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  1. Hi, thank you so much for the skin! Translation of archetypes into Russian panelsplayer.rar
  2. I know this, but it's quite time consuming if you do everything manually. I want to automate this process for tournaments.
  3. Good day! I'm trying to speed up the process of creating teams for Versus mode. Yes, I know that it is possible to export teams from the "Squad" tab. However, I'm wondering how to create them faster using an XML file or some other way. Thank you in advance for your help and answers!
  4. I couldn't open your resource to download the save, so I uploaded it to Google Drive. The host added AI (Marcia FC) and all 4 matches were replayed after the completion of the games during the Open Community Draft. You can also see the order of creating managers in Game Status and how the "draw" of groups was carried out. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SWPNKtt3eUC8VILfkj5veCpKFGc-1Ryo/view?usp=sharing
  5. I apologize in advance for my English. During fantasy draft games, matches vs AI are replayed after the match ends. We noticed this when the AI won, and after moving on, the result became completely different. 1st picture - real result in match 2nd picture - The match changed the result completely and the game counted the new result Also, the draw of the group stage does not work correctly. Groups are formed depending on the order of access to the server. 1-4 players get into Group A and so on. I can create a separate topic for this problem and provide evidence
  6. After I removed the spaces, then it worked. What should be the setting in the formats in the game itself, so as not to get such an error?
  7. I checked it now. The minutes column displays the minutes in the format of 1,200. Without commas, dots, there is a space after thousands
  8. I checked on two tables specifically and on different devices. I assumed it might be a problem with importing data, but no. The result was the same for some reason
  9. Great Work! There was only a problem if a player scored 10+ goals, then Goals/90 minutes is not displayed
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