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  1. What had to be changed to make you enter Euro Qualifying? I am trying to create Greenland in UEFA, so I am wondering how you got Isle of Man into Euro qualifiers. And did you only have to replace Kazakhstan with yourself in the Nations League? I used Ireland (Pre-1922) btw
  2. Why is it possible to create female clubs in FM24? I know there are plans for Womens' Football, but why add the option to create women's clubs, players, etc. without making it possible to generate female newgens already?
  3. Welcome to Throttur Reykjavik! Can't wait to see what exceptional talents I can produce here. Also, I made kits for the club!
  4. What did you do with existing players in the database? (Such as Mbappe, Endrick, etc.)
  5. (My discord is Huskie btw) Launceston, here we go! I have more knowledge of America than England
  6. All you need to do is set Current Ability and Potential Ability to what you want and when you start a save, attributes will be assigned
  7. I've uploaded three: #1 Wonderkid vs Salah in Greenland.fmf New CONCACAF Comps.fmf Greenland.fmf (Not used in save but it doesn't work for this either)
  8. Description: I'm ~7 years into the save, and if I look at league records, they all are blank with the asterisk (which shows that the record is valid from the start of the save) Team: Nobody, simulation only. Date: July 1st, 2029 Databases: Custom CONCACAF competitions and Custom Greenland leagues. This bug happens with other databases though. Save Name: Trapped Players Sim.fm Not a game-breaking bug, but it's pretty important for simulations or just typical saves. Please help! Steps to find error: Click any league in the Leagues in Focus tab OR search up a league (all league names start with Greenland)
  9. It says you're travelling to play Alcorcon before the game, and after the game, you're travelling back. Therefore, I don't think this is a bug
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