed 5 times in domestic league. Started 2 times and subbed 2 times in champions league. Actual playing time is shown as Youngster. 2) Example 2 Arnau Ortiz 22yr promoted from B team. Agreed playing time as Breakthrough Prospect. Started 1 times and subbed 5 times in domestic league. Subbed 3 times in champions league. Actual playing time is shown as Surplus to Requirements.
  5. I also noticed that AI team don't make full use of the bench players in friendly matches. Usaually AI only make 1 or 2 subsitions when they are allowed to make more than that.
  6. It's now offically confirmed that J1 to J3 will be made available as expected.
  7. All league rules are also stored in the game save file. That's why you can add/remove league during the game without keeping those editor files.
  8. Great news. If they can add most of the Jleague players into the database, it will be much easier for people to create face pack.
  9. I setup mulltiple stages in the higher division to decide whether a pro/rel playoff is needed and which team will be involved. Then use the league fate to set the pro/rel status. If anyone is interesed, can take a look at my file attached. Japan(D4_2023)v5_by_Nicholas.fmf
  10. V5 has been updated to accomodate to DB version 23.4.0. Do let me know if you have spot any error. I have also uploaded a copy of the latest real name fix from Sortitoutsi with some competition name updates. As there isn't any news for the reserve leagues or youth leagues, I just fixed the promotion/relegation between J3 and JFL in this update. No other new changes.
  11. I don't see any problem here. Are you playing with my DB? The elite league is for the reserve team. In my DB Kashima doesn't have reserve team to play.
  12. Unfortunately it works the same as the setting under promotion/relegation section. Anyway I found other ways to achieve the goal.
  13. V4 has been updated to accomodate to DB version 23.3.0. Do let me know if you have spot any error. I have also updated the competition names on top of the latest real name fix from Sortitoutsi. Thanks to @themodelcitizen I managed to correct the 2023 format of Levain Cup. There is still some issue with the promotion/relegation between J3 and JFL and I'm trying to correct it as much as possible. New anouncement for Youth Championship & Elite League shall come soon. I will try to release another update to include the latest changes by end of the month.
  14. Validation of the latest DB updates has been done. I'm running some tests and will release another version later today.
  15. As I haven't touched the regional division below, there is no relegation from JFL or promotion to it.
  16. I'm trying to setup the promotion/relegation rules to prevent certain teams being promoted but faced some problem. I hope someone can give me any advice on it. some background settings higher division: Japan J3 lower division: Japan JFL, maximum two promotion spots, 1 direct promotion + 1 playoff place As shown in the above screenshots, I have setup four teams as non-promoted in JFL and they are not allowed to play in the top playoff either. The problem is that when none of the teams in JFL are allowed to be promoted the last team in J3 will still be relegated. If I tried to change the "number of relegation places" in J3 to 0, it will fail the validation saying that the relegated teams from J3 does not match with the promoted teams from JFL.
  17. The setting in the editor says maximum player wage rules. So it applies to staffs as well. Let me try some other settings to see if I can work around it.
  18. The default path is as below. Make sure you extract the files from the zip file first. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2023\data\database\db\2300\lnc
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