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  1. This is cool, but not something that some logos, name fix and facepacks couldn't take care of. I'll wait for real changes and announcements.
  2. This? Sorry, I'm a data noob. But Vlahovic got injured in february and their squad is lacking offensive talent (?).
  3. Hi guys, I'm managing Sampdoria and in my second season, when I was promoted and tried to survive in Serie A, Juventus ended up relegated. I have some ideas and thoughts about why this happened, but I want to check your point of view too to see if there is some IA bug regarding squad development or if it's just a random stuff happening, because it can happen (?). Important factor to consider is that this save was played before the last patch. My screenshots are all in portuguese, sorry. Here is my save for you guys to download and discuss: https://we.tl/t-GkPoRtf4UP This is their transfers.
  4. Yes, the players will occupy the determined position on the pitch no matter what. Doesn't matter if you are a 7th tier team on the English pyramid or City with all the players """suited""" to it. They tried to follow what is happening with the mainstream football, but forgot that not everything turns around Premier League and Guardiola.
  5. I agree, but why SI keeps putting new stuff over the old stuff? This is my real question but we also know the answer and it's not about developing the game well, even if they want to. In the end it just gets worse with this knockdown effect. People were complaining about setpieces and throw-ins since FM22? Now, for me, it just got worse in FM24, like some other aspects of the games for the others, because the matches turn around it being decided only by setpiece stuff.
  6. Thank you. We, or I guess the most part of us, watch football to see what is happening on the pitch. With FM should be the same: first, get a great ME and then develop the rest of the features. Today the ME for me looks like American Football. Corner kick = touchdown, throw-in = field goal and the rest of the highlights is about the teams getting in a position to score in one of these two situations. I'm afraid that SI wants to save money on this. They can hire a good agency and some good guys to work around the image and the communication between the clients (us) inside the brand. Look at their Youtube channel, for example. One of the main platforms today are neglected and I really don't know why. And I have nothing against Miles, nothing personal, but I don't think that he should be or that he fits to be the main "communication face" for this game in every launch anymore. We are in 2024 guys.
  7. What ME changes you guys think it should have? I guess it needs some adjustments too, but each person has a different opinion about this and I'm just curious to know. From my side, it would be great to see less set pieces and throw-in goals being scored.
  8. Just bought a PS5 recently and it's very satisfying to pay for games that work and is fun to play, even the most expensive ones. I live in Brazil, take your price in dollar/pounds/euro and multiply 5x basically. Not trying to make drama, but buying FM and other "top" games here really is a life choice for regular working class people. All of this to say that is kinda offensive to see such a drop of quality from FM and consideration about the game itself from SI team year by year. Really disappointed about FM24, but they still got me with all the talks and """""promisses"""" regarding FM25. For me, it's their last chance to make a well rounded game and the last one I'll be buying during beta/pre-sale.
  9. Why Petar Stojanovic isn't starting at Sampdoria when we create a new save with the new database before the beta? He was at Sampdoria, loaned, in the beta version, but since FM went full edition, he doesn't start at the team anymore.
  10. Just to confirm, we still in DB version 24.0.0 and we don't have Juan Mata in the game, for example? Not complaning, really just checking to see if my FM updated.
  11. Maybe they tested and thought that the game were good to go? And this would be the worst perspective in my point of view.
  12. That's because the team talks are supposed to last 15 min in game or something like this? Make a test: do the first team talk before the match start and wait until the 15 min, their reaction will change. On the 15 min, you do it again and wait until the 30 min. 30 min do it again and go to the halftime team talk. Wait until 60 min, see their reaction changing, go again for the 75 min and wait until the final whistle. You can do another one focusing on the added time, but if you do things right there is no need to shout and do a team talk.
  13. What if SI thought making an arcade game for casual players was a good idea? Because that's the public they are aiming now, right?
  14. Agree. Tried to play some matches and gave up after 2 from 3 goals were set-pieces goal or a consequence of it. So now we should change, I guess. First we plan the team in the set piece creator and only after we plan the tactics, the roles, the instrucions, because it seems irrelevant in the end.
  15. That's why I always try to have the league that the B team is playing active. Like Werder Bremen, I guess in FM they have a B and a C team on the german pyramid. They always end up being selected to play for the B and C team even when they are on the U18 team. And in the end I find it nice for the narrative. When I promote a youth player, he will be promoted after playing in all the ranks, from U18 to C to B to the main squad, playing in Bundesliga, in european competitions to break records...
  16. Anyone knows how to change the month separator colour between each month from black/transparent to another solid color?
  17. And now FM25 will be pretext for doing incomplete stuff in FM24, but I feel like they can be very confusing about the "new" version up as well.
  18. Editor and Resource Archiver not avaliable on Steam? Ok, rebooted Steam and now it's working.
  19. Same here, in my first season I suffered something like 4 or 5 goals from throw-ins. Now, after I took a glance on my setpiece configuration, I managed to score too. But it's too much, it's annoying to score and suffer goals like this.
  20. Too many repetitive goals like this: If this don't get fixed by tomorrow...
  21. How can I make the font on the search bar all bold and in capital letters?
  22. Very simple stuff, but I can't stand the purple tones from the default skin, so I made a dark version on my own. Looking like this for now, will optimize some stuff with some mods (scoreboard and match panels).
  23. Yeah, tried it by changing the name to the respective files and in the end it looks almost the same with the background I was using before. Thanks very much for the help. anyway!
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