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  1. They haven’t confirmed. They stated last year they were hoping to be able to but nothing has been confirmed since.
  2. I’ve not seen it with a transfer, but have had it a few times where I’ve tried to secure a deadline day loan to cover an injury or unexpected sale. Seems like the urgency is missing for a deadline day loan.
  3. Yeah. That feels like where we’re having different experiences then. Feels like being able to select which recommend players get youth contracts would be a suitable fix then.
  4. But are you selecting individuals for the DoF to negotiate with, or using the “Sign recommended players” option that you get when you get the intake news article?
  5. Yeah. They “provisionally agree” to sign a contract on their 17th birthday. But in my experience the DoF manages to just get them on a youth contract with no future pro terms.
  6. Why? Loads of teams have had official licenses for years, hasn’t made them any more OPd than the rest.
  7. Because when you ask the DoF to sign all recommended players, they just get signed to youth contracts. Only when you intervene do they want pro terms.
  8. Schalke have fallen down to the 2 Bundesliga in Germany and have a pretty decent youth set up. They are riddled with debt so I’m currently trying to return them towards the top of the German system on a shoestring budget built around my youth players.
  9. It’s just the standard edition of the game. I have been on Mac for the last few years now, play the same way as most
  10. Yeah, you’re right. It could be taken that way I suppose. It’s odd that I’m so negative about the chances of a Q2 announcement, when when it comes to Beta I’m always “It’s gonna be early”
  11. “In the next few months” certainly doesn’t tally with Q2 2024
  12. It is time to retire the purple IMO, It’s had a good run.
  13. I think my lowest on since it became FM has been around 4.8. And even then he had to miss a pen, and get sent off to do it.
  14. You’re other option would be to ask the DoF to handle the contracts for just the ones you want
  15. If you go on to the transfer clauses section (I think it’s under the Finances section, may be under Scouting), it will show you any pre-determined transfer clauses. While you may not buy in installments, Palace may well have before you took over (i.e In Real Life). As XaW mentions, Agent fees etc also count
  16. If you’re playing in real world mode, contract renewals take place at the same time as they did in the real world.
  17. I believe crowds can be turned off in graphics settings, so check that. The first intra-squad friendly will also be played behind closed doors too.
  18. If you hover over the “Ine” icon it should give you a reason as to why they can’t play. Normally at the start of a save it’s because the players would be on international duty, but based on the players impacted I’m not sure that’s the case here.
  19. Hello French, I’m Gunner. Probably worth a shot having a look in here: https://community.sigames.com/forums/forum/21-fm-online-careers-and-game-modes/ Bon chance!
  20. Douglas Costa and Eden Hazard from around 2010 Kurt Zouma and Daniele Rugani from around 2013 Ethan Nwaneri in 2024 Paolo Vernazza at Arsenal in 00/01
  21. The only time I’ve had this is where the player had an active release clause that I had somehow managed to miss. Worth checking that as well.
  22. It’s also worth getting the best Sport Scientists you can attract/afford as they are the people tasked with working on injury prevention.
  23. Yeah. CM4 was the one that stands out for me as a shocker. CM3 was a bit of a jump but was generally positive. I would have been 13/14 at the time though and I’ve slept a lot since then.
  24. Because A) People forget promises they made a while back and B) I’ve been around enough launches where we’ve missed reveal windows Aim low, anything else is a bonus
  25. My money says it won’t be Q2, probably post Euro’s so second half of July
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